1. LiamB says

    Definitely think Trespassing is far superior to FYE, and has earned the high reviews. NCOE isn’t one of my favorites, though he performed it well enough. I think his background singers need a bit more work. This is the second live performance I’ve seen with them where they were slightly flat starting off.

  2. MattS says

    I also noticed on his Idol performance that the singing was flat in places, which is very unusual for Adam. I’m pretty sure it was him and not the backup singers, but I could be wrong. Even with a few pitchy places, he is still 10x better then 99% of people who perform live (and not pretaped live, either) on TV. I saw him in concert in 2010 and I swear not one note was off key. The guy is brilliant.

  3. Thomas says

    PLEASE! There was nothing pitchy or flat about his performance, if you can’t find a legitimate fault keep your dang comments to yourselves. It bugs the heck out of me when people that couldn’t carry a tune in a jug, criticize one of the best male singers of the last 50 years. I have a wonderful sound system and his performance was close to perfect. Jealousy is not a pretty thing.

  4. Drew says

    Adam is really quite amazing. I thought his style would never lead to a career, but here I am with 8 or 9 of his songs in my music collection.

    I agree with Liamb: his back-up singers are really NOT complementary to his voice and seem to fight for airspace in some parts of the song. God, I love Adam’s talent.

  5. pavelb says

    Love his voice but he need to fire his hair stylist ASAP. It looks like a Supercuts hairdresser tried to style his hair into an 80’s new wave cut but got confused mid-way through and so just puffed it up. Total mess.

  6. rubykarat says

    I’m sure Adam would be the first to say that with a live performance anything could happen. I don’t personally think it started off as well as it could have but picked up after the first part of the song. Adam is the only singer I have heard who sounds better live than on a studio album. By the end of the song he;d totally killed it and he deserves all the success due to him.

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