1. UFFDA says

    The main thing these guys are doing is having fun. If everyone else followed as well as they can in their own life and way (or even just tried to) they’d move themselves up a notch. Emulate these happy men.

    And, btw, the quote from McConaughey tells me he has very few fears.

  2. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Max F Grump – Oh thanks, now all I can think about is being trapped in that same sandwich. Although, trapped isn’t exactly the correct word. I would stay there willingly.

  3. John M says

    Matthew McConaughey, really? I’m convinced his entire appeal was the result of a highly successful PR campaign to tell us he is extremely attractive and everyone on earth was afraid to be one to say “Meh.” first. Channing Tatum too but I don’t think any publication has ever gushed at length about how attractive he is like they have done with McConaughey.

  4. MrJ says

    @JOHN M I assume you are aware that everyone in Hollywood who is successful is the result of a carefully orchestrated PR campaign. Do you think that everybody except Matthew McConaughey is just an regular Joe organically discovered by the American public?

  5. Lucas says

    Joe M is effing DELICIOUS!!! WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!! I’m definitely seeing this movie..

    Strippers in real life are a waste of money though.. in this day and age why pay for a stripper? All they do is tease you and you don’t get off. Just get on adam4adam and you’ll be much better off lol.

  6. Paul R says

    Who has ever said that McConaughey has a big gay following? Answer: no one. He’s too annoying.

    Is that final picture real? It looks like something that perhaps a child in Cirque de Soleil could do, but no one else.

  7. Gregor says

    *Sigh* I’m not much interested in the movie in terms of plot, acting, etc. I just want to see Matt, Channing, & Joe in various stages of undress. DROOL!!!!

  8. Joey Y says

    The movie looks dull, the female lead is odd and boring, and from what I saw in the trailer, the dialogue is very poorly-written, so aside from looking at these guys, there’s pretty much no justification for spending 10 bucks plus snack money. It’s a shame too – lots of star power here, but I am thinking it’ll be more like Burlesque than anything.

  9. Billy says

    I’m a pretty big horn dog, but I see no sex appeal in these pic. I’ve always thought Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer are attractive though. I will never understand Channing Tatum’s appeal.

  10. Chuck Mielke says

    As the classic “aryan,” Matthew McConahey is pretty. So are the other boys in a non-aryan way. As far as the film, didn’t Mark Wahlberg do this in the 90’s?

  11. RichB in PS says

    *Sigh* I’m interested in the movie and as much to see Bomer and Joe in various stages of undress. Am I drooling!!! does it show???

  12. irisgirl says

    I believe too many folks are overthinking this one. Let’s just take it at face value–and chests, legs, bums, etc. Matt Bomer shaking his booty in a thong. That’s good enough for me!

  13. LuckyLinden says

    I went to college with Matthew McConaghey (overlapped by one year) and I can tell you that young MM was incredibly magnetic and incredibly gorgeous in person. The thing I remember most was his eyes. I remember thinking about Paul Newman the first time I met him. I actually think it’s very true, though, that none of that has ever really successfully translated to the screen, and his type of “beauty” doesn’t age very well; it’s best on kids and young people. The bohemian thing, with the weed and the bongo playing and the living in a trailer park (for real) and not cleaning up after hid dog, didn’t help. You always got the impression that grown-up Matthew might smell a bit and not in a good, post-workout way. I don’t find him attractive at all now, but am glad to see him working–the whole Texas pride thing–and think he is relatively talented. But to say that–at the time he burst onto the scene–that his attractiveness was pure invention, would be unfair.

  14. AJ says

    Joe Manganiello does one handed pull ups in that “What To Expext when you’re expecting” movie. Worth seeing the movie just for him. Drools… Let’s hope there’s more Alcide sex on True Blood this season.

  15. Donny says

    The casting of McConaughey ruined this movie before it’s even released. And how can EW not include Alex Pettyfer in this cover story? He’s hotter than all of them.

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