1. Faggotron says

    The sharp ones will note that one of Graham’s guests David narrates the show that Andy links to on Youtube. Probably why Ana did the impersonation.

  2. Paul R says

    Love my story of moving to SF, seeing her at the first Trannyshack Siouxsie Sioux tribute night a week later, and debating whether she was a woman or a man as she hosted with Heklina. He won. I felt dumb. She’s sweet.

  3. Guille says

    And Sir David knew exactly which species of bird of paradise she was imitating. Says something about the abilities of both- definitely two of the sharper tools in the shed.

  4. Randy says

    David claimed to know which species, but seems to have only provided us the name of the genus, which has six species. It would appear each parotia species is six-wired.

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