1. Sean says

    Really boggles the mind why anyone would choose to put money in this guy’s pocket by performing his music, same thing can be said with regards to Gary Glitter on Glee.

  2. Chris says

    Doesn’t it actually seem more likely that the show was taking the song away from McClurkin and his anti-gay views? It was performed by a character who is African-American and openly gay in the African-American church where he grew up with his accepting family in the pews.

    How much more clear could the producers have made it that this was an appropriation of McClurkin’s song without actually inserting some ham-fisted dialogue to that effect?

  3. MrJ says

    CHRIS, the only thing wrong with what you suggest is that the producers had to pay him for that song and it promotes his music to be further purchased by gays who may not know his anti gay history, thus putting mo money in this fools pocket.

  4. sal says

    towleroad there is an interesting event happening in the korean entertainment industry i hope you cove it,one of their biggest pop stars yesterday released a clip for his new video and its pushing boundaries by being very gay inclusive its BIG news’s a link of the clip and the dabate happening in asia and the west(allot of western fans now follow “kpop”,its starting to make an impact in america etc)

  5. Matt says

    I have no doubt McClurkin is a closet case so it’s actually quite funny to have an openly gay African American character singing his song on one of the gayest shows on TV. McClurkin will cash his check and look exactly like the hypocrite he is while doing so.

  6. Jon says

    North Carolina and its Hate filled Amendment, the television show SMASH which has numerous Gay characters features a Homophobes music, Romney saying he will never change his mind on Gay Marriage (even though he already has), Santorum being given one forum after another to spread his Hate Speech, Tony Perkins being given a chance to spread his Hate Speech on national TV, the list goes on and on…..
    It is time We, the Gay and Lesbian Communiity get off our collective Asses and BOYCOTT States, Television and Movie Studios, Corporations and Products, Religious Denominations and Politicians that do nothing but spread HATE and Homophobia. The power of the GAY Dollar is enormous and seems to be the only tool we have left in our arsenal to stop the rampant spread of HOMOPHOBIA!

  7. Thomasina says

    Aside from my moral objections to the song as a vehicle for promoting the bogus “ex-gay” movement, it also struck me as awfully familiar, particularly the tune. Melisma notwithstanding, did its basic tune strike anyone else as a borderline plagiarism of the tune for this cheesy and decidedly non-religious song: ?

  8. Hue-Man says

    Another reason not to watch this awful show. Three minutes of gay scenes doesn’t make up for the hour’s commercials and snooze-fest.

  9. Mic says

    You’d think a big old rich jew like Spielberg would know better than to put a black Nazi on his program last night.

    We were watching the program last night, and suddenly found ourselves scratching our heads as all the main characters (the adulterers, the homosexuals, the cougars, the cuckolds, the divorcees…) …started to express the need to ‘get them some religion for their problems’, we turned it off when Rev. Gay-Hater started spewing his voodoo claptrap.

    Hey NBC:

    You think Gay People watch “SMASH” for religious bullying???? You think your actors aren’t completely EMBARASSED by the fact that YOU threw them into an evangellical church? How many of the characters had to eplain WHY they went to church while claiming, “i’m a jew…but I’ll go anyway.

    Did you really think no one would notice that you snuck a evangellical Hate Monger into the show? Have you never heard of Google?

    Once again, Shame on NBC.

    And Shame on Steve Spielberg.

    I suppose along with his Honorable Gluttenous Reverend Donught McFatty, Steve Spielberg can’t wait to revive the ‘re-education’ camps.

    They can co-write and make a movie about the great Gay Purge he helped foster. And then take home an academy award from his friends: “Schindler’s Other List”

    And I suppose Spielberg’s inherited Jewish Guilt will help him cope with participating in the 21st Century Holocaust.

    Spielberg; sorry dude. Last time I EVER spend one dime or one minute watching your programs.

    I will be unsubscribing to “Smash” and dumping it from my Tivo list post haste. I encourage others to turn the dial on what was a good show.

    PS – The race-baiting expressed above is hyperbole.

  10. Tarc says

    If the guy was molested, that’d be a terrible thing, but it was extremely unlikely to have anything to do with his sexual orientation. Plus, he’s shown he’ll believe and parrot almost anything, so imaginng excuses really aren’t out of the question. The church and self-loathing homosexuals (much like the Republican party and self-loathing homosexuals) go hand-in-hand. I’d hope Smash will vet their songs better in the future.

  11. Francis says

    I’d say this is more of an oversight than homophobic situation with Smash. I don’t watch the show, but emails should be sent regarding this to tell them why this is offensive and to make sure, in the future, they are more careful with their musical selections.

  12. MCnNYC says

    It might be constructive to go to YouTube and dislike or comment there where more people outside the “bubble” will be educated.
    Just a thought.

  13. Mic says

    If Whitney embraced this man and his position…then yes! We stop listening to Whitney.

    But if his appearance at her funeral was planned by someone else after her deh…then No, we do ot boycott. We put pressure on those who invited him to soil her memory.

  14. yes lawd says

    Damn…SMASH is one of three shows that I love & follow religiously. This song definitely furthered the plot of the story but I didn’t know that it was tied to this a-hole…I wonder if the show’s writers knew about this…b/c it IS a very gay-friendly show otherwise. Argh.

    The scene was also odd to me b/c I tend to associate those types of black churches with homophobia (the YES, LORD!…M-HMMM…hand-twitching-and-raised-while-palms-facing-outward type of church). I guess, at least in this case, I wasn’t too far off the mark.

  15. Tony says

    It is odd Smash picked this song, would love know why. As for Smash itself…it’s gotten much better. The last three episodes have been good. What the show should have been along.

    Above someone hoped it would be cancelled. NBC has already renewed it for a second season.

  16. Nick says

    First off I think it was very powerful for the producers to to take that song and the great message it has it put it in the hands of a openly gay black character. Secondly a lot of us are Christians so I would like it if you would stop being so hatefull yourself. Finally, Steven Spielburg has spoken up for gay rights many times and made his support clear, so lay off. Nazi references really?…

  17. says

    For those that know Donnie Mcklurkin’s story,know that he was molested as a young buy,as many homosexuals are . The fact that he was born-again,meaning he repented of the sin of homosexuality,which it is…and became the most prolific gospel singer of this era and a pastor who is highly respected in the body of Christ,who has proven that through the shed blood of Jesus,a man can change…to be left out of a celebration of MLK’s life is a travesty . MLK was a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ first and foremost .

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