1. Bryant says

    I really like Steven Soderbergh but I may have to miss this one. The beefcake factor is one thing but I am just not interested in the story. Meh.

  2. torentprime says

    I didn’t think I was interested in the story either. Sure, sure hot guys, but kinda silly to spend the money on. But that trailer made it look almost… good? Interesting? Hmmm. May have to fight with my pride and go see it.

  3. The Milkman says

    Dear sweet Jesus with your golden fleecy diapers and your fists of fury, thank you for inventing Netflix so I don’t have to compromise my Christianity in front of a theatrefull of women. And thank you for making Joe Manganiello and not allowing him to speak a whole lot. Amen.

  4. Rrhain says

    Story? There’s a story? It seems there’s a guy who’s a stripper. He meets a gal who he’s interested in and has to explain that he’s got “a heart of gold.” He meets a guy who wants to get into the business.

    And the story is…? Where’s the conflict? It doesn’t seem to be a male version of _Burlesque_ or a stripper version of _Boogie Nights._ Exactly what is the story here?

  5. says

    At least that one allowed for some male bonding in the picture. An earlier preview seemed to be shoving the het factor down our throats – leaving no room for, uh, popcorn.

  6. Zlick says

    I have to assume there’s something more to this, what with Steven Soderbergh’s involvement (the Ocean’s movies notwithstanding). So that gives me a glimmer of hope I’ll have some vague rationale to see this.

  7. says

    They recut the trailer because they realized the film is bad and want to attract a different demo.

    I guess no one cares Channing’s character wants to be a furniture designer.

  8. JauntyJohn says

    Not every movie has to be Art — I like beefcake, I like strippers, Tatum has a self-effacing charm that the trailer displays nicely. After a hundred thousand hours of cheesecake in cinema, and maybe a handful of beefcake, I think it’s cool that this got made, has the director it does, and is actually based on a chapter in a young actor’s life that, rather than try to hide it or deride it, he is celebrating and even making a few more bucks on.
    Haters gonna hate.
    I’ll probably give it a go.

  9. SG says

    @S. – No, this trailer is cut differently because it was cut for the U.K. market, and they weren’t trying to make the movie look like a rom-com because it was going to be showing in theatres before “The Lucky One”. Unfortunately because the first trailer was cut specifically to go before that dreck, it wasn’t really representative of what the movie is, which this trailer is much more.

  10. Rob says

    Love me some male strippers- and I’ve always been puzzled by how many guys who also do will pretend not to and hang back and not give them dollar bills when they would really like to. What’s behind our reflexive posture of total disdain? We apply it pretty broadly and I don’t think it helps us in society at large.

  11. jamal49 says

    @DONNY I couldn’t agree more about McConaughey but knowing that Alex Pettyfer is in this film more than makes up for it, for me anyway. As well as Channing Tatum. And Joe Manganiello. Glad to see everybody’s got their claws out for this one. Should be a catty time for all between now and the release date.

    And, I will recite The Milkman’s prayer daily because I have no shame and will probably succumb to Satan and go see this in a theatre full of women.

  12. DrMikey says

    Straight to DVD in about 2 months – so I’ll wait to pay $1 to rent it at Redbox. That way it will be possible to rewind and replay as desired. No way I’m paying $10+ to sit in a theater and bring home bedbugs!

  13. david in iowa says

    Every generation has its own Showgirls. This one has balls instead of boobs. Well it has boobs, the guys on screen saying the nonsense dialogue.

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