1. The Milkman says

    Christian love (TM).

    There’s no difference between this troll (who obviously has some same-sex attraction issues to work out with his therapist) and the “good Christians” who “simply disagree about gay marriage”. It’s simply a matter of degree… of taking a milquetoast position and extending it to its logical (or illogical) conclusion.

    Everything we can do over the next 10 years to make people like this ashamed to utter their vile swill in public will be worth it.

  2. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Hardly a novel suggestion. When AIDS first started many on the Right….and a few on the Left…advocated mandatory testing and similar concentration camps as a “solution” to the spread of the Gay Plague and public homosexuality. And plenty of otherwise right-minded but fearful citizens nodded in agreement, even if too self-conscious to agree-openly to the idea.

    That was when I bought my first gun. For when that knock might-come in the middle of the night…I wasn’t going quietly.

  3. kranbree says

    This is not so novel, if you ask the Jews! When will people learn from history??? This kind of talk should be nipped in the bud, because this equates to hate speech.

  4. Bryan Irrera says

    I’m in NJ, not NC, but I suggest that perhaps someone should take the reins and organize a peaceful (I emphasize PEACEFUL) protest at this church. If possible, if there are any local Holocaust survivors, especially those that might have been herded into the Warsaw ghettos (or similar), should be in attendance. Show this pastor, this professed “man of God” what consequences his words come with.

  5. JShep says

    Not that it makes his statement any better, but he’s not advocating starving gays to death, so the title and 1st paragraph are inaccurate. He does specifically say to fly a plane and drop food in the enclosure. His argument is that because gays don’t reproduce, there won’t be a next generation coming from the a population of all gays.

  6. SteveC says

    Can anyone find out what this guy’s home address and telephone number are.

    When genocide is being proposed, we don’t need to play nice.

    We need to ensure that this murderous monster is neutralized (by legal means), before his chums in the GOP start building concentration camps for us.

  7. Brian says

    I’m not quite clear why the men and women are kept separate in his fantasy. He does understand we don’t have sex with the opposite sex, doesn’t he?

  8. says

    The man’s deranged. And we shouldn’t be surprised if we see more of this before his kind finally die out. As more and more proof is discovered that we’re not the monsters they’ve made us out to be, that the bible is mostly make believe, that the kids are alright and that gay marriage won’t destroy civilization as we know it, these sorry excuses for human beings will be forced to skew farther and farther to the right until they finally go stone cold f__k nuts.

    And if he ever does get his wish, well, we all know how it’ll turn out. It will only be a couple of months before his congregation, along with everyone else, starts sneaking in to visit boutiques nestled in landscaped pastoral settings, made of organic, custom hewn mud brick and native woods, and to get a decent meal.

  9. Davy says

    This guy’s taking too much credit when he says he figured this out. Hitler did this already, although the Nazis didn’t electrify anything; they just used barbed wire.

  10. Caliban says

    If only there was an electric fence that could keep the “Christian” crazy contingent contained!

    Is there NO line these people won’t cross? He’s openly advocating genocide from the pulpit but still calls himself a Christian minister, still has a church and a congregation?

  11. QJ201 says

    Instead of an electrified fence how about an island? I suggest Staten Island. Plenty of greenspace, beaches and neighborhoods in need of some queer magic.

  12. Rob says

    OK this is political hate speech and he is advocating for a specific candidate for president of the U.S. Revote this church’s tax exempt status!! This is nothing less that what Hilter preached about the jews. This man is a Nazi and or member of the KKK.

  13. Fritz says

    I’m actually glad he’s saying this out loud rather than just thinking it. Makes the case for laws guaranteeing equality that much easier to justify.

  14. Mawm says

    I love how he says, “God have mercy. It makes me pukin’ sick to think about — I don’t even whether or not to say this in the pulpit — can you imagine kissing some man?”.

    Are there not straight women in the audience?

    Something tells me, though, he has done more than imagined it.

  15. says

    A wake-up call RE the word “queer” . . . this false prophet hatemonger is using it in its proper context. Such usage proves to anybody with good sense that the Q-word can never be “reclaimed” . . . only an imbecile would try rehabilitating an insult so steeped in raw ignorance!

    The horrific fate Worley wishes on LGBT folk is the kind of brutality bigots have always reserved for those they consider “queer”. He can take his supremacist beliefs and terminology, roll them up in a ball and shove them as far up his ass as it will go! I will not accept any of the demonizing labels he and his fellow terrorists want to impose on me.

  16. says

    There are plenty of Christians, even a few whole denominations, who disagree with this man whole-heartedly. Even the Catholic Church has stated that LGBT people are to be treated with respect and compassion. Click my name to see a huge program of LGBT-friendly churches working together.

  17. Jeebus Phreak says

    These are the kinds of Christians that we need to send to colonize Afghanistan and Iraq, where their lives will be an example to the “Moslems”, leading them away from Mohammed and to Jesus; and to northern Mexico where there Christian love will pacify the drug lords. All aboard!

  18. Michael says

    Wow, this is the first time I’ve heard someone actually vocalize a concentration camp for the LGBT community.

    The Fundamentalist movement lines up perfectly with the start of the Nazi’s and it’s a bit eerie to have this piece of the puzzle finally materialize.

  19. Scott Rose says

    Gay concentration camp prisoners were treated especially poorly and to escape the tortures some of them hurled themselves at the concentration camps’ electrified perimeter fences.

  20. IAN F says

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

    At this point crazy pastors and priests are a dime a dozen even if this one wins the most evil prize. Their followers need to also be called out for letting these men remain in a position of power.

  21. Randy says

    Tim, you are so right. In their effort to portray us as monsters, they show us who the real monsters are.

    I’m’ glad our whole movement is ripping the mask off these guys. They are not about love, they are about hating, dividing, feel superior, and controlling others.

  22. Trent Killough says

    This is reminiscent of the Third Reich propagada all over again. I guess the Pastor will be playing the part of the Fuhrer, Adoplh Hitler, this time around!

  23. MKisNE says

    Because nobody was calling for this to happen to the Jews? We learn nothing apparently. But oh that’s right Obama wants us to have health care so he’s the Nazi.

  24. Corey Craig says

    Extreme Closet Case… Poor thing hates himself so much he is projecting all this to block the evil thoughts…. of…kissing..a…man….. TRUST, he will get busted within a year at either a porn shop or some local gay bar with his pants down tapping his toe looking for trouble. Those shouting amen should be ashamed.

  25. Jack M says

    @Fruuu – some Christians actually follow Christ’s teachings and advocate love and acceptance. I’m Catholic and gay, and I refuse to let hate-mongers take my God away from me. It’s not the deity that’s the problem, it’s the people.

  26. BPLA says

    He’s so misguided. The only way to end homosexuality is sterilization of heterosexuals. He should show his solidarity by being the first to be castrated.

  27. FunMe says

    What that guy is doing is beyond HATE.

    First all, that man is NOT a Christian. The HATE that he spills is worse than KKK murderer. By not speaking up against this, the BAPTIST church needs to be targeted with lawsuits and federal investigation. What that man is doing and what his Baptist HATE church is doing allowing not only HATE but also violence and murder.

    The time is now to start filing lawsuit, complaints and federal investigations against this man and his Baptist Church.

    That man and his Baptist church is on the border of HATE CRIMES.

    Indict them all now!

  28. beth says

    Actually, Cricket (and others who think this is the only Christian voice out there) one place you can hear Christian voices repudiating this kind of hateful speech is the Reconciling Ministries Network of the Untied Methodist Church. ( Many Christian denominations have similar groups actively fighting to change church and government laws that impact homosexuals.

    Unfortunately, these for the most part calm and reasoned actions and statements are less interesting to the media (and some commenters) than an angry fearful preacher hiding behind a few misquoted words in the Bible. How much attention do news stories like this get?

  29. Jack says

    I can’t believe nobody has yet pointed out the most hilariously stupid things about this speech:

    He seems to think that if he rounds up and puts all the gays in a concentration camp, that we’ll all die out and then the world would be happily gay-free. But, uh, you admit that gays don’t procreate, so clearly we aren’t the ones CREATING the gays…

    Reminds me of the sign: if you don’t like same sex marriage, blame straight people. They’re the ones who keep having gay babies.

    I mean judging by the way this guy talks (took me a while to figure out that “agin it” meant “against it”) he is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out this inconsistency.

    UNLESS….we are surreptitiously reproducing with straight people to propagate our kind! Bwahahahahaha.

  30. RoseyRev says

    This made me sick and angry! I am a Lady Pastor and hold that the place of preaching is sacred. This man defiles the sacred space of the pulpit with his very UNChristian everything! How dare he spew such garbage out of his mouth from that sacred place! He is a PHARISEE!!! A white washed tomb!!! A VIPER!!! He is one who Jesus will look at and say “Go away! I never knew you!!” He is no brother of mine. I am sorry for everything he, and those in his congregation, said and agreed to. It’s disgusting and shameful, and UNChrist-like!

  31. Chuck Mielke says

    Q: What is typical in this? A: The “us vs. them” mentality coupled with the easy assumption that “they” are not human. Yes, the other things are true, too: he clearly thinks that killing a generation of “queers” will eliminate “the problem,” and that his brew of biblical idiocy and moralistic superiority offer an ultimate good, no matter the cost. If he knows any history at all, he has probably decided that any group who engaged in such atrocities in the past certainly wasn’t his kind of “christian.”

  32. Matt in NYC says

    I enjoy the long pause he takes to “imagine kissin’ a man” – he seems to really savor the thought… Says it makes him “pukin’ sick” but he sure basks in the imagery!

  33. cathy says

    I say take away their Tax exempt status.. If he is stating at the pulpit who he is voting for he should lose his tax exempt status and that of his church.. He has free speech but he should not get special privileges if he is going to step into the realm of political speech.

  34. Gregoire says

    I have no problem with religion, but I do have serious issue with Southern Baptists. Believe me when I tell you that this guy is just verbalizing what many of them believe.

  35. Rev Carl says

    Sad that he and his congregation bastardize Christ’s admonition to Love one another, into the type of religious fervor whipped up by Goebbels et al.

    He may claim to be a Christian. He is a lost soul, unfit to preach or teach the loving lessons within his religious books.

    He’s just another self questioning, outwardly homophobic man spews his hatred while wondering every moment what his attraction to the LGBT community is.

    Apparently he never heard that the things we loathe are the things closest to us.

  36. Travis Rogers says

    This pastor and his flock need to be sent to the slaughter house and be turned into the only thing that will make them worth something, dog food. Their church should be burned to the ground and a LGBT Pride and Support Center should be built in it’s place. Every Dollar this church has ever made should be subject to a 100% penalty for breaking the law against politicking from the pulpit.

    Religion is DEATH! They will try to kill us before we realize we’re in danger. The only way we will survive as a culture of LGBT people is to KILL THEM BEFORE THEY KILL YOU!

  37. Rev. Tatjana says

    This is NOT a man of God, this is a man who has taken God and made God in his image, hateful and hurtful.
    The truth is, no one can change the mind of people like this, we can only teach each of the coming generations the truth.

  38. woodroad34 says

    After reading the terrific post about Sheehan-Stahl and then seeing this post, I have to wonder why this satanic individual was put on this earth — I guess the silver lining is that it makes us more determined and shows everyone else what ignorance, stupidity, and low-grade humanity looks like.

  39. Danny in the East Village says

    This is in the city where the DNC will be held. It’s my hometown. I’m glad to be able to say Charlotte changed enormously from when I was growing up: whenever I visit now I find it to be very gay-friendly–and proud of it.

  40. Dale says

    Name one of the 10 commandments or the 8 beatitudes that are against living as a gay person. This preacher even sounds as stupid when he tries to pronounce AGAINST IT as agan-it. The concept of the electrified fence was used back in 1945 and 6 million were executed, is he calling for the return of the SOLUTION?

  41. says

    Thank you Scott for his e-mail. I’ve sent him a message and will be fascinated to see if he’ll answer it.

    Ministers like this one are the reason that church attendance in this country and in the world is declining.

    He doesn’t follow Christ, so could it be Satan?

  42. dbearhug says

    What’s amazing about this is where it comes from. Apple Computer has built their half-billion dollar cloud data center less than 10 miles from this guy’s pulpit. With Apple being touted as one of the most gay-friendly companies in the country with a (likely) gay CEO, does the good pastor also wish to have the biggest thing to ever hit that little hamlet to dry up and go away as well. I would think not.

    So, instead of hitting the church with protest email, try contacting the town’s chamber of commerce and Apple as well. Money talks much louder than empty threats.

  43. Edd says

    Remember the kid the shot the Amedment One sign in NC and how we all galvonized and got him his 15 minutes of fame? We need to do the same for this guy. Get this posted over and over until the media picks it up and exposes him for everyone to see.

  44. Jim Stone says

    Is it my imagination or is homophobia actually gaining strength in this country? Or is it just that because of the internet we are seeing exposed?

  45. Tom says

    Inflammatory videos need to be quoted in their entirety–without editorial ellipses, and with the pauses–or not at all. (And in this case, not by a Yankee.) The transcriptions MUST be faithful.

    Like the Florida Recount of 2000 in which the Democrats foolishly requested a recount of select counties, we cannot pick and choose. It hurts us.

  46. grrr says

    Here is the address and phone number of his “church”

    Providence Road Baptist Church- PO Box 507 Maiden, NC 28650
    Church Telephone: 828-428-2518

    Anywho lists his address and phone number as:
    3912 Williams St, Maiden, NC 28650

  47. Daren says

    Perhaps we could give it a test run by herding up wacko pastors like this one to see if it really works. I am surprised he did burst into flames while delivering this diatribe~!

  48. Steve says

    People really, really, really need to stop it with the No True Scotsman crap. Yes, this guy is a True Christians. For him, you aren’t the True Christians. You don’t get to dismiss and trivialize him by declaring him part of your out group. Ultimately, he shares the exact same core doctrines as you do.

  49. gale says

    He didn’t call to starve them. He specifically said to air drop food into the “concentration camps.”
    You don’t need patently wrong info in headlines and text —

  50. CP Seattle says

    From the Roman historian, Tacitus:

    “Therefore, to stop the rumor [that he had set Rome on fire], he [Emperor Nero] falsely charged with guilt, and punished with the most fearful tortures, the persons commonly called Christians, who were [generally] hated for their enormities. Christus, the founder of that name, was put to death as a criminal by Pontius Pilate, procurator of Judea, in the reign of Tiberius, but the pernicious superstition — repressed for a time– broke out yet again, not only through Judea, where the mischief originated, but through the city of Rome also, whither all things horrible and disgraceful flow from all quarters, as to a common receptacle, and where they are encouraged. Accordingly first those were arrested who confessed they were Christians; next on their information, a vast multitude were convicted, not so much on the charge of burning the city, as of ‘hating’ the human race.

    “In their very deaths they were made the subjects of sport: for they were covered with the hides of wild beasts, and worried to death by dogs, or nailed to crosses, or set fire to, and when the day waned, burned to serve for the evening lights. Nero offered his own garden players for the spectacle, and exhibited a Circensian game, indiscriminately mingling with the common people in the dress of a charioteer, or else standing in his chariot. For this cause a feeling of compassion arose towards the sufferers, though guilty and deserving of exemplary capital punishment, because they seemed not to be cut off for the public good, but were victims of the ferocity of one man.”

  51. Hank says

    When does hate/riot speech cross the line of Free Speech? This kind of hate rhetoric is talibanesque terrorism. These people need to be called out on this type of behavior and hate speech that instigates crimes. Talk about sin, and all kinds of other crap – but to instigate this level of hate is terrorism… WTF!

  52. says

    @Fruuu, if you’re in a welcoming and affirming congregation your orientation is neither a barrier to participation nor necessarily even a topic of conversation. I don’t make my orientation an issue at church, but it doesn’t make me feel any less worthy of God’s love either.

  53. Damien says

    Pastor Charles L. Worley,

    Judge Not lest ye be judged.

    Turn the other cheek.

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    Christianity, you should try it sometime, Pastor

  54. featsoclay says

    Hateful is bad enough. Hateful and stupid is unforgivable.

    But he’s not proposing death camps. Just concentration camps. So that’s all right, then.

    Besides the line about air-dropping food to the lesbians, he says (at about 0:57): “…have that fence electrified, so they can’t get out. *Feed them.* And you know what? In a few years, they’ll die out. Do you know why? They can’t reproduce.”

    Presumably, this is why he wants the lesbians kept in a separate enclosure from the “queers and the homosexuals.” Otherwise, these people might, just to spite us, decide to reproduce. If we just let ’em live out their lives to the natural end, make sure they don’t have children, and keep them away from our children so they can’t recruit any new lesbians, queers, and homosexuals, then once this generation dies out, we’ll never have to worry about this stuff ever, ever again.

    Somehow, the fact that he only wants to isolate and cage people, not kill them outright, doesn’t make me feel a lot better about him.

  55. Lori says

    Unfortunately this isn’t shocking–while I remain committed to being a Christian, the kind of beliefs promoted by this minister are far too common among those in many conservative traditions. Hinged on their commitment to a literal acceptance of biblical teachings, they advocate culture over love, and hate over acceptance and equality–neatly picking and choosing which “laws” are still in effect today! If they could step back and see that God is beyond one culture’s view of him, they could possibly begin to act like the Christ they profess to follow.

  56. Tracy says

    For us Christians — this is completely mortifying. How is it possible to go from Jesus to this?

    That said, we couldn’t see the size of his congregation, or know how many people are taking him seriously. The Westboro Baptist people are completely appalling — but I’m not sure I want to expend much time and resources on a “church” that is essentially one extended dysfunctional family. I worry more about the polite-type, who quietly vote down marriage equality.

  57. says

    So I think theres plenty there to get his tax exemption taken away. As part of the separation of church and state arrangement, churches get tax exempt status as long as they abide by a set of rules laid out by the IRS, among them is they are not supposed to tell their members who to vote for. Its not really enforced because christians tend to get away with what they want to on things like this, but might be worth it to try and bring some attention to the fact that hes violating his tax exempt status.

  58. Jerry6 says

    What is more disturbing than this poor excuse for a human being, is that his congregation did not get up and leave the church. It means that there are a lot people in his town that believe what he is saying.

  59. SteveInMI says

    Thanks for sharing this guy’s contact address! My letter to the pastor:

    Dear Pastor,

    I’m writing to you both as a fellow minister and as one of those queer homos you recently preached on. I understand that you lead your congregation in a strict interpretation of the King James Version of the Bible, a text which has been an unchanging beacon of Christianity for more than one fifth of the faith’s history. I do have a few specific questions regarding your theology and would be most grateful for your guidance.

    I don’t live in North Carolina, but I do visit often and travel there often for work. I understand that your theology calls for death to homos like me. Do I need to visit your town or your church specifically in order to obtain a godly death, or are members of your congregation willing to travel to me in NC?

    In addition to a career and my ministry, I’m the single father of three teenagers who are still in school. Are there Christian charities willing to parent them after my godly demise, or will I need to make my own arrangements for them? I understand that even though they are top students in their schools, my passing would leave them without anyone to pay their way through college. Do you have any Christian scholarship programs available to the children of smited queers?

    There is an obscure OT passage (Ex. 20:13) which I’m struggling to square with your call to smiting. What is your logic by which you justify your call to gay-killing in light of this verse?

    Because I’m not yet fully committed to taking you and your congregation up on your offer to kill me, I will be withholding some of my identifying details; but I do look forward to a productive e-mail correspondence with you. Kind thanks in advance for your spiritual guidance.

    Rev. Steve

  60. says

    Update to what I posted above – the IRS complaint form wants the nonprofit’s employee identification number. I looked it up and it is: 591785709

    copied from above so people don’t have to search:

    Here’s information about churches’ nonprofit status (and the rules they are breaking by opposing politicking from the pulpit), as well as steps to take to REPORT THEM to the IRS!!

  61. carlsan says

    This man has the gall to call himself a Christian. His language is anything but Christ-like. Jesus said love your niehgbor as you love yourself. Apparently he hasn’t heard that one.This is the kind of speech that gives Christianity a bad name and drives people from the churches. He should be relieved of his pulpit.

  62. Disgusted American says

    Its the straights who keep having Gabies…..and There are MILLIONS of US…and we gay people also are privey to the 2nd ammednment Pastor…, just try it…..just try.

  63. Ella says

    The Address:

    Providence Road Baptist Church
    3283 Providence Mill Rd
    Maiden, NC 28650
    Telephone#: 828-428-2518
    Fax#: 828-428-3358

    Mailing Address:

    Providence Road Baptist Church
    P.O. Box 507
    Maiden, NC 28650

  64. Mike says

    Well, obviously his views are morally abhorrent.

    But he seems to be struggling with something within himself. Noone has suggested he is interested in men sexually and yet he feels compelled to tell us how kissing men is disgusting. He doth protest too much.

    I’m just waiting for the inevitable gay sex scandal he is involved in.

    A bit like the one with evangelical preacher Ted Haggart where he claimed he went into a room with a gay prostitute … and did nothing at all for an hour, and then left.

  65. featsoclay says

    I’ve lived overseas for the last eight years and had another expatriate stint of 1.5 years earlier in life. When foreigners think of America, they have a lot of different images in mind (mostly positive, in my experience). But many people, if you asked them to imagine the essential American, would picture this guy.

  66. Therese says

    Wow, has Hitler been reincarnated in this disgusting, vile man? It sounds like he wants to bring back genocide and build concentration camps. And he calls himself a Christian? Judge not lest ye be judged and do unto others as you would do unto himself. The last time I checked no one was rounding up the religious Christian “Reich”. How can he sit there and call himself a Christian when all he does is preach hate? He should NOT be a Pastor. Disgusting.

  67. rbj says

    Wow. Just gotta say, as an Evangelical Christian, this guy doesn’t speak for me or anyone else that I know. He’s completely off-base, NOT speaking from scripture, NOT preaching the Gospel; that sort of talk should never be heard in the House of God. I want to apologize to all of you for that – he needs to be called to repentance for those words.

  68. bob says

    The toxic fairy tale of religion is dying, and it can’t come too soon. Someday sick, demented, hateful pukebags like Pastor Charles L. Worley will only exist in history books!

  69. humbleman says

    I feel it is necessary that I speak out against this man, who doesn’t represent me, my family, or my faith. I try to speak out against all hateful so-called Christians.. I know it is never enough.
    I ask, as always, that if there’s more I can do.. please let me know.

  70. Subhankar Zac says

    If It was about 2 months ago, I would probably making posts about ripping his flesh and chewing on the liver and kidneys of His children.
    But Thanks To Christ, I wont spew out hate like This ignorant anti-Christian satanist.
    he is hateful and ignorant, Because he now lives in the devil. Homosexuals are same as heterosexuals or bisexuals, as long as their love and affection if true.
    But Yes, These false-prophets of satan are doomed for hell, But I can only Pray that he gets delivered from His satanic thoughts and murdering agendas and repent to stop his doom.
    God Bless Him.

  71. Rob roberts says

    OK, what is the whole thing with putting us in a cage or electrified fence before starving us to death? Why not just come out and call for our extermination?

    This says alot about the level of sickness and sadism this man has; he wants to starve us like the Jews and watch it happen; he wants us to live like animals before we die.

    Rick Santorum is no different from this pastor when he implies gays have sex with dogs — it is all part of dehumanizing us before they fire up the ovens.

  72. Rob roberts says

    OK, what is the whole thing with putting us in a cage or electrified fence before starving us to death? Why not just come out and call for our extermination?

    This says alot about the level of sickness and sadism this man has; he wants to starve us like the Jews and watch it happen; he wants us to live like animals before we die.

    Rick Santorum is no different from this pastor when he implies gays have sex with dogs — it is all part of dehumanizing us before they fire up the ovens.

  73. Jetjock says

    Has anyone researched where he was schooled in theology? I want to research his background. He appears to be the type that has found Jesus in the cell of a prison.

  74. Chris says

    I wonder if he realizes that a 25 mile square enclosure (100 mile fence) wouldn’t contain a 16th of the homosexuals out there who have come out, much less the poor souls who are unwilling or unable to?

  75. marilyn says

    Can’t “pastors ” like him be recalled by church head honchos? I can’t believe that all Baptists agree with nut cases like him, but we are seeing a lot of posts by these Southern Baptist pastors.

  76. Dennis says

    Not to put too fine a point on it, since I suppose the advertisements on the Towleroad site are generated automatically using some kind of algorithm . . . but seriously, is this really the article where an advert for “Metal Fence Systems” is appropriate? That’s what showed up to read this article. With details like, “Expanded metal security fence systems competitively priced,

  77. Sam says

    Crickets, you’re absolutely wrong. Many Christians disagree with this wack job. The Episcopal Church, the ELCA Lutheran Church, the United Church of Christ, and the Presbyterian Church USA all allow for the ordination of gays and lesbians and the UCC performs gay weddings. The Episcopal Church is in the process of developing marriage rites for gay couples. Every mainline Protestant denomination has congregations that joyfully welcome all people, including gays and lesbians, into their churches. And some Catholic churches go against the Vatican and are pro-gay. So, you are being highly selective in your comment about no Christians speaking out against homophobia.

    But perhaps you’re being pedantic and insisting that Christians speak out against this pastor in particular. It may come as a surprise to you, but everyone doesn’t read Towleroad so they may not know about this lunatic.

  78. Shelly says

    Thank you, humbleman, and all the other Christians denouncing this man. I wish your voices were loud enough to drown these people out. I am a Buddhist, but respect Jesus and his teachings, and they seem about as far away as those of this man as imaginable.

    In turn, let me say as a lesbian that returning hate and bigotry with hate and bigotry do not speak for me, either — specifically the commenter who suggested murdering and packing our adversaries such as this ignorant, small-hearted charlatan “man of God” up for dog food. Stooping to that base level is not only counterproductive in that it gives our adversaries more ammunition to paint us as monstrous “radicals,” it’s also completely unnecessary. We know the truth of our own lives and hearts, and though we should always raise our voices against people like this man, sharing our own honest, open experiences of inequality with our friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors, fellow citizens has proven itself the only weapon we need. C

    Leave the hating to the haters.

  79. Mau says

    You can contact this “preacher” at:

    Here is a letter I just wrote. Probably too much but I think he should get an avalanche of mail.

    Dear Pastor Worley,

    I guess that phrase “old time religion” on your website says it all. The scriptures were written two thousands years ago by unsophisticated tribesmen not unlike many of the people currently living in Afghanistan, though many of them have cell phones. Over the course of those two thousand years, science and education have made a major impact on our thinking and we no longer see the world in terms of (death for this) or (punishment for that.)

    Of course there are still ignorant hate mongers, particularly in Southern churches, but they are becoming much more of a laughing stock now that more than 50% of Americans support same sex marriage. In Canada we have had it for eight years and the sky didn’t fall, our society is harmonious and our economy has benefited.

    Perhaps now is the time for society to turn its distaste away from gays and lesbians, many of whom are members of our families and turn it against those who would preach hate and violence against others.

    Instead of your electric fence to keep in law abiding citizens to die of starvation (very Christian!) Perhaps we could use Wrigley Field to round up scum like you and have wonderful entertainment events where hungry lions are let loose on their hapless victims. It’s been done before, in times that you seem to revere so much.

    Please go away and die in pain somewhere. You are an embarrassment to God.

  80. says

    Some of you may be old enough to remember Elaine Nobel the first openly LGBT human being to be elected to a state legislature, in her case, Massachusetts in January, 1975. Ms Nobel said something once in reference to the persecution of LGBT individuals that has always stayed with me: “You can’t get 10,000 people on a train if they don’t want to get on the train.” Spreading this sentiment around would not be amiss. It might give people who would take the reverend’s thoughts to heart a moment of pause… sorry, let me say that it BETTER give them a moment of pause. NEVER AGAIN, indeed.

  81. martha says

    Hey Pastor, come on out of the closet. Everyone will understand, be on your side and still love you… maybe more than ever, once you’re freed yourself to be your true self. And just think–what a relief it will be! You won’t have to be tormented by all those horrible fantasies, or talk about them in public–fences and electrocution and death? really? Truth will out.

  82. featsoclay says

    It doesn’t help to misrepresent this idiot. What he says is evil enough. Claiming he says he wants to “kill” or “starve” his “lesbian, queer, and homosexual” targets is simply incorrect. Attack his actual words. Apart from honesty being good in itself, overstating what he says allows him to dodge criticism by pointing out—correctly—that critics are misrepresenting what he said.

    To repeat: around 0:57 of the video, Rev. Moron says—quickly but clearly—”feed ’em.” He never says anything about starving or killing anyone. He doesn’t quite say so explicitly, but it’s very clear that his idea is to isolate the “l, q, and h” folks and wait for them to live out their three score and ten. He thinks—it’s illogical, but it’s what he thinks—that since they can’t reproduce before they die, there will be no “ls, qs, and hs” once they have all died, several decades from now.

    This is evil, as well as astonishingly stupid. But call him on his actual evil, stupid proposal, not on a made-up proposal for death camps that he does not make.

  83. Nathaniel78526 says

    Any one who preaches hatred from his pulpit should ask himself What Would Jesus Do.
    Jesus did not starve or wish to kill or cause harm to anyone other than the money changes in his house.

  84. says

    The Pastor’s solution is not a novel approach. In fact, it’s rather Nazi-like. Yes, it’s horrifying. But it would be so much more horrifying if he wasn’t so freakin’ stupid. Does this clown seriously think that gay babies come exclusively from the union of a lesbian and a gay man? What an IDIOT. What about all the other people in North Carolina? I have a ton of gay friends. We’re ALL from heterosexual parents.

  85. I pay taxes unlike churches says

    This is totally not OK.

    This is even worse than NC Rev. Sean Harris’s horrifying comments (about physically hurting a boy for being effeminate). Roughly speaking, Maiden, NC events would be covered in the Charlotte, NC media. Here’s a resource:,_North_Carolina

    The national media should be alerted too, of course.

    This does not help the image of North Carolina – which has taken some major hits recently.

    Who pays Worley’s salary???

    Also here’s a website for the Town of Maiden (remember to be 100% polite, while you might indicate that this is not good for tourism or the image of the Town):

  86. Jim says

    Why peacefully protest this mad dog redneck reverend and his hillbilly church? This church of Baptist bigots is the reason God invented the Molotov cocktail. Burn, baby, burn! Let’s enjoy the fragrant smell of barbequed Baptist. BTW, if the straights will give us Hawaii, then I’m all for segregation! Aloha, Rev. Buttkiss!

  87. Pacific moderate says

    Boy am I confused. I thought a “queer” was a homosexual. But he says “lesbians and queers” then later says “do the same thing for the queers and the homosexuals”, so who exactly are these “queers”?

    Maybe we can just put bigots in this concentration camp. After all, they’re socially deviant and arguably “queer” in the true sense…

  88. Maggie says

    How can this person ever consider himself a man of God.God maqde us all and Gay is NOT A CHOICE.Ithink maybe he has some same sex attraction and is trying to make himself feel better by saying these ridiculous things. I hope he doesn’t think that God is proud of him.

  89. Jilli says

    How many gay children does this pastors god have to create before he realizes that god doesn’t hate gays and lesbians like he does?

    He can put all the gays and lesbians on another planet, but that won’t stop anything. Gays and lesbians are the result of typical heterosexual procreation.

    I hate to see christianity besmirched in this way – christianity is a religion of goodnes, he’s preaching the religion of hate

  90. Nyan says

    -I’m again it, you’re again it, we’re all again it.
    -Lesbians, queers, and homosex will kill ‘Merica.

    Terribly sorry for our piece of crap state. There should have been a thing that said, “What are your reasons for voting?” on the ballots, and just discard the ones that said anything about Gawd or Jeezus or the good book, the Bah-bul. I’m gay, and a-holes like this think about gay sex more than I do.

  91. Lucifer says

    I am so tired and disgusted of having to hear this kind of crap day in and day out everytime I pick up a paper or watch a t.v. news broadcast or read a blog. I am dreading the day that my 4 year old has to be exposed to this hatred! Truly. What is wrong with these people?

  92. Soli says

    How is it not blatantly a hate crime to advocate the mass extermination of a group of people? This man should clearly be institutionalized for psychopathic tendencies, not given a (literal) pulpit to spread his toxic insanity to a mass audience.

  93. jm pace says

    Heard about your “solution” to lesbians and queers. It sounds soooo KKKristian. I don’t believe god meant love thy neighbor as thyself, or when he was on the cross and he said “forgive them father for they know no what they do”. or that he is the only judge.

    You are a minion of the devil, motivated by hate, and most likely from your reaction a self-loathing closeted homosexual yourself. You make Satan happy, he wins again.

    Oh by the way, the president (who is half white) did not say he loves homosexuals just that he believes the government should should stay out of peoples lives when it comes to whom they choose to love. You do realize there are many high-ranking Republicans who are gay also.

  94. Francis says

    Things like this are why young people are leaving the church and religion in general, in record numbers. With bigots like this around, I expect that trend to continue and accelerate.

  95. ge says

    Full contact information for this Christian man of God:

    Charles L. Worley

    Google maps

    3912 Williams St Maiden, NC 28650-8452

    Providence Road Baptist Church
    Pastor Charles Worley
    ​PO Box 507​

    828-428-2518 Church

    ​3283 Providence Mill Road​

    828-428-9550 Parsonage
    ​Maiden, NC 28650​

    828-428-3358 Fax


  96. Jamila says

    Dear Pastor Worley,

     You are UNdoing so much work so many of us put into letting God love our neighbors, every person He has created, through us.

    Please repent, publicly, and sincerely apologize, publicly. There is nothing of the Gospel message in anything I saw of your sermon. Our war is Not against flesh and blood, meaning people. It’s against principalities.

    You have hurt, insulted, and condemned people that God wants to draw near to Himself.
     If you hate the sinner, then you are wrong. Period.

    My Bible says: 1Corinthians 5:9-13
    9) I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people 10)  *not at all meaning the sexually immoral of this world, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world. 11) But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler not even to eat with such a one. 12) *For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside (Believers) the church  whom you are to judge? 13) God judges those outside. “Purge the evil person (unrepentant Believer) from among you.” 

    You have done so much damage. Satan works through your actions. Hell was created for Satan and the demons, not for people, but Satan is sure working to take as many people with him as possible, and he is working through hateful actions like yours which cause more separation between people and God. 

    God is Not pleased, and neither are those you have called your brothers and sisters in Christ.


  97. anonymous christian trying to save whatever dignity is left to save says

    If I may make a point…his point wasn’t to be “totally” inhuman and kill off homosexuals by starvation….his point was that biologically speaking, that same sex’s cant reproduce and that’s how they would die off. Granted his analogy was terrible and gives all Christians a horrible name and I totally don’t agree with this man in any way. He has no right to judge people in such a way when he himself is just as human and just as much a sinner as any other bloody human on this planet. However, I felt that the argument above, mentioning starvation, was inaccurate and was misinterpreted from what he actually said…no matter how rude of him it was to say it in the first place.

  98. says

    Quoted out of a larger post by Shelly;
    (…)”We know the truth of our own lives and hearts, and though we should always raise our voices against people like this man, sharing our own honest, open experiences of inequality with our friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors, fellow citizens has proven itself the only weapon we need.”(…)
    Shelly, this is an admirable and largely proven approach, but I would remind that this only works when dealing with the sane. I would remind that human history provides examples of mass insanity. I must plead once again;
    1: Find and take a good quality defensive firearms course.
    2: Acquire a well made revolver with a “transfer bar” or similar mechanism (does not go off if dropped, etc).
    3: Keep it clean, secure, and always pay attention to what is going on in the larger culture we must live in, in case it becomes time to risk carrying it.
    4: If you never use it beyond a once a year practice session, it will still have done it’s job. Deterrence is a valid defensive concept.
    YES: what you describe is better overall, but, in the cold glare of human nature, I call it incomplete.

  99. Mary says

    Those Towleroad commenters who are calling on tax exempt status to be removed from churches need to be warned of how dangerous such a policy would be. It would be a true lightning rod in American politics. Watch people who are softening their anti-gay stand take a sharp turn to the right and develop deep hostitlity to all things LGBT. The damage would take years to undo. The Supreme Court won’t be able to help you with this one. State Democratic parties in all but a few states would be in a panic, realizing that this means the Democratic party would be decimated in their state – no wins for Governor, mayoralties, etc.. You will see state Democratic parties threatening to walk out at the convention unless tax exemption withdrawal is explicitly rejected in the party’s platform.

    Tax exemption for churches is something like the culture war equivalent of social security. It’s the “third rail” of American politics. As for the violence that would be directed toward gay people….let’s not go there, because it’s too scary to contemplate.

  100. Markus says

    Does anybody doubt still that the basis of all organized religion is hate, conformity, and private property law enforcement?

    Still, even for a fundamentalist these are fighting words, and he totally misses the irony of early christians being rounded up and fed to lions, burned alive and hung from crosses, as if that could not once again become a popular solution to hate filled people.

  101. Joseph says

    Well, I disagree with Mary. I just sent the following email to the IRS and strongly urge others to do so as well:

    Pastor Charles Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, NC, recently advocated for gay men and women to be rounded up into camps with the hope that they die out. In addition, he stated that if asked who he’ll vote for, he’ll reply, “I’m not going to vote for a baby killer and a homosexual lover.”

    Here’s the video:

    I believe this constitutes a breach of the provisions that allow church to remain tax-exempt in exchange for not participating in or advocating for a particular political party or individual. It should be investigated.

    Here’s the email address for the IRS regarding churches and tax-exempt status:

  102. Speezer says

    Someone posted his phone number on my Facebook page this morning, so I called and the pastor picked up. He gave me the standard “it was a horrible choice of words, and I’m going to issue an apology” line. The phones were ringing of the hook in the background. I also got the old favorite “Haven’t you ever said anything you’ve regretted?”

  103. potlatch says

    Can someone plz edit a version of this clip, so it just contains when he says “Can you imagine kissin some man? Good God I love you fellas!”

    Make a nice little clip.

  104. Anonymous says

    This “pastor” was actually given an honorary doctorate degree. How do I know? I used to be one of the brainwashed sheep who sat in his congregation. It has also been stated that he embezzled money from the church and many church officials left because of this. Unfortunately the brainwashed congregation stood up for him and did not ask him to leave. He needs to be investigated criminally. Just one of many preachers leading people away from god! There are many good people in that church who are blind. Don’t blame the flock, blame the messenger who knows Satan very well.

  105. Avery says

    He’s acting like homosexual/queer people are a race or something… “they’ll all die out,” what? No, straight parents are the ones who have gay kids, sorry.

  106. Jacoby says

    I heard the amens but not a single person in that church objected to this guy’s hate. I know it’s never easy to disagree with your pastor but REALLY!!!! Unbelievable.

  107. says

    Then, you take all the heterosexuals, of child bearing years, and you throw the women in with the Lesbians, and the Men in with the Homosexuals & Queers. You got to start when they are about 12 or so, cuz you remember that Mary Kay Letourneau & Vili Fualaau?
    Since most every homosexual alive today came from a heterosexual mating, we gotta stop that too. Just give that a few years, and keep repeating the cycle, and eventually you will have no humans left on earth. Then and only then will us Radical Christianists be happy. Dead, but happy.

  108. TJ says

    You’d think that any person of faith, who is a decent person, would welcome revocation of tax-exempt status from churches and pastor such as this. You’d think that those who believe in the good that comes from the religious community, would believe that that belief should be honored and not defiled. That tax-exempt status ought to be earned. Heck, these people are all about what is earned versus entitlements, right?

    If you believe as MARY believes, apparently, money is more important than ethics. Than decency. Than the best that faith inspires. Don’t rock the boat. What is right doesn’t matter.

  109. k says

    Are there not pictures of Jesus kissing ‘men” on their foreheads? Does not the Pope extend his hand for everyone to kiss? And lets not forget the on going concerns of sexual abuse that has gone on for years in our churches. And I ask,”Pastor Worley how would you fair if your life was investigated by law enforcement officials”?Could you possibly be hiding something?

  110. Rallyxx says

    This is why xtians get a bad rep. People like this are the reasons why a lot are turning away from religion. No 1 likes to be associated with these freaks.

    He sounds more “evil” than any gay man i know.

  111. leska says

    Ironically Jesus himself never uttered a word about homosexuality. These nut-jobs virtually ignore sins such as adultery, fornication, gluttony, and drunkennes. Why don’t they ever mention that ALL sex outside of marriage is a sin, and that even looking at a woman with lust is committing adultery? Hypocrites.

  112. JD says

    I thought the question was…What would Jesus do? This is certainly not what he’s do. He used to spend his time with theives and whores. He was the one who wanted to help and have people love each other and do to other as they would have done onto you. the shame is on this pastor.

  113. Interesting says

    In all probability, this is hyperbole. Because hyperbole about concentration camps is totally awesome. (In case anyone did not realize, that’s sarcasm).

    I will say it’s interesting that he seems to focus, at least initially, on lesbians. We usually get ignored by the fundamentalists and then remembered in an, “oh! Yeah, oops!” way or when they want to attack JCP for Ellen.

    The bit about “can you imagine kissing a man” is very telling as well–his remarks are clearly aimed at the men in the congregation, not the women. Homophobia/Heterosexism is not this man’s only crime.

  114. andrew says

    Why does towleroad post s**t like this? Do you look all around the world to find these miserable a**holes to make the rest of us knee jerk react to it?Why not post more good uplifting news? Give it a try!

  115. PipKen says

    Funny thing is this… homosexuals don’t produce homosexuals (well, maybe some do)… heterosexuals definitely do though. Funny, this man obviously isn’t playing with a full deck of cards. If he were, he stop caring soooo much about what goes on in gay relationships, and start caring about what’s going on in his own.

  116. Human-Being says


  117. Eric says

    I think someone should tell the federal government that this “man of god” is talking at a “church” which is a not-for-profit about voting or who he is going to vote for! During the 2008 elections, some churches lost their tax exempt status…maybe he should too? What he proselytizing was just absolutely disgusting! Why are we as a country not out in the streets protesting this sorry excuse for a human? Why are we not up in arms about this?

  118. curtis brown says

    he violated two …two that i know of …provisions of the religious tax exempt policies …that these crazy people use and abuse…he spoke out against a group of people with intent to harm…starve and kill….in his own words….which is a fascist/ dictator like terrorist threat … and spoke out against the constitutions protections of its citizens under the law ..which is treason …..oh and he promoted taking the law into ones own hands … so what are we going to do about it … there should be something done now..these nuts are becoming the new terrorists and on our own shores…why oh why does anyone allow this kind of misguided terrorism dialogue cloaked in religious dogma beyond me …the man is utterly mad and laughable but dangerous at the same time …. what will he reccomend next ..all his parishners go to an island and drink poison Kool Aid?? okay Jim jones…what a mess …this is hate filled terrorist threats period and should not be allowed anywhere from any pulpit ….anytime…ever!…

  119. Matt says

    His speech is wretched enough without hyperbole. He did say give us food twice, so the ‘starve’ allegation isn’t really fair. What an abomination.

  120. says

    OMG, I this totally sounds like a LGBT weight-loss clinic I went to, that did SO not work ’cause the lesbians found ways to grow organic vegetables from nothing, and the gays used that electric fence to make fabulous barbecue. A big FAIL.

  121. tnoble101 says

    This is the panic driven thrashing, hissing and spitting of a dying class of hate…these outbursts will appeal ONLY to those whose views are too deeply set to change… The ‘undecided’ fair minded and unsure will feel the same revulsion we do in his words. This kind of lashing out, over-the-top rhetoric can only drive decent people AWAY and, in a perverse way, serve the cause of justice in the long run.

  122. says

    The thing about this guy is, his crazy plan wouldn’t even work anyway. First off, people are still going to be born how they are born. Second of all, I know plenty of lesbians and gay men who act as surrogate for each other – in the free world – so how the hell is everyone going to die out? This man is nothing more than a joke. Unfortunately, he is a dangerous joke, because he seems to have a bunch of clowns ready to be schooled.

    His plan does have some merit though; well, with a few tweaks, anyway. How about we replace LGBT with stupid and dangerously ignorant people?

  123. jimmywitz says

    As someone whose family were mostly murdered in Sobibor and Buchenvald, this is all eerily familiar. And the silence of the Baptist Church to this advocation of another genocide as deafening! I dunno, I never thought that I would ever see something like this again in my lifetime.

  124. Mary says

    TJ, it isn’t a question of money being more important than justice. It’s a question of SAFETY being more important than denying tax exemtpion. This pastor is horrifying and should be denounced by all Christians for his vile and un-Christ-like remarks. If he were MY pastor I’d have quit the church that very day regardless of how many times he apologized. But the gay community is just starting to win on marriage equality. Now they need to alienate potential straight supporters by conjuring up images of churches being boarded shut due to being taxed out of existence? There is a limit to how far a politlcal movemment can alienate people without entering the danger zone.

    What “justice” is there is a 21 gay kid dying of a brain hemmhorage he received while being beaten during an anti-tax exemption rally? Your feelings don’t matter to me as much as whether that kid pays the ultimate price for the cultural Left’s recklessness. We’re both people in our 50’s, aren’t we? I’m having a hard time understanding your obliviousness to danger.

  125. Shelly says

    @Robert Baker, re: firearms

    Personally I do try to follow the path of ahimsa as well as I can, and though I have two large dogs and have had self-defense training, deadly force is a line I’m not willing to cross.

    That said, I live in a rural town in the deep south, and do realize our opponents are largely well-armed, and you are correct that there are obvious historical precedents of very similar rhetoric being used to whip up mass insanity. So, I would not at all begrudge anyone else doing what you suggest to protect themselves. These are deeply personal ethical matters that we all need to sort out for ourselves, and though I wouldn’t advocate your suggestion, neither would I advocate against it.

  126. TJ says

    Not ALL churches, MARY. THIS church, and others like it. He crossed the line. He should suffer the consequences, to include no tax exemptions.

  127. Mary says

    OK,TJ, I see your point. But I’ll still hold to the claim that denying any church tax exemption is not the way to go because it will cause swing voters and conservatives to become irrational. There are other ways for homophobes to be dealt with.

    But I have to ask, do you want tax exemption removed because his remarks were advocating something illegal (forceably holding gay people in camps) or because he expressed a political viewpoint inside a church? Should tax exemption also be eliminated for liberal Christian denominations which preach that Jesus would be pro-gay and in favor of marriage equality – since this is clearly a political viewpoint?

  128. Derrick Holland says

    Im trying to find even one comment that even got ANY of the facts right. First off, Worley is NOT a Southern Baptist. So get your facts straight. Secondly, there was NO reference to starvation, genocide, or ANY type of killing of homosexuals. Just about like a bunch of lying liberals to get nothing right. The fence he mentioned was for ISOLATION, not starvation. Kind of hard to make a case that he wants to starve people, when he talked about feeding them.

    And protest? Protest WHAT?? This is America, and like his comment or not, he has EVERY right to preach what he believes! As a Baptist minister myself, I would have not said exactly what he said, but I DO preach against this sin of homosexuality, and the day Charles Worley has to ask permission from any of you WHAT to preach in his OWN church where his members have wanted HIM to be the Pastor, is the day that you people try to tell ANY of us what we can and cannot preach! And THAT is NOT going to happen.

    Its also another outright lie to say that he endorsed a specific candidate for President….Which one did he endorse? I think he simply told us the one he is NOT going to vote for. So tell us Libs…who is Mr. Worley supporting? Do any of you know? That’s what I thought.

    Why aren’t all you people protesting the black churches that come right out and endorse Barack Obama? Hypocrites!

    Look….Bro. Worley is a good man, and does not hate homosexuals. He hates homosexuality! And he has EVERY right to preach the Bible in his church. How many of you have ever paid tithes there or supported this church in any way? If not, then who are YOU to tell him WHAT he can and can’t preach?

  129. Michael says

    As of this posting, the Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, North Carolina has taken down their web site. Thru Google, the link is not longer valid.

  130. TJ says

    DERRICK HOLLAND – you are an idiot. A bigoted, misinformed, ignorant idiot. People have the right to express their beliefs in this country, that’s true. But calling for placing people in a concentration camp? That deserves backlash, that deserves protest. Freedom of speech not only means that people are free to agree or disagree, it also means that when you go too far, you get, and deserve, the smackdown..

  131. TJ says

    And MARY, if you are still following, DERRICK’s comment reinforces that all points of view are not equally moral, or defensible. The call for isolation, as if that is a harmless and reasonable option, hardly equates with the moral high ground of acceptance and understanding, of Christian as opposed to Old Testiment love.. Take away state support via tax exemption of those who promote hate, intolerance, and injustice.

  132. Jon Westergaard says

    Alright I had to think this one through…. First off, what a great idea, fence of New York, California & Florida…. Not to keep us in, but to keep him & His sort OUT. That will give us the major Culture centers and the coastlines. Then embargo North Carolina and any other crazy states from any gay related products, healthcare-haircare-restaurants-art- music-theatre-real real-estate (no shanty’s) & fashion (excluding tank-tops). Then, we will watch him sink into an oblivion of Pabst blue ribbon, Cracker barrel & Walmart coture…… Maybe let them out once a year for hot-iron branding and the hunger games……

  133. Ryan says

    You can’t even get the rhetoric right on this video which is both appalling and unsurprising. This is after-all, a culture war and as in any war, ends often justify the means to produce the morally “right” outcome. The crazy fundamentalist Christians embrace the notion that truth should be squelched in the name of a god just like you seem to think truth should squelched to produce the greatest knee-jerk reaction in your audience and artificially stir their emotions.

    This pastor’s argument is simple to understand (though not at all logical). He wants lesbians (women) to be placed in one inescapable camp to be FED indefinitely and the “gays/queers” (men) to be placed in another alternative camp and again, fed indefinitely. The point is that they will die out because they can’t REPRODUCE. Is this that hard to grasp?

    Now here’s the funny part, of course they can’t reproduce because the women and men aren’t together. He wants to point out that since men can’t procreate with men and women can’t procreate with women, that somehow homosexuality doesn’t make sense and is “unnatural” and “sinful”. He’s clearly an idiot because this crazed scenario where gays/lesbians/queers die in these camps (while being fed) is not directly attributable to who they are but rather to their environment. Since most of us know scientifically that back in the world outside of these ghastly camps, that people would continue to be born “gay”, we know his gender-based eugenics would be an abject failure.

    Honestly, I am not sure how you could possibly link this genocidal fantasy’s killing mechanism to hunger other than the fact that starvation seems more apparently and intuitively evil than the rhetoric actually being espoused by the preacher in this video. In my opinion, both are equally evil and both are equally deranged and illogical. However, if you want to fight a war, linking some madman’s ideology to including genocide via starvation is much more effective in drumming up support than just reporting the Hitler wannabe as saying something like- “put em all in a camp and they can’t reproduce”. Of course the effectiveness of subjugating the truth is entirely determined by if your audience knows you’re embellishing and if you’re audience cares or believes like you do: that the truth is disposable sometimes in procuring a moral good.

    In my opinion, if you want to win the war and not the skirmish, you’re going to need to use the entire truth in this sickening debate.

  134. jade says

    He doth protest too loudly!!!!.So did Rush Limbaugh. Remember the drug addict condeming the drug addicts? What does this preacher to hide?

  135. Jocelyn says

    He’s like a scary evil warlord from a science fiction film.

    He also seem a bit like Hitler.

    I’m writing a fantasy fiction novel and the bad guys in my story aren’t nearly as terrifyingly genocidal and mean-hearted as he is.

    Is he real?

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