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NC Pastor Wants To Build Electrified Fence To Contain, Starve And Ultimately Kill Gays: VIDEO


In a sermon blasting President Obama for his same-sex marriage support, Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, North Carolina, offered a novel — and horrific — solution to the so-called gay scourge: build an electric fence and let "lesbians, queers and homosexuals" starve to death.

"I figured a way to get rid of all the lesbians and queers," he says in his sermon, delivered on May 13. "Build a great, big, large fence — 150 or 100 mile long — put all the lesbians in there... Do the same thing for the queers and the homosexuals and have that fence electrified so they can't get out… And you know what, in a few years, they'll die." Worley fails to understand that gay people are born, not made, and that there would just be more LGBT folk coming down the line.

He also that if he's asked who he'll vote for, he'll reply, "I'm not going to vote for a baby killer and a homosexual lover."

The not-so-holy man concludes, "God have mercy. It makes me pukin' sick to think about — I don't even whether or not to say this in the pulpit — can you imagine kissing some man?"

Throughout the sermon, many of his congregants can be heard calling out "Amen."

Watch Worley's wretch-worthy remarks, AFTER THE JUMP...

(h/t to the Catawba Valley Citizens Against Hate for posting the video on YouTube)

Note: Worley does say "drop some food" for the lesbians, which suggests perhaps he doesn't want to starve us all to death, but there's no mention of supplying an endless cupboard of sustenance, which is why, to me, this speech sounds like starvation.

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  1. This is the most poorly edited article every written....

    Posted by: Thomas anderson | May 22, 2012 4:00:25 PM

  2. TJ, it isn't a question of money being more important than justice. It's a question of SAFETY being more important than denying tax exemtpion. This pastor is horrifying and should be denounced by all Christians for his vile and un-Christ-like remarks. If he were MY pastor I'd have quit the church that very day regardless of how many times he apologized. But the gay community is just starting to win on marriage equality. Now they need to alienate potential straight supporters by conjuring up images of churches being boarded shut due to being taxed out of existence? There is a limit to how far a politlcal movemment can alienate people without entering the danger zone.

    What "justice" is there is a 21 gay kid dying of a brain hemmhorage he received while being beaten during an anti-tax exemption rally? Your feelings don't matter to me as much as whether that kid pays the ultimate price for the cultural Left's recklessness. We're both people in our 50's, aren't we? I'm having a hard time understanding your obliviousness to danger.

    Posted by: Mary | May 22, 2012 4:36:16 PM

  3. @Robert Baker, re: firearms

    Personally I do try to follow the path of ahimsa as well as I can, and though I have two large dogs and have had self-defense training, deadly force is a line I'm not willing to cross.

    That said, I live in a rural town in the deep south, and do realize our opponents are largely well-armed, and you are correct that there are obvious historical precedents of very similar rhetoric being used to whip up mass insanity. So, I would not at all begrudge anyone else doing what you suggest to protect themselves. These are deeply personal ethical matters that we all need to sort out for ourselves, and though I wouldn't advocate your suggestion, neither would I advocate against it.

    Posted by: Shelly | May 22, 2012 5:35:05 PM

  4. just remember he is an extremist and doesn't represent all Christians. I don't condone this behavior at al.

    Posted by: Mory | May 22, 2012 5:51:27 PM

  5. just remember he is an extremist and doesn't represent all Christians. I don't condone this behavior at al.

    Posted by: Mory | May 22, 2012 5:51:43 PM

  6. Not ALL churches, MARY. THIS church, and others like it. He crossed the line. He should suffer the consequences, to include no tax exemptions.

    Posted by: TJ | May 22, 2012 6:36:39 PM

  7. And THIS is why all religions should have to pay taxes. Or shut up.

    Posted by: Brie | May 22, 2012 7:29:16 PM

  8. OK,TJ, I see your point. But I'll still hold to the claim that denying any church tax exemption is not the way to go because it will cause swing voters and conservatives to become irrational. There are other ways for homophobes to be dealt with.

    But I have to ask, do you want tax exemption removed because his remarks were advocating something illegal (forceably holding gay people in camps) or because he expressed a political viewpoint inside a church? Should tax exemption also be eliminated for liberal Christian denominations which preach that Jesus would be pro-gay and in favor of marriage equality - since this is clearly a political viewpoint?

    Posted by: Mary | May 22, 2012 7:33:25 PM

  9. This jacknut is clearly the reincarnation of Hitler

    Posted by: Enchantica | May 22, 2012 8:17:35 PM

  10. Im trying to find even one comment that even got ANY of the facts right. First off, Worley is NOT a Southern Baptist. So get your facts straight. Secondly, there was NO reference to starvation, genocide, or ANY type of killing of homosexuals. Just about like a bunch of lying liberals to get nothing right. The fence he mentioned was for ISOLATION, not starvation. Kind of hard to make a case that he wants to starve people, when he talked about feeding them.

    And protest? Protest WHAT?? This is America, and like his comment or not, he has EVERY right to preach what he believes! As a Baptist minister myself, I would have not said exactly what he said, but I DO preach against this sin of homosexuality, and the day Charles Worley has to ask permission from any of you WHAT to preach in his OWN church where his members have wanted HIM to be the Pastor, is the day that you people try to tell ANY of us what we can and cannot preach! And THAT is NOT going to happen.

    Its also another outright lie to say that he endorsed a specific candidate for President....Which one did he endorse? I think he simply told us the one he is NOT going to vote for. So tell us Libs...who is Mr. Worley supporting? Do any of you know? That's what I thought.

    Why aren't all you people protesting the black churches that come right out and endorse Barack Obama? Hypocrites!

    Look....Bro. Worley is a good man, and does not hate homosexuals. He hates homosexuality! And he has EVERY right to preach the Bible in his church. How many of you have ever paid tithes there or supported this church in any way? If not, then who are YOU to tell him WHAT he can and can't preach?

    Posted by: Derrick Holland | May 22, 2012 9:27:44 PM

  11. As of this posting, the Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, North Carolina has taken down their web site. Thru Google, the link is not longer valid.

    Posted by: Michael | May 22, 2012 11:48:26 PM

  12. DERRICK HOLLAND - you are an idiot. A bigoted, misinformed, ignorant idiot. People have the right to express their beliefs in this country, that's true. But calling for placing people in a concentration camp? That deserves backlash, that deserves protest. Freedom of speech not only means that people are free to agree or disagree, it also means that when you go too far, you get, and deserve, the smackdown..

    Posted by: TJ | May 23, 2012 12:30:46 AM

  13. And MARY, if you are still following, DERRICK's comment reinforces that all points of view are not equally moral, or defensible. The call for isolation, as if that is a harmless and reasonable option, hardly equates with the moral high ground of acceptance and understanding, of Christian as opposed to Old Testiment love.. Take away state support via tax exemption of those who promote hate, intolerance, and injustice.

    Posted by: TJ | May 23, 2012 12:40:47 AM

  14. Alright I had to think this one through.... First off, what a great idea, fence of New York, California & Florida.... Not to keep us in, but to keep him & His sort OUT. That will give us the major Culture centers and the coastlines. Then embargo North Carolina and any other crazy states from any gay related products, healthcare-haircare-restaurants-art- music-theatre-real real-estate (no shanty's) & fashion (excluding tank-tops). Then, we will watch him sink into an oblivion of Pabst blue ribbon, Cracker barrel & Walmart coture...... Maybe let them out once a year for hot-iron branding and the hunger games......

    Posted by: Jon Westergaard | May 23, 2012 12:58:39 AM

  15. Poor deluded dude thinks a couple of 100-150 mile (I'm assuming squared) fences would contain ALL of us. Ha.

    Posted by: Anna | May 24, 2012 12:35:11 AM

  16. Hitler tried the same thing with the Jews and Gays. This guy is a disgrace to Christianity

    Posted by: J | May 24, 2012 2:50:16 AM

  17. That was the best of

    Posted by: ensar | May 24, 2012 3:58:29 AM

  18. hmm.., that's so enlightening. Also let us know what should be done to the boy loving pastors...

    Posted by: american_idiot | May 24, 2012 11:13:54 AM

  19. You can't even get the rhetoric right on this video which is both appalling and unsurprising. This is after-all, a culture war and as in any war, ends often justify the means to produce the morally "right" outcome. The crazy fundamentalist Christians embrace the notion that truth should be squelched in the name of a god just like you seem to think truth should squelched to produce the greatest knee-jerk reaction in your audience and artificially stir their emotions.

    This pastor's argument is simple to understand (though not at all logical). He wants lesbians (women) to be placed in one inescapable camp to be FED indefinitely and the "gays/queers" (men) to be placed in another alternative camp and again, fed indefinitely. The point is that they will die out because they can't REPRODUCE. Is this that hard to grasp?

    Now here's the funny part, of course they can't reproduce because the women and men aren't together. He wants to point out that since men can't procreate with men and women can't procreate with women, that somehow homosexuality doesn't make sense and is "unnatural" and "sinful". He's clearly an idiot because this crazed scenario where gays/lesbians/queers die in these camps (while being fed) is not directly attributable to who they are but rather to their environment. Since most of us know scientifically that back in the world outside of these ghastly camps, that people would continue to be born "gay", we know his gender-based eugenics would be an abject failure.

    Honestly, I am not sure how you could possibly link this genocidal fantasy's killing mechanism to hunger other than the fact that starvation seems more apparently and intuitively evil than the rhetoric actually being espoused by the preacher in this video. In my opinion, both are equally evil and both are equally deranged and illogical. However, if you want to fight a war, linking some madman's ideology to including genocide via starvation is much more effective in drumming up support than just reporting the Hitler wannabe as saying something like- "put em all in a camp and they can't reproduce". Of course the effectiveness of subjugating the truth is entirely determined by if your audience knows you're embellishing and if you're audience cares or believes like you do: that the truth is disposable sometimes in procuring a moral good.

    In my opinion, if you want to win the war and not the skirmish, you're going to need to use the entire truth in this sickening debate.

    Posted by: Ryan | May 24, 2012 9:35:00 PM

  20. seems one part of Usa is moving in one direction
    and another part of Usa is moving in another

    Posted by: gogole | May 28, 2012 6:49:46 AM

  21. God made the so God dam them?

    Posted by: jade | May 28, 2012 6:12:58 PM

  22. He doth protest too loudly!!!!.So did Rush Limbaugh. Remember the drug addict condeming the drug addicts? What does this preacher to hide?

    Posted by: jade | May 28, 2012 6:17:04 PM

  23. He's like a scary evil warlord from a science fiction film.

    He also seem a bit like Hitler.

    I'm writing a fantasy fiction novel and the bad guys in my story aren't nearly as terrifyingly genocidal and mean-hearted as he is.

    Is he real?

    Posted by: Jocelyn | May 28, 2012 10:04:45 PM

  24. You know some gays would get totally in to electrified fence play...

    Posted by: NowMyButtHurts | Jun 8, 2012 8:59:50 PM

  25. It is hard to believe that there are so many fools who took the time to respond to this bible believing a$$hole.

    Posted by: andrew | Sep 9, 2012 3:19:40 AM

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