1. MarkUs says

    It is absolutely HILARIOUS to watch libs defend : “When Aunt Bea showed me pictures of PeePaw, he had high cheekbones like all the indians do!”

    Spread some jam on that Warren broad, because she’s toast.

  2. Ben in Oakland says

    Heartland institute rang a bell. One of its affiliates or associates is David blankenhorn and his institute fr American values.

  3. AladinSane says

    Actually Markus, it’s not at all. I’m a quarter Cherokee (and legally registered) and 3/4 Irish. People routinely assume I’m German, going so far as to argue with me about my heritage. Once again, manufactured controversy…

  4. MarkUs says

    Aladinsane, Elizabeth Warren certainly did not register herself formally as Native American with any official Native American registry because as the Washington Post said, she would not have qualified. And when she claimed to be Native American on her job applications, a child knows what she was up to. If your “great great great grandmother” had been married to an African, would you check “BLACK”?!

    It’s no “manufactured controversy”. As I’ve read it was uncovered by the Boston Herald who who looking through her past papers (as newspapers will do looking for a story with politicians) and saw the “Native American” status claimed and said “What?!” The woman looks White Irish!

  5. AladinSane says

    Reading comprehension is not your strong point, either of the article or my post. She shares the same quantum as the head of the Cherokee nation and it is entirely possible to look “white” while having considerable Indian blood.

  6. MarkUs says

    Your “great great great grandmother” having possible married a Cherokee on a birth certificate gives one “considerable Indian blood” and gets you on the Harvard faculty as a minority?

  7. ratbastard says


    Warren is from Oklahoma and has white Anglo Saxon Protestant background. And yeah, of course she lied about being a ‘minority'; she knew this would go down really well with schools and employers affirmative action programs and the politically correct culture most big institutions public and private operate in. My simple and decent answer help prevent this type of widespread abuse is end all affirmative action, AKA reverse discrimination. It’s existed for over 40 years in the U.S. now, and it’s time to wind it down.


    BTW: I’m 1/2 ‘white Irish’ and there are a wide range of physical characteristics in my immediate family. I have brothers and sisters with light hair, dark hair, green eyes, gray eyes, hazel eyes, etc. People of European descent in particular tend to have a wide and diverse range of physical looks in hair color, eye color, skin tone.

  8. Acronym Jim says


    While I usually enjoy your posts, it appears you’ve made a slight error in your summary of the Maddowblog link. The linked article is by a contributor, Steve Benen, not Rachel Maddow. Just sayin’ give credit where credit is due, my friend.

    And yeah, the Heartland Institute is a nasty piece of work. It’s the same “think-tank” that pushed shoddy medical claims supporting the tobacco industry.