News: Dear Abby, Hunger Games, Jimmy Somerville, Anton Hysen

RoadJulian Assange loses extradition case.

Road75.7: The percentage of Americans between 25 and 54 with jobs.

AbbyRoadSound advice from Dear Abby.

RoadMarky Mark's balcony spray tan.

RoadLifetime developing series based on Jodie Foster's Silence of the Lambs character Clarice: "NBC is looking at Hannibal Lecter’s early years in its upcoming drama Hannibal, and now Lifetime is developing a drama all about Lecter’s Silence of the Lambs foe, FBI agent Clarice Starling. The series is simply called, Clarice, and picks up the story soon after Ms Starling graduates from the FBI academy, whereas the Hannibal series won’t include the Clarice character at all."

RoadJimmy Somerville's got a new EP. Listen. And a new tip from Occupy the Disco

RoadHere's Mitt Romney's birth certificate.

RoadUN endorses Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe as tourism leader? "The surprise honor, while slammed by human rights groups, is also a head scratcher since the 88-year-old despot is banned from even travelling to Europe because of Western sanctions."

RoadBradley Cooper has his eyes on the French Open.

RushmoreRoadDavid Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Stuart Pearce and Paul Gascoigne get Mount Rushmore treatment in London.

RoadTaylor Kitsch, Armie Hammer and Garrett Hedlund reportedly vying for role of Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. "In the books, Odair is a handsome and tan 24-year-old from District 4 who won the annual Hunger Games ten years earlier armed with a trident and a net. He's known for having many lovers around the Capitol."

RoadVirginia Governor Bob McDonnell claims he never opposed gay judges: “'I have long been an advocate of judicial selection based on merit,' he said on WTOP’s 'Ask the Governor.' What about in 2003, host Mark Segraves asked. Back then, while leading a successful effort to unseat a lesbian Circuit Court judge, then-delegate McDonnell questioned whether someone who had engaged in oral or anal sex could serve as a judge because that behavior would violate the state’s anti-sodomy statute…"

RoadColin Farrell is buzzed for summer.

HysenRoadOut footballer Anton Hysen reaches finals of Swedish Dancing with the Stars.

RoadOutserve co-director Josh Seefried: Employment nondiscrimination is a military issue too: "Although ENDA would not affect military personnel, it still is a critical issue to LGBT service members. Even though a majority of LGBT military personnel serve on active duty, many serve in reservist or national guard status, which means their main employment is outside the military, leaving them vulnerable to being fired simply for being gay. No servicemember who chooses to serve their nation should have to feel like they are at risk for losing their job because of who they are."

RoadAdam Levine shaves his head for Details.

RoadDan Savage has some thoughts about the church video of the child getting cheered on for singing "No homos gonna make it to Heaven": "The Apostolic Truth Tabernacle is in Greensburg, Indiana. That's the town where Billy Lucas was bullied to death for being perceived to be gay by his classmates. I wonder if they stood up and cheered at Apostolic Truth Tabernacle when Lucas died—hey, another homo in hell. I wonder if any of Lucas's tormenters attend services at Apostolic Truth Tabernacle. And remember: I'm an anti-Christian bully for pointing out the connection between what straight kids are taught about "homos" in the shithole mega-churches they're dragged to by their parents and what they turn around and do to 'homos' they encounter in classrooms. And what if that precocious little four-year-old singer is gay? Praise the Lord and pass the barf bags."


  1. says

    if that 4 year old singer is gay, he’ll grow up to either be an Andrew Shirvell, or one of those kids on the public-access Christian Sing-a-long shows that uses Church Music as his Performance Outlet, or he’ll turn into this guy:

    or maybe he’ll take his own life. or maybe, God willing, he’ll be strong enough to get as far away from his family as he can, go to college in a bigger city, and find out that family is about more than bloodlines, it’s about love and understanding and acceptance.

    it’s one of those things the anti-gay crowd never understands: no matter how anti-gay you are, your bigotry will not make your family biologically-immune from having a gay relative or two or three.

  2. Alan says

    @littlepeepee what the heck are you talking about?

    Back on planet Earth….75.7: The percentage of Americans between 25 and 54 with jobs

    And this is why I should vote for Barry Obama? Because 25% of Americans are out of work. Not on your life. It’s time for a change. Real change.

  3. BOB says

    Yes Alan because the Republicans have such a sterling record of putting people to work! You think Mitt’s record in the private sector is better? OK

  4. kpo5 says

    “Because 25% of Americans are out of work.”

    I believe unemployment is just over 8%, Alan.

    I would assume your OkCupid profile is equally overstated.

  5. Oliver says

    @Alan, if you beloved Mitt Romney is so All-American, so Pro-America, so Red-White&Blue, then why doesn’t he tell us all NOW what this great master plan of his is to put America back to work?
    That would be the Christian thing to do!
    Wake up, Alan; Mitt Romney is a sociopath wanker.

  6. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Evangelicals will whine no end about Dan Savage’s choice of words. But they’ll be strangely silent about the substance of his remarks.

  7. R says

    1. Assange is going to go to Sweden, be questioned, not be charged (because he was already let go for it once, before he released the Afghanistan files)… but be sent to the US, where he’ll spend his time locked away in Guatinimo-like conditions and never be charged. This was almost preordained.

    2. Dear Abby rocks.

    3. Being unemployed is depressing :(

    4. I vote Taylor Kitsch. Totally feel bad for all the epic flops he’s had this year. Not his fault. (John Carter wasn’t even that bad!)

    5. Anton Hysen is dreamy.

    6. Thank you, Dan Savage. It’s sad that the sort of community which would foster the hatred seen on the youtube video would be the kind of community where anti-gay bullying leads to a suicide… but not surprising.

    The bigots need to be called out and shamed… and maybe they’ll at least be too embarrassed to act with such bigotry.

  8. says

    i forgot, kids like the 4 year old can also grow up to be self-hating cowards like Alan who live each day hoping that sucking up to the Conservative Right will win back their parent’s affection.

    As Alan proves, it simply doesn’t work.

  9. says

    i forgot, kids like the 4 year old can also grow up to be self-hating cowards like Alan who live each day hoping that sucking up to the Conservative Right will win back their parent’s affection.

    As Alan proves, it simply doesn’t work.

  10. MarkUs says

    Every time a realist points out that the country has never re-elected an incumbent with such a dismal economic record in it’s history sends lil kiwi into spasms about mommy daddy approval issues. Weird.

  11. InscrutableTed says

    I recall someone asking Dear Abby what one should say when introduced to a gay couple.

    Her response was “How do you do? How do you do?”.

  12. David says

    Mitt Romney’s birth certificate? I want to see his marriage certificates. ALL OF THEM!

  13. rayy says

    You can vote for whomever you want, but if you think MittRMoney is change IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION, I think you’re deluding yourself.

  14. Christopher says

    The item about casting Finnick describes the character as a “womanizer” but the book never specifies that his many partners were women. Alex Pettyfer matches the description in the book better than the actors mentioned.

  15. ThomT says

    Are you sure that picture is Abby? It sure looks more like her sister Ann Landers – although twins Abby always seemed to have a “softer” look about her.

  16. ThomT says

    Yep, lets see what old Mitt can do! If the GOP can grab both the House & the Senate then old Mittens can go on permanent vacation while the Republicans, with Paul Ryans’ budget in hand, deconstruct Medicad, Medicare, Social Security and “Obama”care … if you recall Bush had a budget SURPLUS when he took office and during his first six years he never, not once, vetoed a bill presented to him by the Republican controlled house – three wars, stock market crash, house bubble burst, and historical job loss … yep, we really need to rush back over to the Republicans. I have Republican friends who made a bundle in the stock market while Clinton was in office and lost nearly all of it during the Bush years … and yet, they’re still Republicans – go figure. Like Grover (no new taxes) Norquist it doesn’t matter what Republican is in the White House as long as the GOP can take back both houses he’ll be forced to sign whatever they send him.

  17. Bobby says

    Dan Savage was too nice. Those people in those churches should be put in jail for inciting violence against homosexuals and they should have their churches razed.

  18. Bobby says

    Littlekiwi, you hit the nail on the head about Alan and the people like him who vote against their own best interest.

    Gay republicans have daddy issues or some desire to be so different they stir up hatred and animosity wherever they go just to get attention.

    They think by voting for republicans it will give them some kind of IQ points or get them in good with the father who hates them for being gay.