1. MarkUs says

    This is a series and not a TV movie? Maybe my type comedy is MTM or AbFab or Fawlty Towers because they don’t say a line and wink at the camera: “Ah-haha. Did you get that?” Ooh, and a sassy black.

  2. New-new says

    It’s a bit, um, white.

    Minus Ms. Leakes playing the token sassy black woman.

    I’m not mad at her for trying her best to succeed in a fixed system. I’m mad at the Hollywood establishment.

  3. Pedro says

    Isn’t the spunky black thing way played out. I happen to have a black boyfriend, and he, nor anyone is his family, including his mother and two sisters, ever snap their necks while saying anything spunky,sassy or loud…Jesus, black people are just like everyone else. When are they going to show normal middle class, well spoken blacks on tv…But I guess it makes white people gut-laugh so they’ll keep doing it…

  4. MarkUs says

    I saw a list of the upcoming TV cancellations yesterday: basically, everything. If you’re not Mob Wife, a Real Housewife of, or a Toddler in a tiara, BYE. If Kristin Chenoweth didn’t make it, this doesn’t have high hopes for longer than a month or two.

  5. Bart says

    I will watch and I imagine this show will grow on me. While everyone posting seems to find the black character cringe-worthy (but Nene Leakes has style) I find one half of the gay couple equally as cringe-worthy.

    Sorry, don’t know many walking, talking cartoon characters. Granted, this is TV and it is a sitcom but I’m over the prissy fellows as fathers to babies thing.

  6. Bart says

    I will watch and I imagine this show will grow on me. While everyone posting seems to find the black character cringe-worthy (but Nene Leakes has style) I find one half of the gay couple equally as cringe-worthy.

    Sorry, don’t know many walking, talking cartoon characters. Granted, this is TV and it is a sitcom but I’m over the prissy fellows as fathers to babies thing.

  7. Dr Mortimer says

    This looks really good but I’m sick of getting into shows that are going to be cancelled after two episodes. I’m still crying over GCB.

    I’ll still watch it, of course. “When you were talking about a homosexual elephant in the room… You meant David, right?”

  8. Rowan says

    Matthew R,

    I’ve kind of gotten over it. Nothing you can do but cry. Did you see that Real Housewife at Andy Cohen’s party? These gays do it all the time.

  9. gregory brown says

    I see another reminder of why I’ve given up on TV. These folks are physically attractive, certainly, but a bit too much “normal” looking for my taste. Is the show going to have characters singing and taking archery lessons? What kinds of work do these folks do? Something respectable I’m sure, maybe a trifle upper level management, or architecture, or nuclear medicine research.

    Originality in plot and characters is unappreciated and dangerous. I’ll stick with reading and trying to get through my endless NetFlix queue.

  10. Javier says

    Why is Justin Bartha playing his character in such an effeminate manner? Bartha is naturally a very masculine, mainstream dude, so why would they make his character so unmasculine? Also, this portrayal of black women is not progressive.

  11. says

    Bartha is also straight.

    Would you gay guys who get your panties in a bunch please man UP for once and stop being terrified of “effeminacy” or things that ignorant straight plebes call “stereotypes”?

    It makes you look like wimps. Truly. You know who worries about “effeminate stereotypes”? One type of person only – insecure gay men who still live each day walking around looking over their shoulder worrying what The Straights are thinking about them.

    stop living like that. it’s pathetic.

  12. says

    and before some more ninnies come on to complain about “Stereotypes” I’ll call your freakin’ bluff right now – complain all you want, but you know you’re not man enough to post any form of link or URL where you show what a “non-stereotypical” gay man you are.

    there are some things that only miserable insecure “i wish i wasn’t gay” homosexuals say. feel free to say them.

  13. Waspie says

    Just horrible. Leave it to Ryan Murphy to tackle an interesting subject with stereotypes blazing. Fey, materialistic, stupid gay guys? Check! Strong, conservative, mean grandmother? Check! Sassy, finger-wagging black lady? Check! This looks absolutely atrocious and I’m embarrassed that people will be laughing at gay people on NBC this fall. Shame on you, Ryan Murphy.

  14. says

    “fey materialistic stupid gay guys on tv” and insecure cowardly self-hating closeted wimps posting anonymously on online forums about the fey materialistic stupid gay guys on tv.

    it’s rather lovely.

  15. Waspie says

    Hi Anonymous LittleKiwi — What does anonymity have to do with it? I’m not closeted. I’m just appalled at how this awful TV show is trading in stereotypes.

  16. says

    I’m not anonymous. Click my name, beotch 😀

    “trading in stereotypes”? meaning what? you don’t think that gay men like this exist, or that their stories deserve to be told?

    Im rather sick of insecure homosexual men complaining about “stereotypes” when they themselves don’t have the balls to put a face and name to their comments.

    stop worrying about what ignorant straight bigots think. it makes you seem like a coward.

  17. Frank says

    I think it looks great. I never cease to be amazed at how much the guys who post on this site hate things. Yes the guys act gay because they ARE gay in the show. Tune in to Happy Endings if you want to see a straight acting gay guy.

  18. UFFDA says

    Hollow. Hollow. Hollow. Not one of these people, preoccupied with witticisms before they make their point, seems to have a shred of either sense or character. They talk way too fast without any sign that the dialogue has passed through their minds. They’re all on automatic, and ya turn off automatic.

    Mary had by far the best idea yesterday: what if these guys had a huge heart, lived in a small farming community and wanted to make a difference in the world by adopting kids who desperately needed love and care.

    I know of a couple like this who have faced every challenge imaginable from country grocers who won’t sell them food and feed, to community meetings to get them out of town, to the slow conversion of a few – then more – to their lifestyle. It’s a REAL story where the fathers have to wrestle in tandum every day to feed the kids and keep the farm.

    The New Normal looks like the new crap.

  19. gregory brown says

    I’m not put off by the GAY stereotypes, but by the social and economic ones. Despite plenty of evidence to the contrary, many people believe that gay men are materialistic and wealthy and have naturally “good taste”as it’s defined from a consumerist viewpoint.
    Some are all that, of course, but most of us are more mundane and many are poor, fashion-witless and run all the way from screaming queen to uber-masculine in self-presentation. I don’t think I’m kidding myself when I self-describe as “gently masculine” and I can’t sing a show tune without creating a mess.

    So I don’t think I like the idea of this thing because it is simply the image of gay men that some ad researcher decided the target audience will accept.

  20. says

    it would be wonderful to make a tv show about non-cognitive fashion-witless uncultured gay men on a farm.

    even better if any of you with that sort of life make a youtube video about it so you can show people how non-city gays live.

    it’s just so odd that people complain about “not being represented” when they do everything imaginable to NOT REPRESENT THEMSELVES.

  21. says

    Share your stories, then. Thats the genius of the digital age. Don’t complain that some guy in Hollywood isn’t telling your story, tell it yourself.

    Grab that camera, record the video, post it.

  22. mattman says

    well it is a sitcom, tv, not supposed to be too real, or not is supposed to distract and entertain, while teaching a little bit. you can’t change the world in 22minutes a night…

  23. Caliban says

    I don’t give this much of a chance of success.

    A promo for a new comedy is supposed to feature some of their best “laugh lines,” and if those were it this promises to be a stinker.

    Plus it seems a little plot driven when most successful modern comedies have been in the Seinfeld, Friends, Will & Grace mode, where a group of people is established and then things just happen to them. This seems rather preachy, more interested in selling their idea of “the new normal” than making an entertaining show.

    And Nene Leakes can’t act.

  24. cruz says

    that’s some serious “show face syndrome” on rannells. years of stagecraft just doesn’t translate well on tv. less is more, rannells, less is more.

  25. Paul says

    If you’re looking for truth or something of substance, you’re not going to find it on network TV. That said, this doesn’t look half bad (for what it is).

  26. MEOW says

    Some of the people here who do nothing but complain and are now complaining about stereotypes don’t realize just how ironic they sound. Some could use the “b*tchy queen” stereotype to describe them.

  27. iPinky says

    It always erks me when another race speaks for an African-American! I know alot of “sassy black” people and well-spoken middle class ones at that! Ms Leakes is playing a character that she likes! This is not to say we don’t hold jobs or we all snap our necks! I think gay couples on TV shows are “played out” but other people enjoy seeing them so I will turn if I don’t want to see this! The Cosby show as well as others had black middle class families. So maybe the next show will be about that! I am seriouly tired of seeing a lot of shows revisited but maybe others aren’t! Don’t speak for me! My friend from church is a “sassy-white” girl(with a white husband, not a wigger for lack of a better word) who snaps her neck and tongue 24-7! But that is who shes is, not her race that makes her do that!

  28. Tel E. Vishun says

    Looks like a hurried and poor attempt to mimic the excellent Modern Family. 2D characters in 1D California. A huge pity that we have to put up with the Ghetto Grrrl stereotype yet again. And the self-absorbed gay stereotype. And the narrow-minded, bigoted, posh- lady stereotype. Next, the inevitable series of revelations in true US-telly stylee where people learn from their mistakes and improve themselves. Typically they get rich in the process (to a soundtrack of musak) so that they may acquire an obscene amount of material possession to validate their sad empty selves. The American Dream, people.

  29. Holy Fool says

    Lighten up! i can’t wait for this show to start. My mom always laughs at me and my mincing boyfriend and my black friends. Oh and my slutty friend who got knocked up out of wedlock (Hilarious!) She’s got it so right! She even joked that we should turn back the clocks in all our houses to the 1980s and have the general public treat us like a curiosity to be ridiculed and despised. Good job, Mom!

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