1. TL says

    If you go to these hate mongerers’ webpage, this is on the opening screen. Kind of a misison statement.

    “Welcome to Apostolic Truth Tabernacle – where our doors are open to you regardless of your background or where you are on your spiritual journey.

    We are striving to become the kind of church described in the Bible, where there’s relevant teaching, heart-felt worship, honest friendships, constant prayer, and compassionate care for those in need. In short, we’d like to have the kind of contagious Christianity that can influence and encourage the entire community, one life at a time.

    So whether you’re a spiritual seeker who’s just starting to ask questions about God, or a committed Christian who wants to sink the roots of your faith even deeper, you can find a home here at Apostolic Truth Tabernacle. You’ll find that this is a place where you really matter — because you matter to God.”

    Uhhhh…. Yeah.

  2. Walter Fletcher says

    This is sad that kids are being brainwashed by religion in to behaving like this. He has no concept of homosexuality and therefore should not be taught to act like that. This is appalling.

  3. HadenoughBS says

    Too bad this kind of “Christian teaching” doesn’t qualify all those involved to be charged with “child abuse”. What a heinous thing to teach this youngster! I can’t imagine any God being happy with it.

  4. St. Theresa of Avila says

    As I’ve said before, it’s gonna be a batshit crazy summer. Don’t be surprised by anything like this. The hate mongers are really freaking out…LGBT hatred (often self-hatred) is an important part of evangelical recruitment. Of the ridiculously closeted-seeming people I’ve met, about 60% were evangelical/fundie (including African Americans), 20% Catholic, 10% mormon, and < 10% non-religious. I once worked for a few Baptist/fundie churches in a non-religious capacity (installing networking equipment when I was in college) and honestly, 1/2 the people who worked at them seemed like major league closet cases. If we continue to make advances at the pace we have in the past 3 years, these charlatans’ bread and butter is threatened.

  5. 99% says

    Good Christians one and all.

    The more I hear this crap coming from “organized religion” the more I am a socialist and an atheist.

  6. Dale says

    Will these same people be cheering while this young man sits in a jail cell for the murder of anyone different than him?

  7. AJ says

    Okay so in the past week we have been threatened with concentration camps, government genocide and now little kids are being applauded for singing hateful things about us? Time for some cute kitten vids Andy. This is too much.

  8. Jon says

    The F-ing Bigots are really coming out of the woodwork now! May they DIE a slow and painful death for their hatred and bigotry.
    This is exactly why all churches should be denied tax exempt status; the IRS would not give tax exempt status to the KKK or to other hate groups, why then to hateful religious denominations?

  9. Francis says

    Very true, St. Theresa, anyone who has spent some time in the church, associating with church folk, knows it’s a breeding ground for closeted gay folk. It’s tragic, obviously, but it’s most definitely real. These fundies are REALLY ratcheting up the hatred and are becoming increasingly more extreme. They’re so scared and so threatened by our community and our advancements. I’m most angry, in this situation, that a child is being used by these bigots to promote a hate-based agenda. They really have no shame. It’s crap like this that ultimately makes it obvious that these loons are shooting themselves in the foot.

  10. Mary says

    Christians need to stop performances like this if they want to be taken seriously in the culture wars. What they need to do that is both faithful to their interpretation of Christianity as well as beneficial politically is to say “We pray for our gay brothers and sisters, that they will come to know Christ and accept His will for their lives. We pray for their safety and peace here on earth and their souls in the next life. Amen.” No one could accuse them of being “hateful” if they made statements like this. All they could do is disagree.

  11. St. Theresa of Avila says

    “Time for some cute kitten vids Andy.”

    I applaud Towleroad for shining a spotlight on this. I don’t want “Ignorance is bliss”.

  12. Tim NC says

    Are you sure this church is in IN and not NC? I was so hoping it was going to be another NC church. We were on such a roll there for a while. Come on NC fundies, don’t let IN show you up!!!

  13. Gigi says

    Not that I believe there is a heaven but if there was and I wasn’t allowed to go there after I die I’d say HALLELUJAH! Imagine being forced to spend eternity with these troglodytes.

  14. CKNJ says

    Oh man, I just felt incredible profound sadness watching that… I could not even get angry. How these ‘christians’ can even masquerade as anything lower than shark-sh*t is beyond me… the fact that such hate is taught and applauded by these specimens that have that mission statement on their home page of the website that TL referenced, shows they are not simply ignorant hateful knuckle-draggers but also hypocrites! I wish we could revoke their license to breed… the world does not need more of these creatures!

  15. ATLJason says

    In all honesty, I am a little bit encouraged by these stories. The country is reaching a tipping point. Marriage is now legal in…is it 7 states (I’ve lost count). The President has endorsed it. Poll after poll shows the country is warming up to it. The Christian Right is FREAKING THE F&$^* OUT. These stories are the signs of a movement that knows it is dying.

  16. Steve says

    Send the guy a civil email. I did. Simply told him he should change the churches homepage if they are going to teach hate. Then I told him I was praying for him and his congregation. Sad to see the Mid West (where I’m grew up) sliding backwards.

  17. Joshuapolis says

    I grew up 20 minutes from Greensburg, IN. I can attest that the hate people feel toward LGBT people runs deep there. At times I wonder how I made it out of high school alive.

  18. kit says

    They are showing their true colors. And this is not just one church, not just one crazy pastor, not just one horribly abused little boy — this is what Christianity is becoming in America. It isn’t what Jesus said — he obviously could not have cared less about sexuality, he didn’t even mention it once. But this is what these sick and tragic people are at their core — hatred, hatred, hatred in a shiny candy coating.

  19. says

    “And if anyone scandalise one of these my little ones, it is better that he have a millstone tied around his neck and he be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

    Read your own bible you haters…..
    To teach hate to the children is criminal child abuse and need to be followed by the criminal law.

  20. jomicur says

    Still more evidence that Christians recruit children to their sick, evil lifestyle.

  21. BobN says

    Mary seems to be advocating that anti-gay Christians disguise their hatred of us with nice words…

  22. Jack M says

    Teaching your children to spew hatred – a Christian value. Let me tell you something, none of the Christians I know are like this. These people are the REAL Devil.

  23. Mary says

    No, BobN. I don’t believe that most Christians hate gays, only some do. What I mean is that they can show that they (pardon the cliche) “hate the sin, love the sinner.” This enables them to express their beliefs without encouraging hatred toward gays or inspiring hatred toward Christians in relatiation. Also, Christians who take a more loving attitude toward gays are more likely to accept and even support marriage equality in time. This is what happened to me.

  24. Swiminbuff says

    Bigotry has to be taught at a young age. I pity these kids if one of them should turn out to be gay since they will have been taught to hate themselves from a very young age.

  25. newz4i says

    This five-year-old kid’s singing has forever been posted on the internet. In five years he’ll be in …what? … the 5th grade. Moving on he’ll be in the 6th, 7th, etcetera, and his classmates will have access to his singing.

    Poor guy.

  26. Shelly says

    This is the stuff that really breaks my heart. I do realize these people, like everyone on earth, are products of their culture and environment and in these cases express their ignorance, anger and fear in truly hurtful ways. Though I’m not a Christian, I do think Jesus’ “forgive them for they know not what they do” applies to all of us and I try and keep it in mind. But seeing innocent children being used as carriers of hateful messages they have no way to even comprehend while those old and worldly enough to do so uproariously applaud seems beyond the pale to me.

  27. George M says

    Christians really need to stop saying everyone else is trying to give them a bad name; especially when they are doing such a bang-up job on their own. They also need to stop crying victim and saying we don’t show them respect. Exactly how much respect are they showing the LGBT community in the video attached to this story. The morally corrupt should stop preaching morals. Another thing that gets me about this video is how they always go back to the children. They don’t want to have to explain two dadies in the neighborhood because it’s confusing for their children however they have no problem teaching there children hateful slurs and how to sing with them. So did they explain what a “homo” is to the kid or just have him memorize the derogatory slang?

  28. Mike says

    If you ever wondered about the mindset of those who oversaw the Holocaust or burned “fags” at the stake, these videos are it.

    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.”

  29. Damien says

    If there is a protest of this disgusting church I am there. It’s not much more than an hour from me

  30. TAL says

    Sent a letter to the pastor’s email. It probably won’t get read, but that’s ok. At least I got it in before they take down the site and block his emails! :)

  31. AJ says

    I’m going to adopt an “It’s always darkest before the dawn” stance going forward. These antics reek of desperation. They are losing and throwing tantrums about it.

  32. Stefan says

    This is so confusing. So, according to one pastor we should beat our sons up for sissy behavior (like singing, and in a sweater vest no doubt), but we should applaud it if it’s about gay-hating? We’re going to have some really confused evangelical children (as usual).

  33. Prof Sancho Panza says

    Notice that this guy is the FOUNDER of his own church. That’s always a sign of extreme potential crazy: think Fred Phelps. This means that no other church shared the Founder and Pastor’s particular brand of Christian doctrine, so he went and started his own church where he could be the guy preaching from the pulpit, despite an apparent lack of any theological education or pastoral training. Gotta love DIY Christianity.

  34. Free At Last says

    ‘Praying that lost souls find Jesus’ is kind of like Mormons baptizing dead Jews, different only by degree. It’s the religionists’ passive-aggressive attack against rationalists.

    If religion is such a great thing, why does it have to be imposed? Why do Muslims, Mormons, AND Christians, Protestants and Catholics alike, fundamentalists and mega-churchers, go out and try to coerce other people to become like them; to believe and behave like them?

    Religion has always been and will always be more of a socio-political tool than anything truly spiritual. True spiritualism comes from within the individual, and is not imposed from without by a mob of fat, materially-overfed-but-spiritually-malnourished subhumans like the ones in that video.

    And teaching children to hate should never be an acceptable or permissible mission for a tax-exempt charitable institution. Someone needs to call both CPS and the IRS.

  35. says

    I’m glad this kind of garbage is getting attention. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. I know there are a lot of churches like this crazy one, but, still, most churches are not. Christian churches have a tendency not to chide one another, but I think this phenomenon has become extreme enough that mainline churches should speak up.

  36. TommyB says

    They keep putting these videos out there expressly to antagonize.It reminds me of family trips when I was a child and my older brothers would poke or hit me the whole way to get a rise out of me. Like any bully, they are enjoying our outrage, it feeds them

  37. Free At Last says

    @ALSDFH: “…but I think this phenomenon has become extreme enough that mainline churches should speak up.”

    Please post a video of ANY religious leader, mainline or otherwise, whom you hear speaking out against faux-preachers, fraudluent-churches, and false religions like the Apostolic ‘Truth’ Tabernacle.

    You won’t find much of anything, if anything. They’re all too cowardly, too much in fear that if they pull at that one thread, the whole thing will come unraveled.

  38. Sparky says

    Isn’t this the same Greensburg leveled by a tornado a few years back?

    Spoiler alert, Greensburg: God IS trying to tell you something, but this wasn’t it.

  39. Iwontgrowup says

    This kid is the next Clay Aiken in more ways than one. Give him a few years.

  40. Michae says

    If you think we are pissed about this, you should check out the YouTube comments.

  41. Michae says

    If you think we are pissed about this, you should check out the YouTube comments.

  42. says

    This is a church that will be rocked by the burying of children of their members. These people will lose their own children due to their bigotry.
    Shame on all of them.

  43. Hollywood, CA says

    Awww, why didn’t they wear their little white hoods? That would have been so much cuter!

  44. Mike G says

    Where is Indiana’s Office of Child Protective Services? Were this a child of gay parents, singing about hating Bible-thumping church-goers, they’d have this child in custody in a split second.

  45. rodarthe says

    This does not surprise me. This is the very same town where a young man committed suicide over LGBT bullying a few years ago and the entire story was buried after a few days by local media.

  46. rodarthe says

    This does not surprise me. This is the very same town where a young man committed suicide over LGBT bullying a few years ago and the entire story was buried after a few days by local media.

  47. Bill says

    Why is the gay population so dumb? Most of the comments here are so dumb yet so typical of gay people. The always typical “if he or she hates gay people than he must be gay” line, it’s a Christian thing, and it’s a geographic thing are all like usual trotted out to explain this event. Why are gay people so cowardly and so dumb that they can’t deduce it’s a heterosexual thing? The song says gay people are not going to heaven. It means heaven is a heterosexual-only place. This moment like many are to reinforce heterosexual supremacy.

  48. Bill says

    Why is the gay population so dumb? Most of the comments here are so dumb yet so typical of gay people. The always typical “if he or she hates gay people than he must be gay” line, it’s a Christian thing, and it’s a geographic thing are all like usual trotted out to explain this event. Why are gay people so cowardly and so dumb that they can’t deduce it’s a heterosexual thing? The song says gay people are not going to heaven. It means heaven is a heterosexual-only place. This moment like many are to reinforce heterosexual supremacy.

  49. Steve says

    One of the Child Protective Services officers is part of the GLB community. I’d be worried if I were parents of children in that church.

  50. Logan says

    I’d think twice before accusing a whole population of being dumb based on a few comments on a website. It only shows your own stupidity.

  51. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    This video will follow this child in the future wherever he live or works. Think of the world twenty years from now when this child is a young man. Even if he’s straight or bisexual, he’ll probably do work for gay rights and gay empowerment just to erase the stain of this stupid video created by his idiot parents. He’ll wind up wishing he had been raised by gay parents instead.

  52. Ninong says

    The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and freedom from religion. However, it provides no legal basis for those people who are afflicted with blissful ignorance to impose their irrational superstitious beliefs on others.

    We should be tolerant of these stupid people as long as they don’t try to force any of their ignorance on others.

  53. Fred says

    According to Wikipedia: As of the census of 2000, there were 10,260 people […] residing in the city. … The racial makeup of the city was 97.57% White…. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0.62% of the population.

    Can you say “inbred”?

  54. Bill says

    Logan, I’m not just basing it on comments from this website. I’m basing it on all of my experiences. The comments here are very typical of gay people.

  55. parkrunner says

    Is this non hate enough?
    Dear Pastor,
    I just want to thank you so much for teaching that adorable child to sing that wonderful anti gay song. There isn’t enough hatred in this world, and bringing up our next generation with their young easily manipulated minds to hate gays is such a great idea! Hitler had the same idea when he created the Hitler Youth. I am overjoyed that you are following in his goose steps; and hope you are going for the Jews, handicapped, poor and non-whites. Oh how I wish I could join your community. Sadly, my church accepts everyone and speak of love, harmony and acceptance. They say that is the word of God. But I agree that hate is such a better way to spread the word of God. Thank you, JL

  56. Logan says

    Unless you’ve heard it from every gay person who has ever lived you’re stereotyping.

  57. Michae says


    The University of Georgia proved homophobia is a sign of unwanted same sex attractions. 80% of homophobes became sexually aroused when viewing gay porn. Another accredited study was just released a couple of months ago so, yes, its a fact of life homophobes are just Corads that can’t cope.

  58. Cliff says

    Heaven is soooo overrated anyway. Plus – if these are the types of people that I’m gonna hang with up there in that party in the sky – I’d much rather hang with the worms that I’m buried next to.

  59. Thom says

    Now this child can grow up and join his fellow worshipers in the Kristians Killing for Krist movement. How is this child going to feel if he finds that as he grows up, he feels different and discovers eventually that he is gay. Making him their poster child like this could do a lot of damage. If he turns our straight, he’ll be more at risk of going to jail for beating up gays. Either way, nobody wins.

  60. JTT says

    You’ve got to be taught
    To hate and fear,
    You’ve got to be taught
    From year to year,
    It’s got to be drummed
    In your dear little ear
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.

    You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late,
    Before you are six or seven or eight,
    To hate all the people your relatives hate,
    You’ve got to be carefully taught!

  61. NullNaught says

    The more they lose the culture wars, the more desperate and extreme they sound wich in turn hurts them in the culture wars. This, as ugly as it is, is not surprising in the slightest. This is in fact good; it only helps us when they display such hate. I think it might be best to answer this with prayer by publicizing gay people of faith praying that this church can find god soon.

  62. Craig says

    ….annnnnnnd they have the audacity to accuse US of recruiting? Vile, hatefull, disgusting, revolting people is what they are!

  63. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Bill,

    If you can’t see that it’s fundamentalist Christians who are pushing this kind of hate, you’re either an idiot or an apologist for fundamentalist Christian hate.

  64. Isabela says

    This is beyond sick. So sad that these people live and think like this, but even sadder that they implement these things in their children. They are raising these kids to be bullies and to hate. BEYOND SICK!!

    The saddest part is they are doing all of this in the name of Christianity. This is not what Christianity is about. We should love and care for everyone, no matter who they are, no matter their color, race, sexuality…no matter anything!

    Ahh..this makes me so angry!!

  65. Open Your Eyes says

    And white gays always want to say black people are homophobic??? Yeah, right. As if there aren’t plenty of anti-gay white people: The Republican party, Westboro Baptist “Church”, the “church” in NC that said gays should be behind an electric fence, and now this “church”.

  66. Bill says

    Michae, you don’t know anything about that University of Georgia study. You just spout the typical gay rhetoric. The study showed that those anti-gay male students were in fact straight. They got boners from watching women have sex. Gay men don’t do that.

    Artie, you are the apologist. These heterosexuals would still be anti-gay regardless of the belief system. You are allowing them cover by saying it’s really Christianity that is making them do and say these things.

  67. Matt says

    A pastor’s open apology to homosexuals-

  68. Michae says


    Deal with the facts here. 80% of the homophobes got erections while viewing gay porn. It’s a documented fact. You can kick, scream and tear yourself apart all you want but you can not change reality.

    And guess what, that gay porn didn’t include any women while the straight porn actually includes a man. Deal with it. And what’s Tue problem here? This factoid, that there’s an 80% change you’re just another coward who can’t cope with his own queerness, is a hard pill to swallow? Choke in it.

  69. Logan says

    Actually you’re wrong, the homophobic men were shown man on man sex and the results showed that a large portion of them were at least moderately aroused by it. However, it should be noted that this could possible be the result of anxiety.
    Also, although I think the religion of Christianity might have some contribution to homophobia, given how it says homosexuality is a sin and should be punishable by death, most homophobes seem to simply use it as an excuse for their irrational hatred.

  70. Michae says

    Btw Bill, I get bikers too while watching straight porn. So according to you I am not gay. Funny how in your world there is only black and white. Must be the shadows of your closet. Real straight men don’t huff and puff and throw a tantrum when the issue of gay guys come up? It’s only the guys who think about it constantly, who can’t stop thinking about, that are driven to come to gay forums and spout out their homophobia desperately trying to convince themselves they’re not gay at all.

    Your number isn’t hard at all to figure out because its dreadfully obvious what your true issue is with homosexuality.

  71. Dan says

    There is nothing “dumb” about being educated about demography, geography, religion, and psychology and how those factors can predict cultural levels of homophobia. In fact, it’s a calculation many of us have to make just to live in a safe environment.

  72. D/NO says

    Don’t just sit there and bemoan how awful it is.

    Call Indiana Child Abuse & Neglect Services: 1-800-800-5556. The receptionist is a nice guy.

  73. Troy says

    Disgraceful. The religious right in America has totally distorted everything that Religion and Jesus were meant to be for their own hateful agenda.

  74. Al says

    Little does this kid know that he’s not going to heaven either. Teaching impressionable children that there is a “heaven” is a great sin and should be punished by placing his teachers in a huge fenced area separating men from women so they can’t have sex together and the preachers can’t come lusting after the sisters for their regular little secretive nooky sessions. Then, they can’t procreate for the glory of the Almighty and all will be lost. Soo sad!

  75. Michae says

    @Logan I read some were trying to blame anxiety for the erections but give me a break. Has anyone ever gotten a hardon because of anxiety? Oh gee, I think I might lose my job and what do you know its giving me a stiffy…

  76. Michae says

    Btw the results were 54% of the homophobes got total erections while another 26% became significantly aroused. What’s interesting is 24% of the nonhomophobes got totally aroused with another 10% getting somewhat and these were men who claimed to never have even one sexual thought about another man which I assume is a very small minority since we are excluding Kinsey 1 through 6…

  77. Michae says

    Btw the results were 54% of the homophobes got total erections while another 26% became significantly aroused. What’s interesting is 24% of the nonhomophobes got totally aroused with another 10% getting somewhat and these were men who claimed to never have even one sexual thought about another man which I assume is a very small minority since we are excluding Kinsey 1 through 6…

  78. Kogenta says

    Hmm, lets see.. from the Christian belief God sees all sin as the same. So go ahead, focus on the sexual preference considered a sin in your religion while you all mount up your own sins. Yes I’m sure your day to go to heaven will be full of surprise.

    I’m glad I no longer attend church,, seriously. I don’t miss any of this or the veiled hatred that some other churches have. Love the sinner hate the sin. It’s total bs.

  79. So Left I'm Right says

    I am in favor of non-violence in real world struggles, but I have to admit I sometimes have sick fantasies that this kind of fu*ked up bullsh!t is met with cartoonish, “Kill Bill”-style violence where the pastor and the whole congregation cheering on is laid waste.

  80. Bill says

    Michae, you’re a liar. The self-identified heterosexual males never got erections when viewing male-on-male porn. They got erections viewing heterosexual and female-on-female porn. That means they are straight.

    Heterosexuals want to believe anti-gay bigotry is a gay problem so they keep themselves clean, they don’t want gay anything associated with them. You and Logan are water carriers for heterosexuals.

  81. arry says

    Out of the mouths of babes comes the truth.
    All the sick and perverted scum on this site should take note. NORMAL people also have opinions about the perverted homosexuals who only call themselves gay to hide behind an innocent word.

  82. Than says

    Please help us! Progressives in Greensburg Indiana, where this “church” is located, are trying to get the county to stop using the Apostolic “Truth” Tabernacle as an election polling place. The taxpayers actually pay a fee to this church for using their facilities on Election Day. County Clerk Janet Chadwell refuses to stop using this church as a polling place. Please call or email her at 812-663-8223 or

    Please keep the pressure up until this polling place is moved!

  83. Jerry6 says

    I wonder how this child will feel if he wakes up one day and realise’s that HE is GAY?

  84. Wbarrett says

    Maybe this Pastor and his congregation will feel persecuted from the fallout this video has caused. They could buy some land in South America and move to “Jeffstown”. I’d be glad to go ahead of everyone and mix the grape kool-aid.