NYC Pride Pier Dance Moving Indoors; Pier Not Structurally Sound


Heritage of Pride is moving the Pier Dance after an environmental review revealed that Pier 54, where it has been held for several years, is no longer structurally sound.

It's being moved to the enclosed Pier 57, according to organizers. The organizers say that  it will allow them to do much more in terms of overall production. Because there is no longer a need for a sound permit they will be shifting the hours to go from 8pm – 2am.

Said Chris Frederick, Managing Director. “We believe this will usher in a new era for these events. The spaceis significantly larger, which will allow for easier access to bars, restrooms, and social spaces. It is our intention to create an entirely new experience for our attendees. Considering these two events represent more than halfof our annual fundraising efforts, their continued success and appeal has become the organization’s primary focus for the year.”

Organizers add that Rapture on the River’s new time will be 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday, June 23, an hour longer than 2011’s event. The Dance on the Pier will run from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. starting Sunday, June 24, a later start and endtime than in 2011.

Tickets go on sale Friday, May 4 and can be purchased online at Tickets can also be purchased at Village Apothecary in the West Village and Delphinium Home in Hells Kitchen. There will be no change to previously announced DJs.


  1. Sethboy says

    I’ve been waiting for that damn pier to start collapsing – HOP is lucky it never decided to sink when they had 6000 men dancing all night.

  2. RobinSisnotaspecialguest says

    “But HOP Pride went on to say not too worry! They will continue to have the most disappointing special guest stars possible! They are currently performing the search for anyone who had a hit before 1995 that is desperate for a paltry sum of money.”

  3. Oliver says

    Is it not the case that every one of these Pride events is not simply a money making enterprise for the promoters? I really see very little actual pride involved in any of them.

  4. Glenn says

    Heritage of Pride is a nonprofit that puts on all the NYC Gay Pride events — including the parade. I’m pretty sure that to the extent they make any money on the Pier Dance itself it’s being spent on the parade and other activities.

  5. Chris says

    Glenn is correct. The Pier Dance is its largest fundraiser since a majority of its events are free to the public and with expenses of over $900k, it is necessary to keep the other official events free.

  6. Ricardo says

    It’s not (entirely) the case. Aside from funding Heritage of Pride, the Pier Dance is used by community organizations, such as the Transgender Legal Defense Fund, to make money. Organizations are given booths from which to sell alcohol, which you can imagine results in significant revenue. I know from afar it’s very easy to assume Pride only consists of corporate floats and naked dancing boys, but the fact is it still represents diverse and important community interests.

  7. Abie says

    It won’t be the same.
    I hope they can find a venue next year that keeps it outside.
    And what about the fireworks?

  8. Nate says

    Wish they found an alternate outside venue but if not possible at least they should have kept the hours. They’re reducing the hours and shifting it into a bizarre slot that’s hard for folks who work on Monday, and conflicts with other Sunday night parties for those who are taking the day off..

  9. Alex says

    1) Ive never met anyone who actually pays to go there. Same as Broadway Bares. No-one would pay but they’ll go if its free cause they know someone who knows someone etc.
    2) The music is the worst of pre-90s basic boom boom boom noise in the history of music. Calling it techno or electro would be an insult to those genres. But of course no-one cares cause everyones on so much drugs that they hardly notice if there is any music playing.

  10. ratbastard says

    I could tolerate that ONLY if I was high on drugs. Otherwise, I’d just assume cut off my left testicle.