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    typical insecure cowardly evasive B.S. what, did he have a magical *stroke* like that UK dude? *massive eye-roll*

    the whole “i’m just as shocked as y’all! this is a surprise! i never thought about guys, at all, until recently” thing is an oft-used and cowardly move to appear like an “innocent victim of latent homosexuality”

    this guy is a plebe. why is he republican? because he’s a suck-up to bullies, that’s why. and probably “isnt’ into blacks or asians” 😀

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    “well, i’ve been thinking about sucking d**k since i was a kid, and i masturbate to images of gay male sex every night, but i figured I wasn’t gay because i hate liberals”

    or something.

    sorry, sugar, you can’t lie to family. the only people who’d believe this nonsense are small-town conservatives who aren’t sure if they should be referring to their siblings as cousins or siblings. because they’re both.

  3. cdubois says

    I understand everyone comes out in their own time and I’m certainly not the sexuality police. However, I can’t stand when people come out when there is nothing at stake, then act like they are so brave and heroic. I could respect his gay republicanism if he was open from jump and proved to us that the GOP really is the welcoming big-tent they claim it to be. But he didn’t, he waited until he was ineffective and a non issue. Further, his original comment on seeing homophobia on both side of the aisle is true to an extent, but in this case it seemed like needless pandering to his own republican base in order to spare their feelings…. Which is perplexing as he is retiring from political life. In short, this dude sucks and needs to find himself

  4. ThomT says

    He safely outed himself after he knew he wasn’t going to be running for reelection – wow, how heroic! Not only is he not going back to the Missouri state senate he is lucky enough to be leaving the state altogether. So basically what he has done is of virtually no value whatsoever – I’m gay, I’m Republican, I’m leaving!

  5. Dastius Krazitauc says

    If there are 106 Republicans out of 163 legislators in Missouri, that tells you why he was a Republican – he wanted to get elected.

    This is the first time I’ve been disappointed with a Lawrence O’Donnell interview. It was very lazy on his part (he does look tired, though). He didn’t challenge anything this guy said, like when the “marry a goat” guy assured the other legislators he wasn’t talking about *them*, Lawrence should have asked whom he was talking about. Or in what way is the Missouri Republican Party inclusive of gays? And what happened in January that made it dawn on this guy that he was gay? Wake up, Lawrence.

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    his excuses and failed logic work against his own trumpeting of conservatism: what good is being a conservative if it makes a grown adult unable to comprehend what, ahem, liberal children know as CHILDREN?

    congrats. you’re a republican. and by your own excuse, it led you to not understand that you’re gay. therefore a republican or conservative upbringing makes one a completely unaware dunce. so, yay.

  7. 99% says

    He’s parroting the talking points of his local party, not talking about how he’s helping his community, other than getting out of there once his term is up.

    Next up; the right wing of the GOP thanking God he’s leaving so they can get back to steamrolling human rights into their own perverted image.

  8. says

    Well, I think January can be a very gay month.
    I blame the withdrawal from the Bacchanalia of the Christmas season.All those faux straights coming to terms with their ‘I was drunk dude’ trysts with their ‘bros.’

    This guy is so grateful that straights are nice to him…….it’s embarassing.
    “I’m not a one issue politician……” was that before or after you fell of the a$$ on
    the way to Damascus.

  9. Gry says

    “He safely outed himself after he knew he wasn’t going to be running for reelection – wow how heroic!”

    Exactly. He waited until he was bailing out of office when he would have to take zero heat and get perfunctory pats on the back — just like all the Republican wives and daughters wait until Daddy is out of office to announce that they don’t hate the gays.

    The Homocon credo: “Get the money first!…then make a moral stand when it’s nice and convenient.”

  10. CKNJ says

    Oh really, what a trite crappy and pathetic response to the questions! Trot out those talking points ya’ll, there’s no free thinking allowed in the GOP!

  11. Leroy Laflamme says

    @ DASTIUS KRAZITAUC I’m not stalikng you or anything, but OMG! Are you my cyber doppelganger or something? It drives me absolutely insane when an interviewer just moves on after an unsatisfactory response. Lazy might be a reasonable explanation, but mostly it’s just incompetence. Clearly, O’Donnell is not the latter, so maybe he is simply tired. Wyatt presented the perfect opening for a hard-hitting question when he lied about his sexuality (every gay person in the universe will agree that you don’t realize you’re gay after you’ve turned twenty) & an even better opportunity when he defended Scharnhorst’s inexcusable behaviour with that rambling non-answer. Wyatt is is as inarticulate as he is deluded & has no business appearing in front of a microphone, let alone in the Legislature. Having said that, I wish him (& the noble world of marine biology) nothing but love & happiness & success.

  12. GBC says

    “I want people to know that the Republican party IS inclusive…”

    Talk about a *massive eye-roll* on that there statement of complete untruth.

    How Lawrence let that one slide by is beyond me.

  13. NullNaught says

    You have left me little to say, except perhaps that he makes me very sad.
    and hahahaha! That made me litterally guffaw.

  14. joanna says

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  15. KT says

    So if this dude had decided to continue in the Missouri legislature, would he still be in the closet and would he have voted for the bill? I love when O’Donnell brings up the goat quote – Wyatt kind of pauses for a minute, trying to think of a valid excuse. Wish O’Donnell had pressed him more on that – and I wish Wyatt had the guts to attack the bastard who said it. Guess not. Hope he enjoys Hawaii – since they have civil unions, they probably will have gay marriage within a couple of years – something his GOP colleagues will make sure does not happen in Missouri anytime soon. (And I’m sorry but seriously – only January?)

  16. Homo Genius says

    seriously… i find it hard to believe that anyone in his age group is just now “dealing” with his gayness. you could have seen my eyeroll from space when i saw that last nite.

    anyway… the real meat of that interview was when he dealt with the goat sex comment.

    I wish I were a 16 yo Tenn HS student and this bill passed. I would talk about gayness in every class and dare them to arrest me.

  17. eric says

    A gay Republican is like an abused spouse that says with her husband even after he has killed one of her children. He is to be pitied, not respected. All Republicans share the responsibility for the epidemic of gay youth suicide that has been brought on by the republican party’s war on gay children and gay families. A war on children that Representative Zachary chose to ignore. He’s just another ‘Uncle Tom’ willing to sacrifice his own people for a place in the ‘big house.’ You disgust me Zachary Wyatt. I hope your embarrassment for the damage you’ve done lasts a lifetime.

  18. Craig S says

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I may not understand the thought process that leads a gay person to identify politically with the Republicans. But if we’re ever going to see real, meaningful and lasting change in the USA’s cultural and political attitude toward LGBT folk, we do need gay Republicans to exist whether we understand their mindsets or not.

  19. says

    Gay Republicans are like Black republicans and most Republicans… they have one thing in common… they are rich! In most cases, I do not think a politician must come out. However when they vote for anti-gay issues they join so many politicians who are hypocrites… most are Republicans, but a few are usually Southern Democrats.

  20. says

    re: the “we need gay republicans” comments.

    a gay republican is useless if they’re not promoting LGBT Equality and taking a stand against the historic intolerance of the GOP. GOProud, for example, are as useful as tits on a fish and only mildly less arousing.

    it’s no use being a gay republican if your way of being a gay republican is to distance yourself from “liberal gays” or spout illogical and factually incorrect nonsense like “i didn’t know i was gay until january”

    he knew his whole damn life. he denied it, and is still struggling with that reality. why? because of the pressures and bigotries of the……people he’s still aligning himself with.

  21. Steve says

    So he comes one once he, as such a cute bear who sounds like a major queen, decides to move to the much more liberal state of Hawai’i, to study. To state where generally sexuality is not an issue, to a place which allows unions.. (GRRRR that the Hawaiian legislature chickened out on marriage), to a place where he can be comfortable in his own (presumably furry) skin. I grant I was 26 when I came to the conclusion that I was gay, but that was another era, one before he was born. What happened to all the progress since then. Oh, yes, he’s in Missouri. (That’s why I left Missouri for California- Land of the fruits and nuts (I’m gladly included)). But even MY Dad was friendly with the two bears who moved next door to my parents home. Especially when it turned out one of them took care of him in the hospital. So progress is being made in Missouri.
    But Missouri is still the state which tried to set up a stem cell research fund (a la California) but had billboards claiming that “Women will get pregnant to abort to sell the stem cells” despite a specific ban on that. I saw the billboards myself in St. Louis. Fortunately I read the bill and explained it to my parents, who then decided to vote for the bill rather than pay attention to such crap.
    As Rep Wyatt says in his own interview, a good colleague who says allowing civil unions or gay marriages would met men will marry goats, is OK; despite that fact that such statements can be construed as bullying. Also why is it never women would marry goats. I think a few women might think a goat would be better than their current husband. So he has a long way to learn to put such hatred down. BTW the only goat I’d marry is a very horny hung one with lots of money to spoil me. (just joking)

  22. says

    well, the reality is when folks say “Gay marriage” then want bigots to picture “two men having buttsex”, as opposed to “two women bumping muffs in a steamy shower” because bigots prey on the “ick factor” – a knee-jerk response insecure straight men insist that they have to male-male affection, so as to not appear “gay”.

    *massive eye roll, yet again*

    and yeah, then we’re gonna marry goats. despite the fact that animals can’t sign marriage licenses. because things like facts and logic dont’ matter to conservatives. plebes.

  23. NVTodd says

    1) He isn’t anymore politically trite or puppetish than MANY Democrats;

    2) How could anyone claim they didn’t know this guy was gay ?

    3) He could just as easily have said nothing, kept his big purse of a mouth shut, and had no positive impact at all – is that really what the posters here want ?

    4) Ironically, the impact he’s having, it’s more than what all of you posting here will ever have. Now THAT’S really FUNNY. And makes your comments look like what they are – petty fagoty jealousy !

    You ladies protest too much.

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