Pastor Sean Harris ‘Retracts’ Advice to Parents to Beat Kids Who Seem Gay But Says It’s Still an Abomination

Official Statement of Retraction

The purpose of this document is to issue an official statement of retraction of any and all words that suggest that child abuse is appropriate for any and all types of behaviors including (but not limited to) effeminacy and sexual immorality of all types. I should not have said what I said about “cracking,” “punching,” and particular bias toward outward attraction of girls. Nor should I have used the words “special dispensation.” I did not say that children should be squashed. I have never suggested children or those in the LGBT lifestyle should be beaten, punched, abused (physically or psychologically) in any form or fashion. The gospel is the only source of power sufficient to deliver anyone from the power, penalty, and presence of all forms of sin including, but not limited to, all forms of sexual immorality including homosexuality.

I apologize to anyone I have unintentionally offended. I did not say anything to intentionally offend anyone in the LGBT community. My intent was to communicate the truth of the Word of God concerning marriage. My words were not scripted. It is unfortunate I was not more careful and deliberate. I can understand how these words could be misunderstood without the context of years of ministering to the people of God at Berean Baptist Church. I have received nothing but notes of appreciation and support from the people within the church. To those in the greater body of Christ in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and the world–I seek your forgiveness if I have offended or hurt the cause of Christ. I have learned from this and will seek to be more articulate and deliberate with my words in the future.

However, I do not apologize for the manner in which the Word of God articulates sexual immorality, including homosexuality and effeminacy, as a behavior that is an abomination to God. Nothing in this official statement of retraction should be perceived as an apology for the overarching intent and message of the sermon and the need to define marriage as one man and one woman and to maintain the gender distinctions that God created from the beginning when He made them male and female (Genesis 1). I recognize that there are those in the LGBT community who believe that their sexual behavior is not sin. I do not agree with them and this official retraction should not be misunderstood as an apology for the gospel of Jesus Christ or the Word of God.

I do not apologize for the manner in which I emphasized the importance of one man and one woman getting married and staying married for the benefit of their children and society.

I am confident that if the state of North Carolina was not in a state constitutional battle to define marriage as one man and one woman, this sermon would not have received the media attention it has through the intentional framing of my words without the context of the entire sermon on various blogs.

I have already sought to clarify my words in a previous statement that can be found at The church has an official statement on discipline of child that can be found at under the heading “Discipline of Children.”


  1. Glenn says

    “Effeminacy” is now an abomination too? I assume he means for men, huh?

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I hope Signorile plays for Pastor Harris the clip of the caller who called to say how emotional he was at hearing Harris’ words. It was very moving.

    “The gospel of Jesus Christ”? Nowhere in the Gospel does Jesus mention anything about this.

    And oddly, the retraction posted front and center on Harris’ church’s website is dated April 5, 2012.

  3. MikeW says

    Perhaps he would like to underline Biblical support for slavery as that is not a sin. Since “the gospel is the only source of power sufficient to deliver anyone from the power, penalty, and presence of all forms of sin” I’m sure he has some pertinent words on that.

  4. Bart says

    This guy is a nobody. He worships a book and ignores the words and actions of his own Christ. If there’s a hell…it’s meant for horrible withered souls like this idiot’s.

  5. Vint says

    The pastor seems confused about many things. The reason he has to apologize is not because he was misunderstood, but because he was understood all too clearly. That he’s capable of candor only when he’s unscripted is hardly an excuse.

  6. Trib says

    The pastor is a liar.

    The pastor’s words today:
    “I have never suggested children or those in the LGBT lifestyle should be beaten, punched, abused (physically or psychologically) in any form or fashion.”

    The pastor’s words the other day:
    “Dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp wrist, you walk over there and crack that wrist. Man up. Give him a good punch. Ok?”

  7. Mike says

    Why’d he bother wit this? Who’s going to read this and think, “Oh, now I get it!”?

  8. Francis says

    Just another indication of what we’re up against. Of course the pastor a complete liar, backtracking embarrassingly because his hate has been exposed. Of course, we know he isn’t sorry at all for his comments. But the good that comes out of this is that greater society sees exactly what these anti-gay folk are about. The more hateful that these bigots become, the more we can use their actions against them and use them as a means to show people what happens if you don’t condemn anti-gay hatred for what it is and how far it can go if it’s unchecked.

  9. Mickey says

    “I have never suggested children or those in the LGBT lifestyle should be beaten, punched, abused (physically or psychologically) in any form or fashion.”

    Except, of course, on Sunday when recorded doing exactly that.

    Liars the lot of them. Ignore that applies to them but hold fast to what never will. “christians” are the antichrist.

  10. ART says

    I would like to challenge Pastor Sean Harris to meet me any place of his choosing so I could kick his butt. Gay does not mean weak, I’am a veteran who grew up in the Bronx and I’am sure I could teach him how to be a real man who doesn”t have to beat up on kids

  11. jim says

    Well, at least he very clearly said it wasn’t an apology, but a retraction, so at least it’s not one of those usual non-apology apologies. But Pastor Ahole, you just can’t pull the words in and stuff’em back in your mouth once they’ve been said. You knew what you were saying when you said it. Your retraction is a lie. God doesn’t like lies. Therefore, God doesn’t like you. You’re kind of an abomination yourself, welcome to the club!

    The hilarious thing is that they videotape sermons…don’t they GET it? Stoopid, stoopid, stoopid.

  12. K says

    Another gay pastor whom in a few years we’ll all hear about some molestation charge brought against him, just like Ted Haggard and Eddie Long and so many others. So sick of all these damn bigots!

  13. says

    I have to wonder why Signorile would give this creep any airtime, are ratings that important? Harris is now claiming to be the victim because the apology wasn’t enough. The church’s website contact us link is inoperative and the church telephone number doesn’t pickup while it did yesterday and the contact link worked as well. I intend to call them every day and leave a message asking why he hasn’t been forced to step down,

  14. DannyEastVillage says

    I’d say his statements reveal all you need to know about demons of his own that he’s fighting.

  15. Keepin' It Straight says

    I really have to wonder about the people stupid enough to pay his salary.

  16. says

    First off, I want to say that I completely am for gay rights and am a Christian who has struggled with my view of homosexuality from a Biblical stand point. Pastor Sean Harris was horribly wrong from the beginning and continues to dig himself into a hole. The most unfortunate thing is that people will only remember what he said about “beating the gay out of them.”

    @Glenn Effeminate and homosexuality are mentioned as sins in 1 Corinthians 6:9; however this is an incorrect modern day translation. This is probably and incorrect translation of the Greek word “arsenokoit” which describes interspecies sex, rape and adultery.

    I just thought those who believe in the Bible or are totally against it or have questions should have some solid answers and reassurance.

  17. newz4i says

    “Crack that wrist” is not a joke. It’s a criminal act. Local child protective services caseworkers need to investigate this congregation. Is CPS there yet? Are plans to investigate possible child abuse in the making?

  18. jack says

    Shine a light on these bible thumpers like Harris and they slither back under a rock.

  19. Vince says

    I’d like to introduce his ass to my boot. People like him would never say anything like this to a gay person face to face. He’s a punk coward.

  20. CLA says

    too little to late. As a Pastor and therefore congregation leader, a Pastor is held to the highest level of accountability. Its not enough to say “sorry”, I didn’t meant to offend and doing so was “unintentional”. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. I promise you that your parishioners who laughed out loud and said “Amen” in response to your comments feel in their heart-of-hearts that God, through you, gave his permission to physically abuse their children. SICK!

  21. Michael says

    Actually, Snoopy, the terms used in Corinthians mean “male bed” and “soft” as in morals or fabrics. Noone knows what these terms really mean, noone. As for the abomination, Corinthians is a direct reference to that passage and the term translated to “as with” means ‘bed’ every other time its used in Leveticus. Kinda odd how Corinthians writes out ‘bed’ again. It’s really not hard to do the math to figure out ‘as with’ is a bogus translation.

  22. says

    @ Michael. Yes, there is debate about the word. However, none of them including Leviticus are inferences to homosexuality or their acts.

  23. johnny says

    Sean Harris: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.

    And some day it will be your whole being and soul when you burn in the hell you so desperately believe in. And when you’re down there burning, I hope they’re cracking your wrists and punching the Pastor out of you.

  24. thom says

    ….This little “incident” goes to prove without a shadow of doubt that the pulpit is the beginning of the the behaviors of gay-bashers, bullies and murderers. This troll is giving them the “right” to to commit these actions. He isn’t a follower of Christ. He is a filthy pot-stirrer who keeps his “flock” rapt with his dangerous talk and lies. They pay his salary, after all and because they are terrified of anyone or anything they can’t understand, he’s just ticket for their kind… And their kind ?Scared and violent.He advocates physical harm to an innocent child. None of his talk or behavior is what Jesus would do.
    Be gone! Now! You are a traitor to all who believe that peace and understanding are the real virtues. Go to Hell.

  25. billmiller says

    This clown and his ilk are the abomination! Christ-like, my ass! What ever happened to love everyone (thy neighbor) as thyself?