1. Kevin says

    I’m not sure if we should start picking out the drapes before the votes are in. Our goal should be getting him re-elected not planning out his next term.

  2. GraphicJack says

    He should have been pushing Obama to make the Executive Orders on some of these issues. I get that Obama wants to feel like he has more bi-partisan support to move forward, but he’s never going to get it. The left and right are miles apart on these issues and aren’t going to budge anytime soon. Obama should be more pro-active on these issues, and Solmonese should have been tougher to lobby for real change. HRC has had little to no effect on ANY of the positive action that’s happened in this first term, but they are great for taking the credit and raising money at posh fundraisers. Can’t wait to see the back of this guy when he steps down… hopefully Chad Griffin will steer HRC into tougher waters.

  3. Name: says

    I think we’re on the way to a republican congress and senate this election cycle and Obama’s chances right now of getting re-elected aren’t looking that hopeful

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