Asst Nebraska Football Coach Ron Brown Will Tolerate a Gay Player, But Won’t Support His ‘Sinful Lifestyle’


Branson mentioned this briefly in his round-up, but I thought I'd add a bit more. Nebraska assistant football coach, who has been under fire since testifying against an LGBT non-discrimination ordinance in Omaha earlier this year, says he won't testify against a similar ordinance on Monday in Lincoln, the Husker Extra reports:

"A number of fellow Christians who have been working on legislation and working on the nuts and bolts of this issue told me, 'Look, there's going to be so much media attention over you, it's going to take away from the issue,'" Brown told the Journal Star. "Everything inside of me said, 'I don't want the media to stop me from going.' Then I realized it was going to be a circus, and everybody already knows how I think. My views stand the same. As I prayed about it, I thought it was not in the Lord's will for me to testify."

Since Brown's testimony in Omaha, the U. of Nebraska has faced calls to fire him. Brown said recently he would be honored to be fired for his anti-gay views:

“To be fired for my faith would be a greater honor than to be fired because we didn’t win enough games. I haven’t lost any sleep over it. I realize at some point, we live in a politically correct enough culture where that very well could happen.”

He says his decision to not tesify in Lincoln isn't because he's afraid of being fired:

"Nobody has told me at the university that I couldn't go," he said. "I've gotten assurance from the chancellor that, as a citizen, I can express my views publicly. I mean, this is almost like voting.

"I appreciate the University of Nebraska allowing me to go to the hearing if I chose to do so."

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini said Saturday: "Would I tell him not to go to the hearing? Absolutely not."

Brown wrote a letter to the Journal Star newspaper promising to abide by the school's non-discrimination policy but doesn't agree with it:

I wholeheartedly agree with UNL's Non-Discrimination Policy. As a follower of Jesus Christ, and a UNL employee for twenty-two years, I haven't, nor will I violate this policy…

…Not all of my players have agreed with the Bible's views. One example, of many, would be those choosing heterosexual sex outside of marriage. Though the Bible teaches this as sin, I haven't penalized them with playing time or discrimination of any sort. Because I love them, I've invested in them even outside of football and gently asked them to consider God's view on it.

If I coached a gay player, because the Bible says homosexuality is a sin, I would do the same. If he didn't agree, I wouldn't penalize him with playing time or any form of discrimination.

I have and will embrace every player I coach, gay or straight … but I won't embrace a legal policy that supports a lifestyle that God calls sin.


  1. Hollywood, CA says

    Blacks have come a long way… such a far distance that the taste of discrimination against them has clearly faded from some of their minds. But then again, some WOMEN think they shouldn’t have the right to have an abortion if they wanted one, so who knows anymore… this guy should be fired from the University so he can work on his bible teachings…

  2. Michael says

    It’s a shame we can’t rewind the clock a hundred years to see if his biblical stance would still hold up when it was used to prove his race was inferior.

  3. Francis says

    The man has flat out said he’s using his position to promote his personal values. So what that means is the AD of Nebraska agrees with Ron Brown. The AD accepts his views as legitimate. Ron Brown is clearly not all the way there, so I blame the AD more for not firing this man and allowing him to abuse his position and promote an anti-gay climate at Nebraska.

    What’s ironic is this probably isn’t going to help the university in recruiting. Not that I’m complaining.

  4. Chitown Kev says

    and the racist (some trolls, some white gays) come flying out… predictable…

    in any event, given that juicy booty of Coach Brown, I would keep my mouth shut about all of this.

  5. Tim says

    I really wish the bible would just go away. It is the cause for so much hate, bigotry and tunnel vision. I have a bible and it has been in a box for 28 years. It does not even make good decoration. Of course, my mother gave it too me. Different generation, religious vs a gay non-believer.

  6. Continuum says

    OK, a black coach now affirms that he won’t force any gay players to sit in the back of the bus . . . . but, he’s like the white racists who tolerate blacks, but wouldn’t want their daughters to marry one.

    It’s amazing how quickly some of our black citizens have forgotten the effects of hatred, bigotry, segregation, and exclusion that were all justified by whites with their Holy Bible.

    Just truly amazing.

  7. Ricco says

    Says Ron Brown: “…Not all of my players have agreed with the Bible’s views. One example, of many, would be those choosing heterosexual sex outside of marriage. Though the Bible teaches this as sin, I haven’t penalized them with playing time or discrimination of any sort. Because I love them, I’ve invested in them even outside of football and gently asked them to consider God’s view on it.”

    But here’s the rub. Ron Brown, and other Christian bigots like him, are not lobbying to have civil rights denied to heterosexual men and women who engage in multiple partners or have pre-marital sex. They are not trying to pass legislation that makes it okay to bully them in the name of their religion, to deny them jobs, or fire them from a job for adultery.

    And that, whatever they think their Bible says, is what makes them bigots, guided, not by Biblical principles, but human bias.

    The Bible says that ” . . . we fight not against flesh and blood, but principalities, and powers in high places,” yet Ron Brown, and many-many Christians, like him, have gauged a war against gay people.

    The Bible also says to pray for your enemies, to pray for those who use you and persecute you.

    First, we are not their enemies, and we do not persecute them . . . they persecute us. They have decided to be our enemies, and without the benefit of naught, but their most self-righteous prayers.

    How many times have I, and many of you here on Towleroad, had a peace-loving, Bible-thumping, Jesus-Love-You Christians tell us, with venom dripping from their voices, and self-righteous emanating, like a solar flare, from their persona that they were going to pray for me?

    Actually what they said was: “You are sick, and disgusting in the eyes of decent men, and of God, and your going to hell, and I will be praying for you!

    Not only are they bigots, but they are liars, and self-righteous.

  8. FroQuinzy says

    All of this homophobic hate coming from a black man!

    Now that’s rich coming from someone who no doubt has faced some type of discrimination in his black life. It’s just sad.
    And, he’ll be the first to cry about what his ancestors went through!

  9. Homophobes are gay! says

    Google some pictures of coach Black, I mean Brown. He sure looks like a repressed homosexual in numerous pictures. It’s always the ones who squawk the loudest that get busted tapping that foot in the bathroom stall.

  10. steve says

    If someone is eating shellfish.. does he condemn them from eating at the Red Lobster… If someone swears at their mother or father.. does he gently suggest that his parents stone him to death? Please?
    I am so tired of these bigots picking and choosing what they want from the fairy tale bible. And yes.. these are the same people who think there are no gay people.. just people who sit down and say HEY.. I’m going to act GAY!!! It’s my choice… But ask them about straight people tempted to be gay .. and that is not possible!
    Sorry… hate to be bitter.. but I won’t be attending any black rights protests anymore… they can fend for their own selves..

  11. Chuck Mielke says

    It’s so easy to say “homophobic hate.” What’s harder, and more honest, is to recognize a man trying to balance his belief in some out-dated views and values with his job and his employer’s interests.

    Can we really afford to stigmatize such people?

  12. Bart says

    His views are about as relevant as my cousin’s cousin’s best friend’s mother’s. Who cares what he thinks about anything? He’s a dumbass suckbag who coaches football. Stop writing about this dope and he’ll only be interesting to his friends. Maybe.

  13. Scott says

    Wow someone should remind this guy that up until the 1970s (and in some parts of this country still) WHITES used bible verses to sanction segregation, slavery, and blatant racism..

  14. Javier says

    He has a right to his personal views as long as he doesn’t discriminate or harass while on company/university time. The First Amendment gives him the right to engage in the political process and marketplace of ideas just like everyone. It seems to me that he has the perfect balance of having religious beliefs, expressing them on his own time, and not discriminating in his official coaching position. Let him be.

  15. Edward says

    @Scott and @ Rico:

    Understand something: I don’t care whether it concerns race or sexual identity, or whether you’re black or white — when you try to make people’s lives miserable by your comments, you do not have “perfect balance” as you so pseudo-spiritually put it. You actually made me laugh out loud. LOL

  16. andrew says

    Doesn’t Coach Brown work on the Sabbath? Doesn’t he realize the yahweh, the tribal god of the Israelites said that people who work on the Sabbath should be stoned to death? So why would a believer work on the sabbath?

  17. andrew says

    The saddest part of this story is that when Ron Brown was a little boy black people had to lead segregated lives. They were not equal Americans. It was a crime for them to marry outside of their race in some states. No TV show would even show black people kissing each other. What a shame that his belief in a primitive Israelite text prevents him from supporting his gay brothers and sisters in their struggle for equality.

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