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Should Mitt Romney's Bullying Past Be Campaign Issue?

MittYoungJournalist Frank Rich addressed a wide array of LGBT-related comments in his latest New York magazine piece, including whether or not Mitt Romney's past as an anti-gay bully will bring him down in the polls and whether addressing it is "fair game."

What is fair game is his strange, chuckling denial of any knowledge of a fairly violent prank that other participants and eyewitnesses remember so vividly. If no other similar incidents turn up, that will be the end of it. How big an “if” that is, I don’t know.

Much of Romney’s past remains a mystery to me, as it does to most Americans. Meanwhile Sondheim aficionados can savor a musical recounting of the bullying incident, “Romney Mitt, the Demon Barber of Wall Street."

I've included video of Roy Zimmerman singing that very song, AFTER THE JUMP.

As for whether President Obama's gay marriage support will cost him votes, Rich is doubtful: "In political terms, I’d say Obama’s move is either a wash or a plus. In the long-term perspective of history, his endorsement of marriage equality is a big plus."

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  1. I went to a school where hazing was a tradition and saw some of it firsthand. The incident with Mitt was far uglier and more personal than most hazing. It was more like an assault with a weapon to carry out a personal agenda against one particular individual. And to enlist a posse to help him do it. I think that is why the other individuals in the posse feel so ashamed, they were led into someone else's ugly agenda.

    From what I have seen character is evidenced early on and tends to stay the same. For someone with an aggressive and abusive character it is more usual that he learns to hide it rather than that he changes. Not to say that change is impossible, just unlikely.

    Posted by: remembrance of things past | May 17, 2012 1:57:06 PM

  2. So if things that happened 50 years ago are irrelevant, how does that explain the birthers?

    Posted by: acorlando | May 17, 2012 2:34:46 PM

  3. Romney obviously has a little man complex he’s been trying to make up for all of his life from bullying classmates to his enjoyment of firing people after gutting their companies. His Magic Mormon Underwear can’t protect him from the press but can they make enough cash rain down to win the election? See for yourself the power of these mysterious garments at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2012/05/mitt-romneys-magic-mormon-underwear.html

    Posted by: Brandt Hardin | May 17, 2012 5:31:12 PM

  4. Being a bully is one of the behaviors of a sociopath along with lying, dishonesty, trustworthiness, also changing self to avoid trouble, selfishness, no empathy, no sense of guilt or remorse. In the second debate Romney clearly bullied Obama and the host, and his lying is legend. Nobody in my lifetime running for President has been so unqualified personality-wise for this job.

    Posted by: Rick Curtis | Oct 18, 2012 6:05:26 AM

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