1. says

    Once again this confirms the Report published in the Times that the most vocal and assertive homophobes are deflecting attention from their own sexuality…….their own homosexuality.

  2. dan Cobb says

    These people are never settled. They are so messed up psychologically that they will never even understand themselves let alone others. This man might turn around again next week and decide that he’s a straight man. They are unstable people. Period. Anyone who has been so f’ed up as a child with toxic religious beliefs, can never be made whole again. The first problem is in the belief in religion… that allows all sorts of self-delusions. People susceptible to these types of self-deceptions, people who believe in unbelievable things, will never be at peace with the world around them, regardless if they are gay, straight, ex-gay or ex-ex-gay, etc.

  3. VDUFFORD says

    He’s floating a book idea! What the hell is CNN up to by creating future news irritants.

  4. says

    There truly oughta be a law about these false treatment centres.

    We have laws against unlicensed dentists and surgeous providing “blackmarket” operations, why no law against Blackmarket Psychology?