1. DavidGroff says

    These people, like their compatriots in Africa and Asia, are so damn brave. How can we best support them?

  2. ratbastard says

    A generation removed from a 70 plus year stint with Marxism and contemporary Russia and Eastern Europe are the result? So it’s safe to say Marxism is a failure and human nature always triumphs in the end? How many people were murdered [over 100 million world-wide?] and suffered to figure this out?

  3. Continuum says

    And, still the gay Atlantis cruise is headed to St Petersburg, Russia.

    Why are we spending gay dollars supporting these homophobes both in Russia and the Caribbean?

  4. Disgusted American says

    this reminds me of the reports from early 1930’s Germany, and the crackdown on the Jews by the Germans

  5. ratbastard says

    @Disgusted American,

    The Marxist-Communists also persecuted homosexuals and other ‘undesirables’.

    I was on a subway train a few days ago and an obviously gay [flaming] gay man got on wearing a Che t-shirt. Honestly, I wanted to ‘bash’ him for his stupidity.

  6. Daniel Moreau says

    no…no…not on my watch…we MUST get something going…St.Pete’s MUST´be bombarded from all corners…not just from Russians but from every free man and woman on the planet..Russia purports to be a modern state yet tolerates drakonian morality on paper while their leaders engage in every kind unethical behavious reminiscent of every previous dictatorship…this is merely a political manoevre meant to distract the population from the real issues facing the country…disgusting, indeed!