Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1135

TONY AWARD PROMOS: How many ways can Neil Patrick Harris react to a giant Tony?

VALIDATION: Psychotherapist Matthew J. Dempsey talks about the need for validation and how it plays out specifically in the lives of gay men.

LITTLE TO LIKE: New DNC video hits Romney's jobs record.

REV DR. OTIS MOSS III: On marriage equality.

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  1. Zlick says

    The Timeline-influenced DNC ad is cute, but even I had to cringe at some of the unfair sound-bite editing. If that’s fair game, then anyone can be made to say practically anything. I’m sure worse can be done to Obama.

    Oh, and Matthew Dempsey is really hot. Yeah, yeah, good message about validation. But I was distracted. 😉

  2. cando64 says

    America needs more brave, well-spoken men of god like the Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III in front of the cameras before the November election to counteract all of the rhetoric that is out there. He knows and talks of the god I was raised to believe in.

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