1. Gr8guyca says

    What an impressive young man. If we had been looking for a role model to show that same-sex families can produce great kids, we could not have found a better example.

  2. Andrew says

    This kid continues to blow me away. He’s so articulate and is seemingly just a genuinely good guy. And he’s only 20 years old.

    Oh, and he’s a total babe, too.

  3. TampaZekex says

    This kid is amazing. A wonderful spokesman for our cause. I wish a child of gay male parents who is equally as eloquent would step forward since it seems that what most homophobes fear is gay MEN, particularly as it relates to children. My son is a bit too young to take on such a task on a national scale, though he does speak up to anyone who’ll listen. I think his “Out to Dinner” idea is BRILLIANT!

  4. Chuck Mielke says

    Is Mr. Wahls growing a beard? How hot is that! I’ve elsewhere expressed my respect and (not completely) asexual enthusiasm for his advocacy.

  5. Caliban says

    I didn’t realize his book is framed in the context of Boy Scout principles or core values, demonstrating how his mothers instilled those same values in him. That’s a pretty smart way to go about it since it confronts “family values” critics and the Boy Scouts’ discriminatory policies at the same time.

    I’d be interested to hear how these “Out To Dinner” meetings go in real life. Ideally it sounds like a good opportunity for people to share perspectives, a meeting of minds, but part of me is thinking “This sounds like the recipe for an amateur production of ‘Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf'”

  6. Chuck Mielke says

    I wish Mr. Steward had allowed Mr. Wahls to finish a couple of his points; instead, it was little more than a “buy this book” side show.

  7. Drew says

    Stuart – At least these straight allies are out fighting for our rights. I’d take them over an apathetic gay any day.

  8. jack says

    Yawn on Stuart, Jon Stewart is actually doing things to further LGBT equality.

  9. Harrison says

    Good Lord, is that man tall! I had no idea. Although I guess Jon Stewart is 5’6″.

    Yes, that was my takeaway from this video, whatever.

  10. John says

    Harrison – yes, he is tall, and in reading his book you’ll find out why! Really quite interesting – his height, and the book! I am so impressed by this young man. Intelligent, articulate, and wise far beyond his years.

  11. ThomT says

    No child, regardless of age, should ever be put in a position to defend their parents. However, if it’s going to happen (and we know it is) Zach Wahls is exactly the kind of responsible, intelligent, compassionate and well spoken individual who should be doing it. This young man has a bright and promising future, much of which is a result of the excellent upbringing provided by his loving mothers. All children should be so fortunate to be raised in a home where love comes before all else regardless of the gender of their parents.