Washington’s Leading Anti-Gay Pastor and NOM Ally Ken Hutcherson Wants the Word ‘Gay’ Back from Gay People

HutchersonWashington state anti-gay pastor Ken Hutcherson wants the rainbow back too:

"Seriously, I am the gayest guy I know…My frustration is that some groups have taken words and symbols away from the Church and from society in general. When I say I'm 'gay,' what I mean is that I am happy, that I am joyful and that I love people. That is precisely what a Christian ought to be so in my opinion we just need to be as gay as we can. Dan Savage (a pro-gay activist) says he is gay. He's not gay, not anywhere close. Yeah, he may be a homosexual but he certainly doesn't appear to be happy or joyful when he stands up in front of a classroom and uses profane language. Nope, nothing gay about that."


  1. bobbyjoe says

    I’m sure Hutcherson wants rainbows and the word “gay” so he can wrap ’em around his rent boys.

    Oh, and Dan Savage looks like he’s having a pretty good time to me. “A gay old time,” to quote the Flintstones.

  2. Vint says

    Sadly, I think cost-per-click is closer to a quarter than a dollar, but that’s no reason not to click on the ads of people who annoy you. One less quarter for them….

  3. Chuck Mielke says

    Conservatives are always wrapped up in meaningless symbolism. Could he get any more shallow? Seriously. If I strolled through the ocean of this man’s soul, my feet would burn off.

  4. WOW says

    If you don’t say the word gay, they don’t exist! “Don’t say gay”!! Wow, the religious right just don’t want us around at all. This just in….queer had a different meaning before as well!

  5. John Freeman says

    Funny, I thought Dan Savage was hilarious and so did the audience, to judge by the laughter.
    It sounded like a very gay, joyous time to me.

  6. Rick Wright says

    One wonders how Ken would react if white people demanded that “his people” give back the word Black, and explained how they’ve ruined it, and how it used to mean something classy.

    He’d probably wonder why on Earth the white people thought they owned the language and the word “black”, or why they thought they had a right to determine what words other races or groups of people were allowed to use to refer to themselves.

    And he’d probably not even see the connection.

  7. WOW says

    “When I say I’m ‘gay,’ what I mean is that I am happy, that I am joyful and that I love people…”

    Except when it comes to the gays though. You don’t want people to think that by using that word you maybe one, so you want to take the word back? You want to take it away out of spite maybe? Yep, showing your loving spirit right there aren’t you?

  8. James in Hollywood says

    And I would love it if the word “Christian” no longer meant “someone who uses the bible to bash and otherwise lord over a minority in a socio-political environment.”

  9. WOW says

    Is this what it has come too? Next he’ll want to take back all of the gay movie and music icons that we have “hijacked”. Quick, everyone hide your Cher and Barbra CD’s…and your Wizard of Oz DVD’s too!! Ugh.

  10. NullNaught says

    I believe he is just being a troll (I wouldn’t argue this in debate as it is an ad hominem and thus has nothing to do directly with his argument), if that word may be applied in such an instance, in that he doesn’t expect to be taken seriously by anyone and he doesn’t sincerely believe in his own argument; he wants only to make others feel bad.
    I feel sorry for him. Either he is very shallow or he doesn’t sleep well, I suspect.
    As to his argument: That’s not how language works. Most ordinarily words aquire added meanings over time. Sometimes words go out of use, but they rarely lose meanings they once held. It may be one day that to use the word “queer” to mean “odd” is so archaic that it is never ever used that way. But it will still have that archaic meaning. It won’t lose it entirely, I will bet. Again, either he doesn’t understand how language works, or (and this is not an agrument either, it is an ad hominem) he is purposely ignoring all this in order to be spiteful – trolling.
    He’s a troll.

  11. Adam says

    I say just ignore him. Let him call himself gay repeatedly. The word isn’t going to change and he’s just going to make a fool of himself.

  12. Macmantoo says

    Well I understand the people in Africa wants their word “african” back. Most who use the term “african american” are not from Africa, they’re born and breed here in the good old USofA. So what we come down to is the homosexuals will use their term and he can use the “negro” term for himself.

  13. Vint says

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  14. Matt says

    Is this idiot so desperate for attention that he would take semantics to the umpteenth degree? Well, whatever gives him a sense of accomplishment.
    And if that fails (as we know it will), give him an enema!

  15. jpeckjr says

    Well, no, you can’t have it “back.”

    You see, the word “gay” appears only once in the King James Version of the Bible, in James 2:3, where it is used as an adjective to describe the clothing of a rich man — “gay clothes.” In newer translations, the adjective is “fine” or “expensive” or “fancy.”

    So since God didn’t use the word “gay” in the Bible to describe being happy or joyful, it’s up for grabs and we get to use it to describe ourselves as happy and joyful or, for that matter, well-dressed.

  16. Tim says

    Zorro was the Gay Blade; Fred Astaire was the Gay Divorce';The Gay Continental was Christopher Walken on SNL; not to mention the Gay Ninties, the Gay Parisian and Gay Bars. I think the word Gay is shared by just enough. We all know the difference between being Gay & being Gay!

  17. FunMe says

    Get the word “gay” back? NOT.GOING.TO.HAPPEN

    Well that closet queen is a gay already, but we prefer he never comes out of the closet.

  18. candideinncc says

    And what the hell gave him the right to determine how language should be used and how we should describe ourselves? The point of this little man’s little tirade is that he should be able to use language to discriminate against us, along with eveything else his superstitous little being wants to use. Well go ahead, bigot. Do your worst. Oh, that is what you are doing alerady, isn’t it? What petty, mean spirited, nasty people our opponents are.

  19. Jonathan Oz says

    I say, give him back the word gay. Its a nice word, but I’d gladly surrender it, if it meant getting Christianity back which has been hijacked by a bunch of rightwing wing nuts on behalf of their warped agenda?

  20. Leroy Laflamme says

    @ DANNY EAST VILLAGE: He can be all the gay he wants, we still wouldn’t have him. Must say though, he’s got awfylly nice teeth. I wonder if they’re real?

  21. Attmay says

    I resent the way heterosexuals took a perfectly good word like “straight” and used it to represent something ugly, bigoted and repressive to the point of being totalitarian.

    You can have “gay” back when you pry it from my cold dead tongue.

  22. Homer says

    They want the word “GAY” back – let them come and get it. Otherwise, I’ll trade the word “Christian” for “gay” since they’re just using former in reference themselves and not in deed.

  23. Schlukitz says

    Next thing we know, people like Ken will be asking for the word “human” back, since they probably feel that we “stole” that word as well. Where does the insanity end?

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