1. Cory says

    I hate how most people assume support for marriage equality = support for gay people.

    Most of the homophobes I know support marriage, but they still hate gay people. They just feel that we can do whatever we want as long as it isn’t around them.

  2. Marc says

    The reporter got what he deserved. He assaulted Smith first and Smith had the right to respond. You can’t presume this was a homophobic act.

  3. Nick says

    This was clearly inappropriate behavior by the reporter and has nothing to do with being gay, straight, supportive of gay marriage or anything else. I’m a gay man and I don’t want some strange guy trying to kiss me. The reporter should be barred from such events if he’s attacking the folks on the red carpet.

  4. Djeip says

    The guy aggressively kissed him on the cheeks and tried to go for the mouth. It was more invasive than the standard European cheek kiss, but Will Smith overreacted to it immensely by hitting the guy. It’d be the same if the guy put his hand on Will’s arm, and Will punched him in the shoulder. Not cool at all.

  5. Djeip says

    To you people saying he deserved the slap, get real. Even if you label what the reporter did an assault, the measure of Will’s response far exceeds the initial act. What the guy deserved was to be pushed back as he was, not also smacked in the face.

  6. The Milkman says

    If that had been a woman, the reporter could have been charged with sexual assault. I have no problem with Smith defending himself, and his response was in no way excessive.

  7. Belthazar says

    Bad obnoxious behavior should not be tolerant, period and not rationalized because it was done by someone presumably gay. And, too equate Smith’s reaction to “not supporting gay people” is nonsensical.

  8. Malaysian Ho says

    would a gay man slap a woman if she tries to kiss him ?

    would will smith slap the reporter if she is a woman ?

    is that homophobic ?

  9. Chitown Kev says

    I’d have slapped the reporter too if I didn’t know him.

    would a gay man slap a woman if she tries to kiss him?

    If I didn’t know the woman, then let’s just say that I would hope that said woman has some friends around

  10. Blake says

    He pushed him and barely even hit him, the reporter is smiling afterward. I probably would have done exactly the same thing if someone walked up to me and tried to kiss me. I fail to see how this qualifies as homophobia at all.

  11. grench says

    This has nothing to do with homophobia. I’m gay and would have shoved the reporter too. Unwelcome kisses and inappropriate touching amount to assault–gay or straight.

  12. Joey Y says

    Be serious. Will Smith is married. He’s got a family. If some stranger, regardless of profession or gender tried to force a kiss on my mouth, I’d clock them too, for the sake of MY husband.

  13. Kranbree says

    I fail to see the link with Will Smith slapping this reporter and his support for gay marriage. Can someone explain to me why Andy would put those two things together, if not to create drama?? Really Andy!!!!

  14. Ryhunt86 says

    The reporter locked his arm around Smith’s neck and forced himself on Smith. This wasn’t European custom, or the equivalent of grabbing someone by the arm…it was an assault. Smith may have carried it too far with the so called slap (look at the video, hardly a real slap), but he was mad and quite frankly I don’t know many people who wouldn’t be mad if put in the same situation. I don’t personally care for Will Smith, but he gets a pass on this one.

  15. greg says

    agree with most, not a homophobic reaction. well, not necessarily anyway. the fact that he called him a ‘joker’ instead of another word is a bit reassuring too.

    i cant help but think of when will smith did ‘six degrees of separation’ and refused to do the male kiss in the script. not sure if he has issues with gay men or not, but i’m not really too concerned as long as he supports our equal rights.

  16. AJ says

    That was barely a slap. I think he handled it very professionally and would have been fine if he had been in on the joke. I was prepared to be outraged. Good on you Will. An believe it or not, all of these African American celebrities getting behind Obama is a big deal. And a big step in the right direction.

  17. Scott says

    Agreed- it makes me feel good that most of the commenters on here don’t feel Will Smith was homophobic for having a natural human reaction…. I would’ve- and you bet my bf wouldve clocked the guy. He was unexpectedly grabbing Smith by the back of the neck ( something I woulda slapped the guy for) and Will Smith gave in and hugged him- it’s only when he was kissing him and going for he lips that he pushed him off. And for those people who think Smith’s reaction was homophobic- really? Do something about the real hate crimes and gay bashing that happens

  18. scollingsworth says

    I’d have done the same thing. I’ve got a big personal bubble. Some little kid I didn’t know ran up to me at a mall and hugged my legs. I caught myself just in time from my automatic reaction which was to kick out at the kid.

  19. JimmyD says

    To allude that Will Smith is a homophobe because some reporter (?), who should know better, physically/sexually assaulted him?
    Pick your battles people.

    Of the reporter: That was incredible rude and completely unprofessional.
    Of Smith: He reacted.

    I would have reacted in the same manner.

  20. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, sh.t.

    When I get to the after life (maybe by Saturday night)and I grab Bette Davis and kiss her…well, she’d have every reason in the world to slap the sh.t out of me. But I’d still love her.

  21. NullNaught says

    I have thought since Will Smith refused to do the gay kiss in the script in “Philadelphia” that he was homophobic. I over react to anything that even whiffs of homophobia. This was not a homophobic reaction. This was a completely reasonable reaction. I would go so far as to say what Will Smith did was correct as far as he went, but he should have punched the reporter hard in the face, and then filed charges for sexual assault.

  22. jexer says

    *Shrug*. A light (almost playful) slap is well within the range of ‘acceptable response’ to someone getting overly, and unwantedly ‘fresh’.

  23. Derrick from Philly says

    You know what?

    This reminds of when Elizabeth II came to the US in 1976 to commemorate the Bicentennial. Well, after the Queen left historic (and boring)Philadelphia they took her to the hood in either Baltimore or DC. They introduced her to this adoring Black woman. The sistah was so overwelmed that she grabbed Elizabeth II and gave her a spirited bear hug.

    the point is: if the Queen of England can stand a little physical show of emotion how come a Queen of Hollywood can’t.

  24. Alex says

    This behavior is nothing new. Having met Mr. Smith on several occasions, he continues to display a general lack of manners. His comment “he’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him”…shows his true colors. Classless.

  25. antisaint says

    I think his response was appropriate. He didn’t get super-mad or storm off, it happened, he dealt with it, and that was that.

    I’m not seeing this correlation some of the commenters are making between this incident and Will’s statement about marriage. They don’t have anything to do with eachother, I don’t think Andy was insinuating that they were. There just happened to be two news items on Will Smith today, so they ended up in the same post.

    @Derrick – I’d imagine one would run up to Bette Davis in the HOPES they would get slapped. 😛

  26. Jay in SF says

    The man invaded Smith’s space and did something most of the rest of us require permission before we proceed. While some of it may be a bit of “gay panic” – I likely would have handled it almost the same way.

    While being gay may offer many of us more freedom of self expression, being gay is not a license to abuse others… In fact, there is no excuse for abusing others.

  27. Eddy says

    Reminds me of the guys who squirted water on Tom Cruise a few years back but Tom was pretty cool about it but you could see Tom calm himself down. The slap by Will was more of what guys do to other guys, NOT an attack, and you could see he’s making himself laugh about it but pissed off. If you’re stupid enough to invade someone’s space like that, be prepared for anything!

  28. M. Scott Hernandez says

    I have had French friends visit me in Chicago. Kissing on each cheek is their custom. If the guy was aiming for Will’s lips, I would sucker punch him too. I’m sure Will has been to Europe more than once in his lifetime.

  29. SeanR says

    It is inappropriate to kiss someone like that, nothing to do with gay panic tbh. If he’s tried to kiss Madonna like that, she’d have decked him!

  30. Big Gay Jason in Topeka says

    I’m jiggy wit dat. I’m no fan of Will Smith but I think he and everyone has a right to defend themselves from unwanted advances from anyone, any gender, anytime.

  31. Ryan says

    Well, to be fair, it’s a) not acceptable to kiss people like that, unsuspecting (gay, straight, male female, schtick, non-schtick, doesn’t matter), and

    b) the way it was described reading it made it seem like Will Smith slapped the guy. The ‘backhand’ clearly wasn’t intended to hurt.

    Of the two things that happened there — the attempted kiss and the fake backhand — I’d say the kiss was the more inappropriate of the two.

  32. just_a_guy says

    I didn’t see the move for the mouth, but Will Smith would have felt it, and I didn’t slow motion it, but I find it believable that Will wasn’t lying. He doesn’t seem the sort that would mean harm. (I’m not convinced he’s a Scientologist or FRC hate-group member; show me evidence.)

    Smith politely accepted the hug and pecks on the cheek (I figure most celebs politely if awkwardly accept–but not prefer–such things; they are public figures and all).

    But if the dude went for a kiss on the mouth, Will reasonably felt his space was invaded. And the headline makes Will’s reaction seem harsher than the video does.

    Overall, Will Smith seems a stand-up guy. Thanks for supporting the gay community, man. This specific slight–and understandably uncomfortable–reaction to feeling like his space was invade, in this instance is NOT grounds for considering Will Smith any less of a stand-up ally for gay rights.
    Also, could this be a teaching moment about respect for intimate space, regardless of gender?

    Well, it might depend on examining Will’s pushback from an attempted lip-kiss alongside other clips of celebrities’ pushback from an equivalent attempeted lip-kiss in an opposite-sex situation.
    BTW, it wouldn’t shock me if this reporter was planted by NOM to assault Smith???

  33. shawnthesheep says

    I think I’d have to side with Smith on this one. If someone tried to kiss me on the lips without my permission, I’d certainly push him away and get angry. I’d probably not have slapped him, but I understand the impulse.

  34. Hollywood, CA says

    I was hoping for a Ike Turner slap, not a… I don’t even really know what to call that. What a jerk. The same kind of stuff when that guy threw water on Tom Cruise, it’s not cool, and is the reason why many fans don’t get to see their stars… why do it when there are so many ssholes out there?

  35. SMDH says

    This is clearly a failed attempt on Will’s behalf to avoid confirming gay/bisexual rumors. No fully straight male celebrity gets that angry when shown affection by fans/reporters unless there is an underlying insecurity. I love Will smith, but am more than convinced that he and his wife are both bisexual. Will would rather be perceived as violent than gay any day. Epic fail in that attempt Will. Smdh

  36. fasfda says

    I’m gay and if a guy did that to me I’d slap him… and yes if it was a woman I wouldn’t. Just how I was raised. You don’t hit women.

  37. Paul B. says

    Nobody needs to be smooched all over the face in public by a stranger. Will took it in stride until it went over the top. I’ve always wanted to give Will a wet one too, but I have no right to impose on him and keep my hands & mouth to myself. A smack was appropriate.
    Kisses are intimate objects…not to be abused.

  38. RJ says

    Good for him.

    No, seriously, that is borderline rape behaviour, and from a complete stranger. He *is* lucky he wasn’t meaningfully assaulted.

  39. scotsyank says

    Gay as the day. Always has been, always will be. I’m constantly amazed at the American public’s ability to help obvious closet cases like Will and Jada seem real. The comments here testify. Only one refers to his sexuality. Wake up!

  40. anon says

    Wow, I think we’ve been invaded here. Justified kiss or not, I think the involved at least a bit of gay panic. Probably he felt any photos of him kissing a man would be poison.

  41. vanndean says


    I have thought since Will Smith refused to do the gay kiss in the script in “Philadelphia” that he was homophobic. I over react to anything that even whiffs of homophobia.

    Apparently you do over react to “even whiffs of homophobia”. The reason that Will Smith refused to do the gay kiss in the script in “Philadelphia” is because he was not in “Philadelphia”. That was Denzel Washington. The movie in which Will Smith did not do the requisite kiss was “Six Degrees of Separation”. He refused to do the kiss on the advice of Denzel to a much younger Will. Denzel told the story on some interview.

  42. Swiminbuff says

    “If that had been a woman, the reporter could have been charged with sexual assault. I have no problem with Smith defending himself, and his response was in no way excessive”
    I wonder if Will would have reacted with the same force if the reporter had been a woman? Doubtful.
    That said, the reporter was out of line, especially since Will had no way of knowing who the reporter was of that it was part of his normal schtick.

  43. John says

    I’m with the majority of the comments on here. That reporter was completely out of line. It’s very inappropriate to try to get a smooch out of someone in that type of situation. That’s very close to crossing the line into sexual abuse. He’s lucky all he got was a little shove, and tap on the cheek. That type of behavior shouldn’t be condoned.

  44. John says

    I’m not really that big of a Will Smith fan, but seeing that video, I actually kind of wished Will did punch that rude reporter hard in the face. As a gay man, I would have done the same thing, probably worse, if a stranger tried to do that to me.

  45. Urmensch says

    Even in the case of assault, which I agree could be a reasonable description of this, the response should be proportionate.
    Pushing someone away who invades your personal space is one thing, and even the token slap didn’t seem disproportionate.

    It is a pity he said that about the reporter being lucky he didn’t get sucker-punched though. It seems to imply he would have had it coming. Like a unwanted kiss on the lips can reasonably be met with violence.

  46. jackawhack says

    The kid who “tried to kiss” WS is Vitalii Sediuk. He infamously presented Madonna with those loathsome hydrangeas. He’s a cutie.

  47. Oliver says

    If you watch the video closely Will shoves the guy away and then slaps him. The slap was totally unnecessary. Will also has a slew of body guards, they’re clearly evident in the video. I agree with the previous comment someone made here about Will’s true character coming out with his comment about sucker punching the guy.

  48. Paulie says

    Yep, I’m surprised that TMZ didn’t make the connection. This is indeed the same prankster who gave Madonna the hydrangeas, knowing she doesn’t like them.

  49. Jim says

    Mr. Smith may have over reacted a bit, but I don’t see this so much as “homophobia” as much as it is defending ones self against a forced physical advance. He is a huge star and i would think lives in fear of physical assault and abuse. I think he was just defending his personal safety. I certainly would not label him a “phobe” due to this incident!

  50. Kloftonk says

    Look I’m a big o l gay and I think both of these guys handled this poorly. Really unfortunate on both accounts. Actors are just people who have a job that puts them in front of the boat load of crazies in this world! Most of us would be star struck a bit but would cross the line that this reporter did. Nothing give him the right to kiss him like that. Both of them handled this inappropriately. I’m sure WIll’s PR team will sort it out.

  51. Chuck Mielke says

    Please let’s notice that the reporter is Ukranian and the event occurred in Russia. Men kissing men is very typical there, and not only between good friends; it is frequently a social greeting. Will Smith’s response was understandable only because he was raised in a culture where such behavior is stereotyped as “inappropriate.” I will be surprised if the reporter doesn’t sue him. When in Rome…

  52. J.D. Smith says

    The kiss in question happened on the red carpet in Europe not in America. So uptight stupid Americans please stay out of Europe and Latin America where men kiss all the time and its not seen as sexual. Americans are so screwed up sexually that a kiss on the cheek is grounds for murder. Americans please unload your firearms and keep your personal space at least 10 feet from each other before you decide to shoot for coming too close.

  53. Bill Michael says

    I don’t blame Will Smith for even a moment. Sloppy, un-invited kisses from a stranger are not welcome in anyone’s book of good manners. The “reporter” is just trying to boost his own ratings at the expense of Will Smith.

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