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Facebook Group Warns Blood Will Flow if Croatia Gay Parade Happens, Shows Off Gasoline Bombs


Organizers of a Facebook group warning that blood will flow in the streets of Split, Croatia if the gay parade happens posted a photo of bombs intended to harm marchers today.

I reported on the page once before back in March, but it's still live.

According to Reuters: "Several nationalist and war veteran groups have issued warnings against this year's June 9 march in Split, calling it a shameful provocation by sick people to which we will respond'".

Several government officials have pledged to join the march, calling it a test of the nation's democracy ahead of its plan to join the European Union.


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  1. Facebook halted conversations on the Target is Homophobic page within a week or so of it going up back in 2010 but this hate page survives. I dont think Facebook is on our side.

    Posted by: Jeff | Jun 7, 2012 8:42:52 PM

  2. The cops need to round all these fools up. Interesting point about Facebook: this is essentially a terrorist page.

    Posted by: Munro | Jun 7, 2012 9:51:10 PM

  3. Science makes planes fly. Religion makes planes fly into buildings.

    I Don't think I need to say any more.

    Posted by: Matt | Jun 7, 2012 11:49:59 PM

  4. Anyone who stands up to this right-wing terrorism is a hero.

    Posted by: ophu | Jun 8, 2012 12:04:23 AM

  5. This is the work of anti-gay Christian terrorist who need to be arrested before they kill anybody. Why is Facebook not removing this anti-gay Christian terrorist hate group?
    Report them to the police and what ever world police group, like Interpol that will investigate these terrorist who make death threats on the lives of human beings.

    Posted by: Dave | Jun 8, 2012 12:27:46 AM

  6. Page is down. The photographer whose photo was stolen above says "thanks a lot for blackening my name, and even more for connecting me with ppl like you!"

    Posted by: KevinVt | Jun 8, 2012 12:28:23 AM

  7. Let them come. Many have died for justice and freedom in the past, and it will continue that way as long as it needs to. Sending love and strength to all who will march in the face of this outright terrorism.

    Posted by: Katie | Jun 8, 2012 9:51:11 AM

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