ACLU Sues North Carolina Over ‘Second Parent’ Adoption

NorthCarolinaflagThere's no law explicitly prohibiting same-sex couples from adopting children in North Carolina. There is, however, a 2010 law saying unmarried couples, regardless of sexuality, cannot adopt children together. The ACLU hopes to change all that with a new lawsuit filed on behalf of six same-sex couples, the NYDN reports.

[The ACLU] said second parent adoptions are the only way a North Carolina family with gay or lesbian parents can ensure that both parents have a legal relationship with their child.

"Children who are prevented from having such a legally recognized relationship with both parents suffer numerous deprivations as a result, including exclusion from private health insurance benefits, public health benefits, veterans' benefits, disability benefits and social security benefits," the lawsuit said.

They also face uncertain futures about their ability to continue their relationship with their second parent if something should happen to their legal one, Brook said.

"We think that there should be a uniform policy for conducting adoptions in the state of North Carolina that focus entirely on the best interest of the child," he said.

Sharon Gladwell, spokeswoman for the state's Administrative Office of Courts, claims she has yet to even hear of the lawsuit. "This is the first that we have heard of it. The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts has not yet been served with this lawsuit, nor has NCAOC been involved in any conversations regarding this matter," she said.


  1. andrew says

    My problem with the ACLU is that they don’t know which battles they should fight. They are as likely to fight for Rev Phelps and the KKK as they are for Planned Parenthood. They are free to do that and I am free to refuse to ever give them my money to fight for what I know to be hateful causes. Any money that I donate, I give directly to liberal causes and not to the ACLU which uses some of the money to defend hateful rightwingers.

  2. Mary says

    Andrew, shouldn’t the ACLU fight for the civil rights of ALL people – even people with heinous views like the Klan and Fred Phelps? I always was taught that it was the freedom of fringe groups that proved the mainstream was serious about equality. While The ACLU is not obliged to support these people in court, civil rights hardly matter if no one will help you attain them or defend them. It sounds to me as if you only wants civil rights for liberal people on the basis that anyone else is “hateful.” But isn’t this defintion subjective? As a conservative I can tell you that most people on the right would consider a lot of what you believe “hateful.”

    Not trying to defend the Klan or Phelps here, but you get my point?