1. Geoff says

    If he would like us to take him off the “role model” list (if he thinks he is one) we’d be more than happy to. I think he would make a better employee of the month at JCPenney’s cosmetics counter. The hair and makeup makes him a stand out!

  2. andrew says

    He is a talented young man. He should be seen as one of many solid LGBT role models. No one person fills those shoes.We need a diversity of role models for our very diverse LGBT community.

  3. Rick says

    Do gay men need another role model to show them how to be effeminate queens, replete with rings in ears, mascara, big hair, wild hand motions, and a “sweet” voice that regularly uses the word “fierce”?

    Is seeing another gay man behave that way going to change society’s opinion of us?


  4. Larry says

    I am always amazed by the hateful comments on this site. Can you imagine what we could accomplish as a community if we actually supported one another instead of trying to deliver the most catty, clever and cynical smack downs ever?
    Adam is beautiful, talented and has a strong sense of self. He is also one of the nicest guys you could ever want to meet. Some of the commenters here could learn a thing or two from him.

  5. ElCid says

    Wow. It’s shocking how people in this site find it so easy to make hateful comments towards other LGBT people.
    I am not a fan of Adam’s music, BUT I do think he did a good job putting in words what I also think it’s an inner fight for a lot of LGBT youth. So I commend him for trying to find a balance. I hope some LGBT youth may find a model to follow in that regard and that is good.
    One more thing. I feel ashamed when I read comments despising the very same diversity we ask straight people to respect. Appalling.

  6. Josh says

    Larry: There are plenty of jobs for Sunday School teachers available.
    Do all straights get along? I prefer to live in the real world. I’m no “role model” for straight people. I’m not changing my behavior for straights, just so YOU can get what YOU want. Gays have always lived free and independent, not worrying or concerned about someone else’s wedding cake.

  7. says

    Not his job to change society’s opinion of anything. But, if he does, he’ll do it by continuing to be smart, talented, and himself, which means upsetting a few men who suffer from internalized homophobia.

    Heard Adam interviewed at length on Canadian radio recently. He was completely self-possessed, mature, gracious. And he’s obviously got the vocal chops, whether you like his music or not. (I think a few songs on his new CD are breathtaking.) So, yes, he is a role model, and quite a good one at the moment. Long may he prosper as an out guy being himself.

  8. Sean says

    Too bad life wasn’t a PTA meeting. This talk about internalized homophobia. People didn’t have any trouble coming out in the last century. And I think they got a lot more action — less idol worship as today. Much more uptight today, thus the desire for a single partner to hide with the rest of their lives.

  9. fedorajoe says

    Sean, you are nuts. People in the last century were oftentimes arrested for simply being gay. Also, one needn’t be “hiding” to be happy with a single partner. Totally gross comments from you.

  10. Dax says

    No thanks. I find Adam to be creepy and odd. Plus his music stinks (which probably explains why his album is flopping.)

    Role model? Eh. I think he needs to focus more on himself first, because Adam comes off like a cartoon character. He’s a wannabe male version of Lady Gaga; again, no thanks.

  11. Jack says

    No one was arrested. I don’t know what propaganda you’ve been reading. In the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s we were not arrested. We were out. Free. I was there! Never saw that in Boston, Miami, NYC or LA.
    Timid is not sexy. Lighten up Fedora.

  12. Yen Torch says

    He’s an amazing talent. Good for him.

    THE biggest homophobes in society are homosexuals themselves. The venom gays spew at one another is repulsive!

  13. James Dorchen says

    Love him. What a gifted guy, with a raw talent and has clearly pursued his dreams- even while being different, even while not being standard and typical..he went after his goals and achieved them. I applaud this young man.

  14. Real Talk says

    Some gay men can see another gay man succeed and celebrate his success knowing it’s more visibility for the community, it’s one step closer to seeing our story told, it’s ONE OF OUR OWN making it, and there’s one gay young person out there who can see him and be motivated and inspired. Those gays are called well adjusted.

    Then there’s the self hating gay who likes to rip every fellow gay apart and then claim it’s not self hate. Accept it…it’s self hate coupled with bitterness. Check yourself.

  15. says

    It’s fascinating to me when a photo of a straight athlete (notably male) or public figure is posted…he’s fawned over on here, praised and has dozens complimenting how they would love to be with him. Post a picture of Niel Patrick Harris, Adam Lambert, Wanda Sykes or any LGBT public figure and be prepared for nothing but hate. It’s something our community REALLY truly needs to confront within themselves.

    Do you have to support every gay individual because they are gay? No..BUT the level of disdain shown to ‘one of our own’ is something worth stepping back and reevaluating. There’s so much lack of support with our fellow gay brothers and sisters, how do we ever expect straight folks to support us? Learn respect and learn your history.

  16. Steve-ATL says

    I agree with others.

    An Adam Lambert making his mark in his chosen platform in entertainment is much more than Adam Lambert, it’s the fact that there is a gwon gay men in a HOSTILE society attaining exposure. That exposure spills over the young gay people- even if it’s few, who can see his celebrity/success and draw inspiration from it. It’s more than you, or me or Adam…it’s the profound message that comes with being an openly gay man, who celebrates being gay and support that.

  17. IndieMusicFan says

    It’s also the “straight ACTING” crowd of gays who resent a flamboyent gay man out in the limelight. They resent the fact that there IS diversity within the gay community. How much fem bashing is there by the “STR8 acting” gays? They are no different than the worst homophobe. It’s time we call them out for their lack of respect and tolerance for the diversity in that rainbow flag. Butch lesbians, fem gays, our older LGBT our ethnic minority LGBT have JUST as much room in our dinner table as you PASSABLE for hetro gays. Know that, otherwise, you are not reflective of our communities values and our open heart.

  18. GregCali says

    I love him. I love everything he represents. Neither his look, his sexuality, his styling nor his beautiful singing is generic. Not being “normal” attracts hate. Just look at the brutal resentment within our own community toward gays who are different. Not heterosexual appearing.

    More than appreciating Lambert for his spark, the devil’s advocate in me likes him because he invites all the haters and his success makes the haters blood boil. Even on here.
    Sorry, not all of us only like the muscular, hetro normative gay man. We’re comfortable enough in our skin to appreciate an Adam.

  19. Mike says

    I was in my senior year of high school when Adam was competing on American Idol. What a challenging year it was for me in school. I was picked on and defeated daily, but I totally could identify with Adam. How he had a dream, how he was different.
    I don’t know why some gays think those of us like Adam don’t exist. We do. And we’re usually the most fragile in the community. We’re the ones who do need an Adam out there who gives us hope. Not everyone has to be like you, and if you think they do, than you’re just a bigot.
    Thanks Adam for helping me get through my senior year with Pride and giving me strength

  20. says

    He’s an incredible rolde model, not just for LGBT but anyone who doesn’t feel “normal” and is different. He didn’t apologize for being different. So easy in this world to loose yourself and cave into people who demand you be the same as everyone else. But that’s an unattractive quality.

    Unapologetically being yourself is what is HOT!

  21. SoccerEnthusiast says

    Give me and Adam who wears eyeliner and is comfortable in his skin over a Rick who is a self loathing, hetero obsessed individual with an UNHEALTHY obsession with masculinity. I went through the “must be straight appearing at all costs” phase…then I celebrated my 20th birthday. lol.

    If anything, today I appreciate a gay man with some fem in him. That willingness to be yourself and true to yourself and have some charisma is so appealing to me.

    GO ADAM!

  22. Jack says

    The question is being good at what? I think Clay Aiken is a much better singer. I love these little psychology lessons. The old “hate yourself” cliche. What a bunch of boring drips today’s boys are. We were stars, paving the way. For this??

  23. Austin-ite says

    I met him at a show last year. He was so gracious to me and my partner. VERY genuine and what you see on camera is exactly what you get. I became an even bigger fan instantly.

    I agree with being more supportive of our own brothers and sisters under the LGBT umbrella. You may not be a fan of their singing or acting or hosting or whatever, but you should grasp the importance of celebrating their presence on the map. A map that did not welcome us unless we changed the fibers of who we were. We all share a common story in our community and should be happy for one another.

  24. Fiat says

    Love him. Love that everything he represents makes the boring, generic, straight laced gay man of the burbs feel uncomfortable. MY type of person.

  25. says


    I agree. Aside from his beautiful talent, he’s like the anti Log Cabin republican. Everything about Lambert represents the polar opposite of a Conservative gay and probably invites their resentment, and for that, I sorta love him even more myself

  26. CortixNVolriat says

    @ Jack

    Yes, gays of yesteryear sure did pave the way for Adam’s. And fem gays. And gays who like to perform in drag. And lesbians who don’t want to wear makeup. And many, many other non conformist gays. Infact, that was the very whole purpose of our movement. TO BE YOURSELF. It’s the -straight acting- self loathing within the gay community, like Rick and yourself, who attempt to hijack that purpose. You never will. So long as gays exist:

    * Flamboyent gay men WILL

    * Drag queens WILL exist

    * Millions of feminine gay men WILL exist

    * Butch lesbians who may be biker chicks will exist

    * and those of us who know the above groups are just as valid, important and stellar in our community will exist.

    They will not go anywhere. They are imbedded in the fabric of LGBT- forever. The ignorance from your camp of gays who preach intolerance and can only respect gays who look/act/dress/and talk like you will be challenged. Vocally so. If you think the gay community will EVER get to a day where we shun our fem gay brothers, butch lesbian sisters, and drag queens, you need to brace yourself for a long miserable existence. This community has and will always be an inclusive one.

  27. Steve-ATL says

    @ CortixNVolria

    One of my favorite posts I’ve ever read on towleroad. Thank you for sharing that and tackling the bigotry within our community. More of us need to do so.

  28. AJ says

    @ Rick

    You hyper masculine gays are the biggest cancer to our community. We as a community really need to come together and banish this fem-phobia we have, and take to task these hyper masculine gays who account for so much of our anguish. You all are the leading cause for so many LGBT feeling unwanted because of their natural mannerisms. You truly are vile and we as a community sincerely don’t do enough shunning the hyper masculine gay crowd. You guys are one f-ed up bag of issues after another and want us all to be as insecure as you are. No, thanks.

  29. Glenn says

    Please. Now that he realizes that most mainstream audiences don’t like him — 2 flop singles and counting — he’s pandering to his core audience.

    And I’m laughing at him because he was kinda jackholish about being viewed as a gay role model, now he’s okay with it. Seriously.

  30. Dizzybusy says

    Seems grounded, genuine and well spoken. Good for his pursuits. All the best to him, and anyone for that matter who can pursue their happiness while not discrediting a part of who they are.

  31. Steve-ATL says

    @ Glen,

    His number one album on Billboard says you’re wrong. He just finished a tour, was on The View, Jay Leno, Ellen, and dozens of other shows, and has been traveling the world. Simmer down on the hate, and go find something in life that makes you happy.

  32. lazerlightsdreamz says


    His albums have been doing well, and have been getting great support by music critics and bloggers. He’s very talented and will always have a spot in the music arena.

  33. UFFDA says

    Cortix – you’re right of course but all of these types – often angry people – are likely to be far less extreme and noticeable when being gay is more widely accepted. So just go about your life with the agreeable people you enjoy and forget about the rest. Why count yourself among a “community” that is of little actual interest and likely to blend in more completely with the fulness of time as I myself already do? My gay friends don’t represent more of me than my straight friends.

  34. says

    @ CortixNVolriat

    Love what you wrote. I actually relish being part of the gay community BECAUSE we celebrate the freaks & geeks. Because we are not only tolerant of them, but they are us, and part of our dialogue. That we are a community that embraces being your true self, even if that self is colorful, flamboyent and flashy. BE YOU, and in the gay community…you will find a niche that accepts you for that. That’s what I admire about our community.

  35. Kevin Mendoza says

    @ AngelDust,
    So true! One of the many wonderful things about being a member of the LGBT community is knowing that whatever your style choices, your taste in music or how unconventional you may be- for the most part, well adjusted gays won’t judge you for being different. I like that an Adam Lambert can feel at home in our little community because there will be many eyeliner wearing mos who can relate to him, even if I may not be one of them, I support them with all my might and know I’m in the same community as they are and embrace that.

  36. Kielan says

    UFFDA. Let’s expose you for the bipolar troll you are (Rick!)

    In a few recent posts you called for the killing of gays on here. You’re a very troubled little troll, attempting to pass as a normal poster but every now & then, you fail to take your meds and your psycho side comes out in your ramblings. Like your disgusting post in the articles about the 32 gay men who died in a fire, and how you responded to that. Let’s call bipolar mental cases what they are.

  37. Red Velvet says

    @ Kielan,

    I’m glad I’m not the only person who has noticed the inconsistent wave in UFFDA’s posting. Some of his rants are truly certifiable, like his recent comment about the Red Cross story. Disturbing. I never thought he was an alter ego to Rick, but now that you mention it…

  38. Lisa says

    I don´t get why we need to categorize gays.
    We don´t categorize straight people and there sure are different kinds of heteros (feminine guys, masculine girls etc).

    Also I think Adam is a great role model for straight people as well. Be yourself and proud of it! :)

  39. says

    Lambert just does it for me. He seems confident and seems to love music and is doing what he loves. There’s a sense of comfort I get from him and who he is.

    And yes: UFFDA/Rick/Ratbastard/Jason all the different personalities of the same person. Study posting patterns, folks. Easy to connect the crazy dots of the trolls.

  40. UFFDA says

    KIELAN, GRAPHIC JACK, RED VELVET – I did not post any of those comments and haven’t seen them until you have mentioned them, haven’t seen the Red Cross one yet, but just checked out the New Orleans fire remarks. They are disgusting indeed, not the kinds of remarks I would ever make. I’ve got a big enemy but I don’t know who, either ENDO, AJ or KIWI, otherwise…?

  41. Larry says

    Josh, I wouldn’t be caught dead in Sunday School, by the way. You missed my point entirely. I try to shop in gay owned or gay friendly businesses. I try to support gay and gay supportive artists, not just artists like Madonna that cater to gays for their money. That is all I was trying to say. We should support one another.
    My comment wasn’t directed at your post. Your post hadn’t even shown up when I posted my comment. See, it isn’t all about your opinion, after all.

  42. UFFDA says

    Can’t find the Red Cross remarks attributed to me but in the New Orleans Fire I notice the word “Hilarious.” said just so as a one word sentence. A dead giveaway for KIWI who has posted that word identically under his own name, and who has repeatedly made fake RICK posts.

    Sorry to suggest both AJ and ENDO. It was KIWI who is truly bipolar as well as one vicious little fu**.

  43. UFFDA says

    JJ -you’re a bad parody of Sherlock Holms. I’m not the same as any of those guys, all of whom are most likely different. But the multi-sick poster KIWI is definitely culpable.

  44. Tonic says

    Great comment by CortixNVolriat.

    Why would ANYONE want to be a gay role model? The sheer glee that many gay men take at ripping others down as evidenced in many comments here along would make anyone run.

    It also seems like some think that gaining equality and acceptance means becoming as cookie-cutter “normal” as possible. Enjoy that. If Lambert -or anyone for that matter- wants to wear make-up or unusual clothing or whatever, that’s great. We need MORE expression, not less.

  45. Glenn says

    He hit number 1 because all his fans bought the album. But after a month, he sold 130K albums — that’s not a hit or even a mild success. His 2 singles released this year flopped…oops, 1 flopped and the other is in the process of flopping.

  46. says

    I agree with Real Talk … Good for Lambert. Too many celebrities take the “I just want to live my life” approach when they could do a great deal of good by acknowledging the fact that young people NEED positive gay role models.

  47. Glenn says

    Too many celebrities take the “I just want to live my life” approach when they could do a great deal of good by acknowledging the fact that young people NEED positive gay role models.

    — That’s what he basically did when he debuted as a singer post-Idol.

  48. niles says

    I support him all the way, even though I don’t care for his style of music. My suggestion is to concentrate on his music and forget about being a role model. No one can function under that kind of pressure. Be yourself.

  49. Paul says

    Why is the gay community so nasty to each other? They get bullied their whole lives and still resort to bullying….IDGI. They eat their own and we will never have progress. It is very sad. I think the Lambert kid is brave and I admire him for that.

  50. Gemmill says

    Whilst I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments of those calling out gay people ripping into other gay people and accusing them of not embracing the diversity that they try to encourage the heterosexual community to do, does the blindingly obvious possibility that the vast majority of those making comments like that are not in fact gay people but the same old same old haters who think pretending to be something they’re not makes their opinions more valid? It’s not different to negative comments on Queen sites pretending to be from long time Queen fans though no one on the site has heard of them before and they don’t appear to even know the most obvious fact about Freddie. I could have posted on here pretending to be a gay man and sticking up for Adam just as easily as I could have posted pretending to be a gay man and ripped into him but I’m neither. Fortunately, neither am I a saddo Claymate or whatever Allen’s fans call themselves with little more to do with their time than trawl the internet finding articles about Adam Lambert on which to make use of their limited brain cells.

  51. Jack says

    CORTIXNVOLRIAT: I don’t know where you got self-loathing, straight acting. Better look back at your script. It’s under psychotic ramble. Carry on Mary….

  52. Dane says

    I might not be the biggest fan but I admire this guy’s boldness. you all might scream on top of your lungs how much y’all hate him and that he ain’t a role model, but the guy doesn’t give a f*** what y’all think. He is gonna keep moving forward while y’all are hating on every strong out gay man.
    Lambert, keep going forward man. I wish you were there when I was younger and in the closet.
    Btw your song Outlaws of Love is my favorite song off your new album. And my partner likes the shot glass one and naked love.


  53. magsmagenta says

    I think you have it right, more and more I think that there are people going to sites and pretending to be what they’re not in order to make people think their opinions are valid. Very sad indeed.

  54. Jacki says

    WTF? You lot ranting about him “looking like a freak” and wearing too much make-up. For a start he IS NOT wearing much of anything in this i/v. And he looks like a perfectly normal guy. What on earth are you on about? But if he WANTS to wear make-up SO FREAKIN WHAT? There are too many people out there inventing reasons to put Adam down (sadly including the LGBT community) and it makes absolutely no sense to me. Adam does no harm to anyone – in fact he does an enormous amount of good in the world. Shouldn’t we be supporting someone like this instead of trying to invent a million lame reasons to find fault? Why are you so threatened by him? I suggest you negative nellies take a good look at yourselves in the mirror and try figuring out what it is about YOU that triggers your hateful reaction to Adam Lambert. Because Adam is not responsible for your negativity – YOU are.

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