1. endo says

    I always find it hilarious when these so-called “goth” outsiders put in the retarded contacts, strap on a studded bracelet they bought at Hot Topic, and go on primetime TV to declare their love for Marilyn Manson. Manson is about as mainstream as you can get, albeit ten years past his prime.

    The real goth kids are listening to Deine Lekaine, Rosetta Stone, Switchblade Symphony, Cruxshadows, and a whole host of other underground bands. They’d feed on this poser for breakfast.

    It’s a nice story… but it screams of being scripted. And he does have a lovely voice. I certainly don’t believe for two seconds that he’s never performed in front of anyone.


  2. TampaZeke says

    Endo, if you’ll notice, he didn’t call himself goth. He hesitantly and with clear reservation accepted the label when asked if he was some kind of goth. I’m pretty sure that he might have offered a different description of himself if he felt he had more than two seconds to respond to the question.

    I actually do believe that it’s possible that he has never performed in public before. In this day and age there will be someone with proof to the contrary if it exists. This kid is clearly a beaten down, bullied soul who is finding his voice, literally and figuratively, and is now finding the courage to share it with the world.

    So closely following Sharron Needles Drag Race win, I’m glad to see that more and more people are finding the courage and pride to let their freak flag fly!

  3. Monrob says

    OK, I don’t get it. Is this a recycle of Tiny Tim? Clearly I am wrong, as I have seen the video and the judges said he was great and all of you seem to agree he is great. I am trying to figure why I don’t see it as everyone else does.

  4. Fred says

    I love how the judgmental stereotype was so in your face! And I love how he reminded me once again, never judge a book by its cover.

    Andrew De Leon is my hero for the day!

    As for ENDO above, if what you say is true, Andrew is also one hellofa actor. The emotion displayed on his face could be felt to the bone.

  5. endo says

    @Tampazeke: You do know they audition numerous times before they get in front of the judges?

    This is definitely not his first public performance.

  6. Tarc says

    @ ENDO – Are you seriously going to get into the business of telling people you don’t know who is ‘real’ or not? Phrases like ‘real fan’ are always indicators of someone pushing an agenda – and haven’t gay folks had about enough of people pushing unfounded (usually religious) agendas?

  7. Jacques says

    Monrob, the joke about Tiny Tim was that he was a freak who couldn’t sing but made a career out of it. This dude can SING. Yes, I’ve heard “O mio babbino caro” sung better, but only by highly trained sopranos with years of practice on the stage.

    And to the cynics, if it’s all an act, the kid can ACT too. I was moved. No doubt there was some artistic licence used in the staging and storytelling, but it’s hard to deny the young man has issues. I just hope his 15 minutes don’t chew him up and spit him out the worse for it.

  8. Barry says

    He almost sounds like a castrato….beautiful voice…..I DO think a lot of these shows are scripted…’spretty obvious…regardless, the kid has talent.

  9. John Freeman says

    I’m sorry but, as an opera fan, that was hideous. Maybe there’s some raw talent there, but to me it was just a bad drag queen performance. If this kid really wants to sing opera, he should take some voice lessons and learn some music that’s composed for a man – not composed for a soprano (which he is not).
    A standing ovation from the judges? Yet another example of the western world’s headline plunge to the worship of mediocrity.

  10. Stephen says

    Uhm, I don’t see much difference between Andrew’s “Goth Look” and Howard Stern’s Look. How do we know Howard isn’t wearing white contact lenses?
    Contestants are interviewed by a panel and placed based on looks, persona, charm or unusual character, not specifically their talent. The judges do not hear or see all these folks before the taping.
    He seems like a sweet kid.

  11. says

    A great video segment. There were two moments there – when he walked away and when he admitted to never before singing in front of anyone – that he was on the verge of tears but he held it together. Was it scripted? Who cares? You were mesmerized, the audience went wild (unless they too went through several prompting rehearsals – NOT). Am I an opera fan? Most assuredly not but I liked what he sang and it was completely unexpected.

    Sort of reminds me of Steisand’s ‘Sleepin’ Bee’ solo in her tiny kitchen with her back to her two roommates. Even tho’ she always wanted to be an actress she knew she had this incredible voice and believed she also had a talent for controlling it. Its just that no one else did. She blew the roommates away. I love such ‘aha’ moments!

  12. pdxblueyes says

    Those who can’t, usually post a snarky comment here… Clarification? YOU don’t have that talent, so you have to knock them down a peg. Envy is not a good color on ANY of you…

  13. Artie in Lauderdale says

    The comparisons to Tiny Tim are absurd. “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” and all the rest were pop songs from the 1920s, not opera.

    @ John Freeman,

    Obviously, men have publicly performed soprano parts in the history of opera, often to great acclaim. My advice would be the same for a listener 300 years ago, 30 years ago or today: Don’t like it? Don’t listen. But really, John Freeman, isn’t that the guideline of the 21st century for literature, movies, marriage and just about anything else? Don’t like it? Don’t read it. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. You’re against same-sex marriage? Don’t marry someone of the same sex. I can’t help but notice that the shouts of “hideous” begin when something hits a high level of popularity.

  14. endo says

    And UFFDA is Republican swine and as such should be completely ignored on this and all other threads.

    As for accusations of envy, I absolutely do NOT have any singing talent whatsoever. I can’t even be auto-tuned. Further, I have no desire to appear on, work for, or even watch reality TV “contests.” Envious? Yeh, no. Try again.

  15. dms says

    Perhaps it’s scripted, but the story of a kid who doesn’t fit in and feels like a freak who harbors something surprising and wonderful is a tale that never gets old. It certainly strikes a chord for me. Though I don’t have the talent. To the opera critics, sure, it may be that he doesn’t have a classically trained voice and messed up to your trained ears. But you’re missing the bigger picture–that there is something wonderful here, however raw, and through his talent, perhaps he’ll find a way to be accepted and even respected by his parents and peers in a way that he has never felt. This is a story of hope.

  16. Dave says

    His days of being an outcast are over, he is a beautiful person with a beautiful voice and he will go far. Brings a tear to my eye. If only those who rejected him try to know him they might know how beautiful he is. Hopefully one day people will not reject people who are different and miss out on the beauty that we all have.

  17. Tarc says

    Endo, you ass_ume a lot… and you know what that always does. I’m guessin that it’s a bad habit. And no, I have no idea if the guy is gay, nor did I even think about it, nor does it matter ragarding what I said.

  18. WindyCity says

    To those criticizing his voice, he’s only 19 years old!! Some music conservatory is going to snap him up, and we’ll be hearing a lot about him after some professional training.

  19. gr8guya says

    Frequently, the people who do well on these shows offer a contradiction between their appearance and their voice. We are used to “judging a book by its cover,” especially when it comes to entertainers. Carrie Underwood is expected; Susan Boyle is not. That’s why Eugene Landau Murphy was also a hit. (

    We’ll see how far Andrew goes. Opera talents are often harder to advance and we don’t know what else he can do. I also think that there is not always total “reality” in “reality TV.” But I bet this guy’s story is basically true, so that makes it moving.

  20. Steve says

    Besides orchestral music, I’m also a big opera fan.

    Maybe Andrew loses a few points for intonation, but I liked it – a lot. He doesn’t have the power of true castrati (from what we know), but he sings well in falsetto. However, I’m skeptical of the value of falsetto in real opera, and I’d like to hear what his full singing voice sounded like. Regardless, I’d buy an album of his.

    The look is wonderfully contradictory on the surface, but considering the tons of make-up used in opera, he’ll fit right in.


  21. vanndean says

    If this young man grew up in Texas, he has had enough bullying to last him ten lifetimes. If he is gay, okay. If he is not gay, okay. What he did by stepping out in front of a packed house, did not hesitate to respond to Howard’s not funny remark about his appearance, and then to sing without tossing his cookies took balls the size of cantaloupes. Growing up in Texas and not being into sports is to invite every homophobe in the town, county, and state to make some comment about his looks and his manhood. You would think that some people that had undergone any of the bullying experience would know when it is time to let it go and have something positive to say about this young man’s talent. Before you decide to join the derision, stop and think about what we as a nation have done to our children. Either you are part of the problem or you are part of the solution. As for me,I am going to say: Andrew DeLeon, good job.

  22. says

    Cela m’a fait penser: et si, quand j’étais jeune, mes parents n’avaient pas été en mesure de payer mes lunettes? Que serait ma vie ont été? Heureusement, ma vue est quelque chose que je peux prendre pour acquis. Je veux essayer d’aider d’autres personnes leur tenir pour acquis ainsi.

  23. says

    He should hook up with Phillippe Jarousskey and Max Emanuel Cencic, in some minds the two premier contra-tenors signed by EIM classics.
    It’d be a worthy contribution to the music world if he went on to develop his talent.

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