1. andrew says

    they were dreadful. the fact that sytycd spent so much time to promo them and show them made me think we’d see something special…and we didnt.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    I don’t watch this show, and so I would never have seen these two wonderful brothers if you hadn’t posted this, Andy. Thank you.

    It’s ironic to me that they were disqualified because they were too old for the show. They are all about YOUTH and style to me.

  3. Paul R says

    Here’s why people don’t like it. Twins that close are creepy because it suggests incest. Duh. I don’t dislike them because of their attitudes or behavior. But it’s a bit weird.

    Several of my straight brothers are really affectionate, but we don’t sleep in the same room or shop together, etc.

    Why would these shows have such arbitrary age cutoffs? And what the hell is that blue dress on the middle judge? Is she wearing a cobra down her chest?

  4. Michaelandfred says

    They were a lot of fun. It’s a rainbow, remember? Diversity. Even if the cut off hadn’t been thirty they didn’t have the dance strength to go further, IMO, but they were huge fun and everyone enjoyed them.

  5. bandanajack says

    i am stunned by the negative comments, all the shows regular viewers that i talked to enjoyed their banter, and their dancing, immensely. they really did do schtick and dance quite well.

    MANY worse have been spotlighted.

  6. Sarina says

    Nigel Lythgoe makes it impossible for me to watch this. I still can’t get over the negativity of the judges against same-sex couples, when it came to dancing.

  7. jim says

    Loved’em, once they started dancing. The banter got annoying after about 45 seconds…shocked to find out they’re 30+, I’d honestly have put them at about 22 (look quite young, act quite immature). But the dancing was fab, especially the cartwheel move.

    If there’s an age cutoff on this show, why were these guys even given numbers and allowed to go into an audition? Seems kind of weirdly manipulative on someone’s part.

  8. antisaint says

    I don’t get the ‘incest’ vibe from these two. I just think they’re really close. I know twins like this. I’ve tended to see that sort of closeness with female twins, but I didn’t see anything alarming.

    I was expecting them to just flat-out suck, but they were good. They weren’t so much in character the way most people on the show dance, but they were very good.

    A year or two ago there was a brother-sister duo who auditioned and they were… close. Their routine was not the kind of routine a brother dances with his sister, it was uncomfortable.

    @Jim – The show sometimes features dancers who either don’t or clearly won’t qualify for one reason or another. I would guess these two probably just made such an impression that they let them do their dance. A few shows ago a boy with Asperger’s or some form of autism auditioned and was clearly not going to make it through, but it was a nice means of awareness and encouraging others to go for their passion. They sometimes have polka or lindy hoppers come out, and there was a kid a few years back who was AMAZING but a year too young.

  9. anthony says

    Ridiculous. Why are they overly camping it up with those over the top cartoonish ghetto gay accents??? I really doubt they are that cartoonish and ghetto-nelly in real life. Very embarrassing. Couldn’t watch the whole thing.

  10. Josh says

    These guys were fantastic. Yes, their dance technique wasn’t spotless, but their personalities were flawless. I couldn’t have ever been more proud to watch an episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

    Also, I think they should have done broadway. Their talents were performing. They would be a great circus act. Lol

    Nah, they need a talk show. Ellen Degeneresand these twins could join hands and make this country even more diverse. Sorry ladies and gentlemen, but gay marriage will happen in the U.S. It was always meant to happen. As soon as this older generation dies off (that sounds bad but I don’t care), this country will finally be an open nation. People will accept each other and it will be a truly wonderful place.

  11. Dara Dixon says

    I Absolutely loved them and hope that they do get they get their own show! Talented humorous, quick witted, wish I knew them so they could be my besties! I love it when people can be themselves regardless of what other people say or think! BRAVO NINJAS! You should audition for America’s Got Talent if you haven’t already. Totally made my night and I am one of their biggest fans!!!! Holla for their talent and don’t change a single thing! Peace Out! Oh yeah, and you haters can change the channel and get to steppin for realz!

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