‘Baptist Press’ Worried Souls Won’t Be Saved During Pride Month

JohnTheBaptistThe Baptist Press is the journalisic organ of the Southern Baptist Convention, and its staff is not pleased that June is LGBT Pride Month. In particular, they're distressed that the president's declaration of June as Pride Month makes it more difficult to minister to those who wish to be un-gayed. At least that's what's bugging Bob Stith, the only person directly quoted in the Press's article on the subject. Stith is the "the Southern Baptist national strategist for gender issues and the representative of the denomination's Task Force on Ministry to Homosexuals," and here's what he's got to say:

"The president calls for freedom, fairness and full equality under the law and eliminating prejudice everywhere it exists. This would be much more believable if he extended that concern to those who seek to leave homosexuality," Stith added. "The task of helping those who do not want to live homosexually grows more difficult each time this kind of proclamation comes out."

It's difficult to imagine how Obama's Pride Month proclamation makes it more difficult for Stith's co-religionists to minister to gayfolk, and Stith doesn't bother to explain. In the absence of details, it might be safe to assume that what Stith really means is that proclamations like Obama's make young, impressionable gayfolk less receptive to Stith's message, and that's a different thing altogether. That Stith would conflate the two strikes this writer as creepy.

Elsewhere in the Baptist Press's article, one finds some enlightening explanation of confounding gay lingo:

Transgender is a category that includes cross-dressers and people undergoing sex-change operations. Gender identity is a term that refers to men and women who believe they were born the wrong sex.

Good to know.


  1. arthur v says

    Did anyone read this and think of (the) Sith from star wars? Darn rebels, making the republic seem more evil!

  2. arthur v says

    Did anyone read this and think of (the) Sith from star wars? Darn rebels, making the republic seem more evil!

  3. john patrick says

    Anything that makes it more difficult for Stith to do his harmful “ministry” is a good thing.

  4. Michaelandfred says

    Yes, with these kinds of proclamations how do we shame people into believing they are going to hell and are vile sexual deviants if others keep telling them they are fine!! Methinks it won’t be much longer before poor Bob is joining Maggie in the unemployment line. Begone Bob, before someone drops a house on you too.

  5. UFFDA says

    What is that Neanderthal doing beckoning in the river? Please don’t tell me he’s impersonating Jesus attempting to walk on water or maybe the Baptist Moses unsuccessfully parting the waters of the Red Sea. Can’t we just bury these people with ridicule.

  6. Ronny says

    How exactly does one “live homosexually?” I’m worried I’m doing it wrong, or not enough.

  7. gregory brown says

    To get relief from the image of the river dunker pictured above, search Google Images for Caravaggio and John the Baptist. Some will say the paintings are perverse: I’m not turned on by the models, simply delighted at the humanity of the artist’s conception.

    With your mind cleared, try to understand HOW the ministry to HOmo-sexuals can be made harder by a Pride Month declaration. Those misguided enough to want to change wil pursue that goal, the rest of us won’t, some will resist the whole idea actively. Nothing different from May or July.

  8. Lymis says


    Yet more privileged morons who think that only gay people have a sexual orientation and only trans people have a gender identity.

    That’s like saying that only blonds have a hair color or that only lefties have a handedness. Or that white people have no race.

  9. Gregv says

    So they want full equality under the law for people who want to “leave homosexuality?”
    Okay, so why don’t they convince Obama to make sure that people (gay, straight or bi) can choose the spouse of whatever gender suits them, even if that means they’re gay marrying to opposite-sex or straight and marrying same sex… and to make sure that no one is forced to go to gay events (and are free to choose a church that supports freedom and equality for all or to attend a church that’s as homophobic, racist or sexist as they wish.)
    Oh, yeah, that’s what Obama DOES support already. Freedom of conscience, freedom to choose your own church (or none) and freedom to choose your own relationships.
    These idiots who want the whole world to be forced by law to follow THEIR religious ways never have any consistency in their arguments.

  10. says

    remember: these people think “All Jews go to Hell”

    as there are more non-Christians than gay people in America, their worry is ridiculous.

    stop worrying about the gays. be more “upset” that millions of Non-Christians aren’t, apparently, “going to be saved”

  11. andrew says

    What are souls supposed to be saved from? A non existant hell? A silly purgatory? A now abandoned Limbo? It is all such nonsense. Read the bible, people, and you will see what B.S. it contains. Free yourselves from all this primitive nonsense!!!!!