1. Don with a "D" says

    Inspirational, sweet, tragic and yet another reminder to all of us that we should love hard and big…for tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us.

  2. UFFDA says

    If, as he says, he believes that it is all meant to be he will manage beautifully leaving behind a trail of exemplary strength no matter what the outcome. If he can have signs all over the house that say “Andy is Spartacus” – and get the role – he must try “Andy is healthy” at eye level everywhere in his life. Consistent positive thought is the only right religion.

  3. says

    I had the privilege of meeting the cast of Season 1 of Spartacus and all of them were amazingly humble, friendly and caring people. I remember meeting Andy and preparing to get treated like a dumb fan and he was the most genuine person. THank you for sharing this story with us. rip Andy- champion in all life

  4. says

    Just those six minutes made me a bit teary so I can’t imagine what a full length documentary will do. I hope it gets made and I hope all Spartacus fans watch it and get some closure.

    It really became unbearable to be a member of the Spartacus Facebook page the past season. Every other post is something saying things like “Don’t disrespect Andy”, “You should have canceled the show when Andy got sick” and the most absurd to me was when the promotional posters came out for the past season there were people upset that Andy’s image wasn’t used in them. I felt like it was really disrespectful to the other people involved in creating the show and I had to stop reading them because it was just a constant reminder of his death.

  5. Tim says

    UFFDA, he’s already passed away. Alan, can’t you turn off the horniness long enough to respect this man as a person and patient and not just a piece of meat?

  6. says

    RIP Andy, thanks so much for letting us into your life both in the show and in your life. I have a feeling, you won’t be forgotten soon. May his family remain strong and know that their loved one was loved by many.

  7. says

    “Why bother now with the documentary?”

    Maybe because life and death and coping with both are important subjects? Just because he died doesn’t mean his life story can’t be inspirational. Most of us won’t play Spartacus, but we’ll all face mortality sooner or later. Hard to imagine that people wouldn’t find this poignant and meaningful.

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