1. Raf says

    I haven’t seen Jay Brannan in years. I like his music and find him very talented.
    I’m distracted and unsettled though, by the perception that his face seems sunken. It makes me think, rightly or wrongly: “How can this still be happening in 2012, and to smart, young people?” I hope it is just the lighting in that elevator.

  2. says

    @ Steven :

    I think “Denmark” is his greatest song (it’s on this album)….though this one is also exceptional.
    Jay has been writing such strong incredible songs for years and touring tirelessly…..and we love him in Europe.
    i just hope this vid and his new album have every success. He deserves it.
    Now when are we going to see Jay in some more movies, after “Shortbus” and “Holding Trevor” ????

  3. Geoff says

    Sex objects do change. If I had a dime for every bald, shaved headed gay guy out there I’d be rich. Then I’d fly to Brazil to find a someone really sexy.

  4. jamesintoronto says

    That was beautiful in so many ways and a testament to the fact that all we’re really looking for is love. What’s so scary about that?

  5. says

    I first encountered Jay in his “I Want to Be A Housewife” vid; then “Can’t Have It All” was a great vid……now this one is, as you guys say, so classy.
    Jay really does wonderful vids……
    Much of Jay’s best work is about blighted love……and it’s all wonderful.

  6. Randy says

    Oh dear. Rebecca Watson would not approve. People must leave when the elevator reaches their chosen floor, or its harassment.

    But I certainly approve.

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