1. Tony says

    Wow, we’ve seen pretty much every at this point so it’s very rare to find an ad that’s actually clever like this one.

  2. David in Houston says

    Poor NOM and OMM. Now they have to boycott Chevy too… while NOT having Starbucks coffee… or wearing Nike shoes… or using Google… or shopping at Home Depot… and on and on…

  3. Autarchic says

    I figure we should start our own OMM…One Million ‘Mo’s.

    We publicly (and vocally) support the companies that publicly support us.

    Chevy gets the first endorsement and a trophy for its genderless celebration of every facet of the LGBT community.


  4. Michaelandfred says

    Look! There goes One Million Mom in her garage sale hand me downs being pushed by Tony Perkins in a wheel barrow.

  5. Bill says

    They should run an ad featuring the Corvair saying; “Mom, Dad, I like it in the rear!”

    (The Chevrolet Corvair had a rear-mounted engine, for those of you too young to know)

  6. jamal49 says

    Don’t know why but this has brought tears to my eyes. After the last week or so, it’s nice to see something so positive especially from such a large and influential corporation. My next car will be a Chevy, that’s for sure. Stuff like this matters. Of course, this now means that the 100, I mean the 1,000, I mean the maybebutprobablynotmillionmoms will have to boycott Chevrolet. Good luck with that.

  7. Redebbm says

    I love the new chevy’s, love that they released this ad. Maybe one of a typical gay couple on a road trip next? I never thought i’d see such an influx of LGBT ads. It’s not overly in your face, it’s clever, it’s inclusive, and it’s making right wing nuts heads explode. It was awesome to see the GAP ad on the side of a Metro bus as well with no one glancing a second look.

  8. Lucas says

    @AUTARCHIC, A drag queen, Pandora Boxx, just started a facebook and twitter page called @1MillionQueens..

  9. Patrick says

    How are the OMM’s going to take their kids to school and soccer practice if they now have to boycott the Suburban, Tahoe and/or Malibu sitting in their garages?

  10. R says

    Wow, One Million Moms (divided by one million) is going to have a real conniption over this one!

  11. gomez says

    clever. and the impending exploding heads of regressives over this is just gravy.