1. says

    the most interesting, and telling, thing about the whole Crocker phenomenon is the incredible anger and rage that a certain demographic sub-group of Gay harbors toward him.

    and we all know why.

    it’s funny – there’s the whole “gays like him ruin it for the rest of us” rhetoric, which makes no sense.

    here’s a terrific lesson for those in that rather-sad demographic: learn to be as unafraid of what other people think as Crocker is.

    nobody is saying you need to look like him, talk like him, act like him, or any of that.

    but if this guy can be who he is, and how he is, in a culture still baseless prejudiced against people like him then it should be inspiring for people to live out loud, despite the hate.

    i mean, sure. we all know the regular trolls will come in to scream “FEM!” and stuff like that.

    but if Crocker isn’t afraid then why are you? Oh, that’s right. then we have to deal with the fact that there’s resentment than some gay men aren’t crippled by the same fears of “being known as gay” (or what “kind” of gay) that the trolls do.

    oh well.

    the doc looks interesting!

  2. George F says

    Crocker is still a young man… He could definitely develop into a beautiful human being…He is an interesting character for sure…
    I will be watching this documentary alright!

  3. Rascal says

    The thing that gave it away for me about Chris was that he was just way too easy to condescend to. And almost everyone fell for it. Even those who would ordinarily bestow the benefit of the doubt were much too easily inclined to be dismissive. Self-indulgent shenanigans register quickly and very low on my media appeal scale, and from my very first encounter with Crocker programming I was suspicious. Not suspicious that he was a clueless, self-indulgent drama queen, but suspicious that his antics had pinned my radar about such things into the red zone much too quickly and completely. As though I was being fooled into thinking he was something less than he was. I decided right then and there, and have since believed, that Chris Crocker is an artis in the truest sense.

  4. Randy says says this is showing on MONDAY at 9pm.

    It doesn’t appear to be showing on HBO in Canada simultaneously, or at any time this month or next.

  5. Bleh says

    Some of you have some trouble differentiating between trash and self-loathing. Not liking the Chris Crocker of the Internet is not self-loathing, it’s a dislike for trash.

    I’ve got no problem with him, and everyone’s entitled to earn a living. But I’m not into trash.

    Word to the wise, gay trash is still trash.

  6. Nick Name says

    I had the pleasure of seeing the fim at Sundance and thought it was great. I also found Chris Crocket to be very smart and likeable. It takes a heck of a lot of guts to be an out and proud queen in Tennessee and on Youtube. The haters and (self loathing) homophobes on thiese sites could learn something from him.

  7. Caliban says

    I really think there’s more to Chris Crocker than meets the eye. FWIW, I don’t know where he’s living now but at the time of the “Leave Britney Alone” video and for a long time afterward he lived somewhere within a few miles of where I live, in a small Tennessee town. I never met him and doubt I’d have much in common with him, but finding that out made me play closer attention to him than I normally would have. My initial reaction was probably much like everyone else’s, “Aw GEEZ! Another bad stereotype!”

    But read the profile of him in Seattle’s The Stranger from several years ago. Or watch a video if him being interviewed about this film. One thing that many missed if they just saw the Britney video was that here was a young, abused (had to be homeschooled due to bullying in public school) gay boy and he was really REALLY pissed! A lot of his videos were basically screams of rage. But when he calms down he’s smarter than you give him credit for and more thoughtful.

    Yes there’s the flirting with doing porn thing, and the cross-dressing period (which seems to have ended) but he is (or was) a small-town gay kid who suddenly became “internet famous” and there were a lot of temptations.

    So I plan to give the documentary a look. I really think there’s more to him than you think. At least I hope so.

  8. Rafa says

    I’m a fan of Chris Crocker, and thrilled tonhear about what sounds like a smart and well made film. He’s so intelligent, expressive, passionate, analytical, opinionated… How can I see this here in Toronto?

  9. says

    I support all LGBT as they strive to pursue what goals they set out to do. In a world that demands they become straight “or else..” and is filled with bigotry, I support every gay person who is openly forthcoming and honest with who they are, is ambitious and is brave to grab it. Good luck Chris Crocker

  10. Dynex says

    Some gays see the pursuits and success of fellow gays as a reminder of what they haven’t done and quotmatically become catty and vicious toward said gay, while uplifting and supporting most heterosexuals. Other gays see it as a triumph for themselves when a fellow LGBT member can clim up, get visibility and do what they want without being forced to hide in a small closet making apologies for being gay. Those two differences is what seperates a well adjusted gay person and a self loathing gay person for me. Time and time again, you can count on this sites posters to belittle ALL gay men in the arts and media, while fawning over virtually all straight men. Speaks volumes about the level of shame within them.

  11. bite-johnson says

    @ Dynex

    It’s also important to explore the anti fem element of the gay community. Many self described “masculine” or “str8 acting” gay men have a level of disdain toward fem gays that can only be compared to that of the worst homophobic bully on a playground. They demand everyone who is gay be exactly like them. They believe every gay person is a representation of them. Instead of being themselves and showcasing to the world who they want to be seen as, they’d rather police how every gay man behaves, what they wear, how they talk….not very different than your average homophobic preacher. When you get down to it, the “str8 acting” gay man is preaching for the same thing the homophobic preacher is…sameness and changing who you are for the comfort of others.

  12. ThisNow says

    If some kid having a documentary on HBO angers you, or frustrates you to the point where you gotta throw daggers at him, you don’t have enough problems in your own life. who cares if he’s doing what he wants? seriously. go get a hobby. damn.

  13. Jax says

    This actually looks interesting. I may check it out, and see if it IS interesting or not. and I agree with other commentators, the level of viciousness directed to one of our own (and not just this Crocker dude but ALL gay people in the public eye) is a level of insanity on here. A picture of a straight athlete gets posted and there’s dozens of proposals to mary him in the comments section…a picture of any gay news anchor, singer, model or actor gets posted and it’s vile, bitter, nasty commentary. That IS self loathing. You call it anything you want to help you feel better about yourself, but we as humans are not wired to discover in ourselves what others see in us.

  14. J. James says

    All the best to him. Cut be a creative genius. Usually people who are ‘off’ make for great creatvity. Hope he does well in whatever he chooses.

  15. TJ says

    I sincerely hope he gets an education. He has lived his life, his youth, most bizarrely ( by my old perspective) in front of a camera. His generation lives for exposure. In that context, his maybe porn career (did he ever go through with that?) makes sense. But from what I have read, he seems so much more than a video blip on a pop radar screen. Go to college, Chris. And then, to grad school. You have something to say, and to share, worth listening to. Learn what it is, and how to share it most effectively.

  16. Alexx says

    I didn’t know Chris Crocker was relevant, ever.

    I dislike Crocker because so many straight people, in my experience, take him as the stereotypical example of what all gay men are/should be like, which is infuriating.

    Stereotypes are a natural neurological function of the brain (streamlining information into preferred representations), but that doesn’t mean we should embrace them.

    I dislike Crocker because I find him disingenuous and I dislike him for the same reason I dislike comedians like Lisa Lamponelli, and people who can’t see beyond stereotypes and prejudice (there is a correlation between the two).

  17. lazerlightsdreamz says

    I LOVE Chris Crocker because he DOES represent gay stereotypes..and they are NOT stereotypes. Many gay men can identify with his brand of gay and it’s just as valid and worthy of respect as anyone else. Good for him for not conforming. I respect that greatly

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