1. Nat says

    Love this song! Two of a couple of my favorite artists is win/win for me! Chris Martin looks especially hot in this video for some reason.

  2. luminum says

    Samurai sword. Eyeroll.

    ‘In another secondhand embarrassment-inducing attempt to uphold his authority as a Spanish teacher, Schue dons “authentic Spanish matador” garb for a bilingual Elvis performance. Things reach a new low when he brings out Mike and Brittany as his bulls, and the only good thing about the number is that it prompts Santana to finally challenge his qualifications. “Why don’t you dress up as the Taco Bell chihuahua and bark the theme song to Dora the Explorer? You don’t even know enough to be embarrassed about these stereotypes that you’re perpetuating,” she says…’

  3. endo says

    Someone needs to spend more time in world history.

    The ninja costumes are feudal Japan.

    The many-armed goddesses are typically Hindu deities from India.

    I do like the song though. It’s the only track on Mylo Xyloto I like.

  4. Dr Mortimer says

    Indeed, stupid clichés.

    Japanese clothing, head gear, Japanese katana…

    How stupid do you have to be? I mean, even if they had taken the Chinese equivalents of those, it would still be clichés. But at least it would be accurate.

    That’s like having a video clip about the USA featuring the Carnival of Rio, moose hunting and maya symbols.

  5. Alex says

    I dunno I can’t look at Rihanna anymore without thinking “complete junkie train wreck/abuse victim going back for seconds”.

  6. endo says

    I don’t understand why music videos are beyond accurate representations of culture.

    Greg, you’re the reason why Americans remain so stupid.

  7. Greg says

    @ Endo WOW…so mean spirited a comment

    Music videos COULD be made to be accurate representations of other cultures in a more perfect world, but in reality they’re made to entertain not educate.
    I noticed the cultural inaccuracies, as did many if the commentators before me, but I don’t expect to gain my knowledge of other cultures from watching music videos and was not horribly offended by how loose they played with cultures and history.

    p.s. Why on earth do you think I am American?

  8. simplet0n says

    let’s hear what the chinese, japanese and thais have to say. i’m not any of them, but i’m asian, and i’m offended by the fact that they missed the beauty of divergence of different asian cultures and simply lumped them together as “chinese.” it’s been decades since the west in general have done this, despite the so-called “world integration.”

  9. taidenise says

    Some parts of this video to classics such as crouching tiger, hidden dragon among others. While some things in this video might not be “culturally correct”.. You have no choice but to admire the beauty of this video.

    And so what Rihanna isn’t Asian, more specifically Chinese.. When Gong Li played Hatsumomo in memoirs of a geisha, she played a Japanese woman. Angelina Jolie has played a black woman and there are countless other examples that race doesn’t matter for the part you’re playing.

    Besides, its a music video. Enjoy it, stop judging it.