1. the milkman says

    That kid so doesn’t want to be gay. He’ll pray until his knees are flat, and nothing. Still gay. Maybe then he’ll quit running his mouth, but I doubt it. Inbred trash.

  2. 99% says

    Thank the maker that someone has stepped forward to secede Rush Limbaugh. We need to keep the crap flowing for a whole new generation of ingrate morons.

  3. grench says

    People who think that you can decide to be gay (or not) are basically repressed gays–because clearly they’ve made a decision. Otherwise, agree with Sam, his poor grammar makes him impossible to listen to.

  4. Tadpolicus Wex says

    If and when this frail slip of a freak inspires and/or succeeds in violence against us REMEBER he’s old enough to be charged as an adult & a few years in prison will sort him right out!

  5. Swiminbuff says

    Well his parents and likely the local pastor have taught him well,poor kid. Someday he will wake up and look in the mirror and decide he cannot live with himself anymore, then he will either rush out of the closet or off himself. Not a lot of happiness in his life I am betting.

    Why are conservatives so concerned with other peoples sex lives? it is so bizarre. Haven’t they got more important things to worry about?

  6. Dan says

    We need more vileness like this. It will add supporters to our cause like wildfire. All he is doing is undermining the Right’s claim that they don’t hate gays. Clearly this prat and all the rest of them loathe us.

  7. Joe says

    Yes, the county where he is at is indeed being overran with gays who is making him sad and sick. I hopes he can get his mind off of anal sex long enough to improve hims grammar skills. He’s a racist, homophobic little pinhead. They are a dime a dozen here in West Virginia.

  8. Sam says

    Complete and utter ignorance. I thought we were done with the nonsense of the choice argument. Kids don’t decide to be gay anymore than this ignorant fool choose to be “straight” {cough}.

    But you have to consider the source and listen to how this backwoods inbred talks. I’d say someone is deeply repressed. So sad!

  9. mike says

    I listened to 3 minutes of this “kid” on his “show” and I don’t think we have anything to worry about. He is a terrible, I mean TERRIBLE speaker. The incoherentness of his rants, the stumbling speaking manner, not to mention the blatant parroting of things he’s heard from other buffoons like Rush- it was painful to listen to, like a bad contestant on American Idol. Painful and embarrassing.

  10. Nemo says

    Why are we even paying any attention to a young man that has been obviously abused by religion in the form of systematic indoctrination and brain washing since he was probably a toddler, religion is the most negative and evil force facing humanity now a days, he is a prime example of that evil in motion.

  11. Cory says

    One positive thing out of this hateful display of ignorance is that this YouTube video at present time has 77 likes, and 3428 dislikes.

    This tool will be crying about hate mail and treats he will no doubt soon receive.

  12. says

    ANOTHER closet case from the south?

    I’m sorry… I meant to say “Another sterling example of the uber-heterosexualiness that just OOZES from the pores of these fine southern males who clearly have absolutely NOTHING to prove and are completely comfortable in their own sexuality (their constant obsession with the locations and activities of all the gay male penises in America notwithstanding…) .”

  13. Dan Cobb says

    Had he been stolen from his wacko Right-wing re-born parents when he was 2 years old, he would be praising Allah and espousing the truths of Islam.

  14. Priceless says

    LOL!!!!!! Boy he doesn’t listen to Rush or anything!LOL

    Even his speech patterns and physical mannerisms are exactly like Rush. It’s actually hilarious!
    Talk about dittohead.

  15. Michael W. says

    He’s trying very hard to emulate Rush Limbaugh’s intonation, tone, and rhythm. He doesn’t have a voice of his own yet so he’s adopting a well-known person’s voice to reach a ready-made crowd. Also, he’s a tool.

  16. AggieCowboy says

    He doesn’t have a book. He has a 48-page (text actually starts on page 12) large print pamphlet that costs $8.99. Seriously?!? He’s certainly proud of his little high school essay…which is all it is.

    No reviews, no sales data.

  17. mike says

    I’m 48 and I’m just exhausted at how many times I have been straight, then decided to be gay then switched back to being straight. Now, thanks to Obama I can finally be gay. I’ma gonna vote for him so I can be gay for another four years.

  18. Miss Anna says

    You’ve got to be taught
    To hate and fear,
    You’ve got to be taught
    From year to year,
    It’s got to be drummed
    In your dear little ear
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.

    You’ve got to be taught to be afraid
    Of people whose eyes are oddly made,
    And people whose skin is a diff’rent shade,
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.

    You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late,
    Before you are six or seven or eight,
    To hate all the people your relatives hate,
    You’ve got to be carefully taught!

  19. Garth says

    This is what marriage “equality” has created. This mind set is alive and well and more prevalent than you know. Get ready to become a target. He’s getting the publicity. You’re not. There’s is an army that agrees with his bad grammar and bad logic.

  20. Danny in the East Village says

    wait till he figures out what it means that he always thinks about his buddies in the locker room when he has his cock in his hand.

  21. says

    Does this kid not realize that people were gay LONG before President Obama was president???….or even born???? Poor kid. Probably got his wrist cracked and got a good punch from his dad, who forced him to dig ditches at 4 years old, because you know, that’s what boys do. SMH!

  22. Dale says

    I bet if you check under this kids bed you’ll find a bunch of crusty tissues or socks where he has ejaculated into thinking about his gay friends telling him they’re gay.

  23. D says

    Bigotry is bigotry, even when mouthed by a teenager. The only reason we know about this kid is because he’s a walking “man bites dog” story.

  24. vanndean says

    Wouldn’t he be a great citizen if he knew as much about the Constitution of the United States of America as he claims to know about the bible?

  25. samuel says

    His being 14 gives little credence to his word. Actually, I had the hardest time just gettng past his dangling prepositions and incorrect pronouns!

  26. TJ says

    I could only listen to about 30 seconds before the stupid became unbearable. I don’t know that he is repressing his latent homosexuality, but I’d be willing to bet that he is a beyond creepy little narcissist/opportunist who hopes to make a career out of being the next Rush. I mean, seriously. A 14 year-old with a talk show? Delusions of granduer and an ego the size of WV, and he seems to have found is niche. And he has no need for any more education than he already has to be a real big a**hole.

  27. Paul says

    Sheeessh What another great excuse for an abortion and birth control. He is so ignorant it is beyond comprehension. Why didn’t he cite any mainstream medical sources that say homosexuality is always a choice. You know why? THERE ISN’T ANY. This kid better get educated on the topic or he is going to have a very sad life.

  28. Paul says

    Sheeessh What another great excuse for an abortion and birth control. He is so ignorant it is beyond comprehension. Why didn’t he cite any mainstream medical sources that say homosexuality is always a choice. You know why? THERE ISN’T ANY. This kid better get educated on the topic or he is going to have a very sad life.

  29. Oliver says

    this kid should be the poster child for why we need to pump more money into eduction. i pity this poor kid having to grow up in such an intolerant and hateful mindset. i realize it is hard, but not impossible, so i pray he is somehow able outgrow his environment. i hope he is getting himself educated!

  30. says

    Miss Anna, thank you for that South Pacific truth!

    this kid is a brutal example of the effects of learned bigotry and the way ignorant adults are determined to raise their children to be just as hateful and stupid as they are.

    he’s a hateful little brat, to be sure. he’ll get exactly what he’s deserves. trust it.

  31. Jim says

    His guest

    Herman Cain- dropped out of pres race after sexual harassment came to light.

    Bill Maloney- hated by many Republicans for his dirty tricks…trails Dem Gov 32-60.

    John Raese- One of the biggest jokes in WV politics…trails Dem Sen 22-74.

    What a crew!

  32. Azgaard says

    IRONY: noun, meaning a minor child legally prohibited from having sex with an adult complaining about adults having legal sex with each other.
    See also: hypocrisy; closet case.

  33. Paul B. says

    I learned something important today…. that they don’t have or believe in dentists or dentistry in West Va.
    Of course we already knew about West Va.’s liberal cousin on cousin policy, homeschooling as a form of brainwashing & witnessing as a form of love…but now they’re criminalizing oral hygiene. What next? Oh, that must be man on dog.

  34. William says

    Forgetting this is a young guy who still has a lot of maturing to do in terms of his understanding of human sexuality, would it be safe to say something about him is setting off my gaydar? He apparently has some personal issues to deal with and some strong indoctrination to overcome.

  35. Artie in Lauderdale says

    Christianist idiots like this are just arranging deckchairs on the Titanic. Their hateful religious cult is doomed. Most Americans despise them.

  36. Brian J. says

    He should keep reading a few more verses…namely Romans 2:1

    I think the New Living Translation says it best:

    You may think you can condemn such people, but you are just as bad, and you have no excuse! When you say they are wicked and should be punished, you are condemning yourself, for you who judge others do these very same things.

  37. Francis says

    Well, if nothing else, it’s stupidity such as this that is one of the primary reasons why we continue to gain support as a community.

  38. noteasilyoffended says

    No biggie. He’ll be caught in no time leaving some GH or some trashy gay bar in the BF town he is from. Sad that hate starts this early. Does one even TRY to tell him that being gay is a choice? Nah. He’ll find out soon enough.

  39. Rick says

    Hey, Derrick, if you are reading the comments, just make note of the number of derogatory references to where this boy is from and the number of references to “hillbilly” and the like, including from Paul B., who was so outraged by “stereotyping” people by race as homophobic the other day.

    See what I mean about other groups being far more stereotyped and viciously attacked than blacks are when one of their number demonstrates homophobia?

    And this is a 14-year-old boy, for heaven’s sakes, who is not even old enough to form his own coherent thoughts about such matters.

  40. Mary says

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the possibility that this child (and at 14 that’s what he is) will likely change his views as he matures? I mean he has a way to go before he’s even an adult. And sympathty for gays is growing by the year. Right not he’s proabably motivated by a desire to be the next Rush Limbaugh and so is playing up his anti-gay stance. But as the culture changes opposition to gay rights in all forms will recede in the Republican party. How many of us hold the same opinions on every issue that we had at age 14? I mean your good friend Mary is now pro-gay at age 51 after spending several decades being anti-gay politically.

    ……..(And don’t you just hate it when people refer to themselves in the third person?)

  41. Joseph says

    I’m going to end up adding “isn’t that the state where the homophobic kid with a talkshow is from” to the list of ever increasing comments that make me ashamed of saying “I’m from WV,” aren’t I?

  42. HeyMrPhipps says

    Grab a juicebox and take nap, Squirt! The adults are talking. Then maybe after a few years of shutting the hell up, you can open up your damn yap after you’ve learned something about the world.

  43. Paul B. says

    Oh Rick…stereotype is the wrong word this.
    I’m just referring to poor white trash from a southern state with no education but his mother in the kitchen…who has no teeth…and is a “good christian” of course. Sound like a relative of yours Ricky?

  44. Dave says

    This is how the anti-gay Christians are fighting the war against LGBT people, they are using children who have been taught by the members like the FBI and CIA who are Christians and know how to fight using psychological warfare and the Christian Church how to wage war using psychological warfare or using words to degrade and harass gays. They think that children and women will not be attacked back legally because they are children and women. If they attack LGBT people then attack back any legal way you can. The Christians must be losing when they use their children and women to do their dirty work. It seems people are tired of their hate and attacks on LGBT people and other minorities.

  45. Deee! says

    How come everytime I see a “Christian”, I feel less inclined to ascribe to any faith? Because majority of these people are smug, arrogant and annoying. I would give anything to debate this kid on his radio show, just so I can destroy his arguments and then verbally rip him to shreds and leave a sobbing heap when I’m done. Wow, I’m really angry….

  46. FunMe says

    And in his personal Facebook he seems to be the typical arrogant PENTECOSTAL fanatic obsessed with gays. Check this out:

    Caiden Cowger
    Haha I was watching my video against Homosexuality, and before the YouTube video played, an Oprah ad came on about Neil Patrick Harris and his MALE HUSBAND! (HAHA) I THINK YOUTUBE IS TRYING TO AGITATE ME!”

  47. FunMe says

    His Youtube wasn’t hacked. It was DELETED!

    I ended up reporting his 2nd account:
    Report this video as inappropriate
    Please select the category that most closely reflects your concern about the video, so that we can review it and determine whether it violates our Community Guidelines or isn’t appropriate for all viewers. Abusing this feature is also a violation of the Community Guidelines, so don’t do it.

    Flag for: promotes hatred or violence

    Per our Community Guidelines, we don’t permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a protected group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity).

    Please indicate what the hate speech was about:

    Please also provide any additional information which you think could help us verify the issue as quickly as possible:

  48. Laurie says

    Guys, as much of dipshit punk as this kid is, it’s not okay for us to condone violence against him. I’ve seen at least two comments here to that effect. Not cool. It makes us look bad. He’s obviously a closet queen. Give him time.

  49. billmiller says

    He sounds like a young rushy limpbleach! What a sad kid. Romney will probably win the next election. I feel sorry for all of us. Life will be rough soon.

  50. PJW says

    I’m listening to this as I type this comment and I agree that his grammar is just awful, but is message is pure ignorance. It is just truly sad that this young person has been so thoroughly brainwashed.

  51. Rick says

    Oh Rick…stereotype is the wrong word this.
    “I’m just referring to poor white trash from a southern state with no education but his mother in the kitchen…who has no teeth…and is a “good christian” of course. Sound like a relative of yours Ricky?”

    See what I mean, Derrick. Many of these “liberals” are not principled people–not in the least; they just pander to you because you are black because they see it in their best political interests to do so.

    45% of white North Carolinians voted against the recent anti-gay proposition that was on the ballot, but they don’t count in the world of Paul B., nor does he care if he offends gay people who are from North Carolina or West Virginia with his comments–so to use your analogy of the other day, he must hate gay people from those states, too.

  52. Paul B. says

    @Rick…you paint with a very wide brush dear.
    Derrick understands the difference between good white & black people (the majority) and the trash of both colors. There’s even some gay trash RICK…they go by names like GoProud and LCR’s. Ring a bell? Thought so!
    You continue to hide behind your cloak of political correctness…made of voile…so although you think we can’t see you for who you really are…WE CAN.

  53. hotbeef801 says

    Ok ill refrain my nasty comments and try to keep it pc but i agree with the other poster this kid needs a trip to the woodshed with some leather daddies

  54. Jerry6 says

    I feel sorry for this kid. I wonder how long it took the adults in his life to think up this rediculous rant for him. (As an aside, there were comments about his grammar not being very good; As he is in West Virginia, his grammar is normal for an adult there.) Back to the kid:

    The scarey thing about him is that he may grow up to be the the next Rush Lim…. Whoever. Never could spell his last name correctly.

  55. Michaelandfred says

    All joking aside, I don’t know what I find more disturbing, that adults have so abused a child to be such a hateful bigot, or how poorly the educational system in W. Virginia is.

    Math lesson for Rick. 33% voter turnout means roughly 9% of “white registered voters” voted for the amendment.

  56. gregory brown says

    I finally wattced and listened to this. I have to wonder if I saw some cleaned up version, or if some of the people posting here are so incapable of objectivity that they cannot be trusted.

    I detected TWO grammatical errors, each consistent, a noun verb disagreement. If there are others, please enlighten me.

    The lad’s teeth are fine. Folks in W. VA may not have access to or care as much about dental perfection as some of our kindred.

    What he says is heinous but how he says it is almost as well-spoken as anything I’ve heard from clips of Zac Wahls. Yes, he is making himself sound like a RushKlone, which is disgusting to me. But his intended audience hears and accepts that just as we adore every Zac utterance.

    Is he a repressed queer? maybe…maybe not. Would I want my son dating him: nope, npot at all.

    There are too many of us who focus on irrelevant things that reveal our ignorance of life outside our own boundaries. Try to see the world the way the OTHERS do once in a while. We insist that they do it for us.

  57. Garth says

    Cute kid. He’s doing more damage than $3 million dollars worth of anti Obama campaign ads. Did you read today’s news?” Republicans now believe Mitt Romney can win, and Democrats believe Obama can lose.” Time Magazine 6/7 May be time to move to Sweden.

  58. rdiac says

    It’s almost as if he believes that sh… err, that stuff that comes out of his mouth. So does this mean he could just as readily change teams as he so claims is possible? Sorry, your gay card got permanently lost in the mail – doth protesteth too much don’t cut it no more.

  59. wimsy says

    Would someone explain to me what is so attractive about being gay that people can be tricked into choosing it?

    What would make a person choose to be vilified as an outcast, ridiculed, beaten, discarded, hated, rejected and cursed?

    What is so wonderful about it that halfwits (George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, this idiot kid) feel empowered to pass judgment on people they don’t know — and somehow know what’d thinks about the whole thing?

    Funny…I don’t recall making the decision to become gay…and haven’t been able to find anyone who can.

  60. scotsyank says

    He’s stupid. Clearly thick. What a shame. Most babies born can be anything, and this idiot’s parents made and got this. What a proud moment.

  61. Joe M says

    It’s great to see a kid in today’s generation that can see straight. Even better is the attention he is getting. For anyone to call a straight person a “hater” goes to show what propaganda fuels in this world.

    Men and women have been exclusive since the beginning. The someone with a lot of money suddenly told the gays to embrace their illness. What we must realize is this. We are all born into this world with a flaw. Some people have “feelings” that are sexual toward children. They are labeled as pedophiles. Some people “feel” compelled to harm others. They are called abusers or murderers. There are even people who “feel” compelled to show inflated anger. They are called Bi-Polar and other fancy words.

    We also have people who “feel” sexually attracted to same sex. This is not unlike the pedophiles or murderers. It’s genetic. But that’s no excuse for embracing it. Self denial and sacrifice have always been an integral part of human society. But homos don’t believe in that. They want us to deny ourselves so they can self indulge and serve their own “surrender” to their feelings of gayness. They are out of balance with nature. So, when someone says “They were born that way”, it doesn’t mean they were supposed to live that way. We all have crutches to hold on to. They do to. But they want to change the world to suit their disease and feel “liberated”. That is like giving a Meth addict a lifetime supply of the drug. I bet they will smile from ear to ear and be on top of the world. But everyone around them will suffer for it.

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