1. cdubois says

    Watched earlier, completely genius. Why can’t this be on television. Pledging $50 today on kickstarter

  2. Marky says

    Is it bad that I basically hung up on my friend when I saw this on here?? Yes I let him know, I did not even lie, I mean what if the link broke later on??

  3. Zlick says

    Yeah, I’m hoping the non-trimmed armpits are the reason BOB doesn’t want to live in New York, and not because it’s the kind of small town where you’re always running into your ex on the subway or the barrista you order a latte from turns out to be the guy you blew in a stairwell the other night.

  4. John says

    This is Queer as Folk for our decade. It is marvelously entertaining and the scene where one of the leads calls his boss “Gurl” was dead on funny funny! It is nice that these series can make it to the Net when TV won’t pick it up. I hope it becomes profitable.

  5. Jason 2 says

    Looks like my first comment got eaten, but anyway, this damn show is brilliant. Love it.

  6. says

    I have to admit, this series is getting better. The writing needs work and some of the actors, especially the females, are just god-awful but the plot has heart. I give this episode a partial thumbs up and yes, I too hope he doesn’t answer that phone call.

  7. UFFDA says

    Every single character is on the slow, really slow, boat to oblivion and the fast track to forgettable. SO tedious…not a single being with any light in his eyes or joy in his manner. Gah!

  8. Blake says

    Certainly better than most of the crap on television.

    Too bad straight is favourable over quality.

  9. allan says

    The only thing I don’t like about this show is the length of time between episodes.

    Scruffy is the cutest guy ever. Oh my god, that face and his matching voice make me weak in the knees.

  10. Pete N SFO says

    it’s a lot of fun & getting better all the time.

    I like the nelly southern guy.

    Heck, I like them all… and I like that the straight gal gets laid too!

  11. Blake says

    @ALLAN I am so with you on the Scruffy love, the actor has a gorgeous face and an awesome voice.
    He needs to be in more movies, etcetera when this series ends.

  12. Devin says

    I agree, someone needs to pick this show up! Awesome characters, funny (Dental floss OMG), romantic, and witty.

  13. Casey says

    This is too funny. I moved to Charlotte, NC about a year ago. Clearly, none of the writers on the show have been here. It’s super gay. Like. SUPER. Gay.

  14. jw says

    found this one to be the weakest of the three
    the writing seems much less smooth and smart
    a big step down for me from the first two which were funny and interesting
    this seemed tedious
    the woman with the dental – dreadful
    it seemed more disjointed and less smooth

  15. BDC says

    I’m supporting you on Kickstarter….yeah!

    Some network needs to pick this up…ASAP.

    Keep it coming, the writing is getting better…less dramtic characters please..get casting help for a few of the female parts.

    I can’t wait or more…..It can only get better.

  16. Maleko says

    Scruffy=Yum yum

    It says there are six episodes. Have they all been done or is 4 the current one?

    Acting is a bit uneven but overall it is a great show which I am totally enjoying. Oh and I am from LA and I don’t shave the pits like some gym rats do…

  17. says

    It is the latter to my mind that does much to convince the public that South African wine is a closed fraternity whose infighting makes the long process of learning about the product seem that much less worthwhile.

  18. emjayay says

    Yeah, the dental girl stuff didn’t go anywhere and the Jack stuff at the end seems a bit trumped up. But for a no-budget indie, I’ll keep watching!