1. Caliban says

    Can’t these people do ANYTHING without slapping “for Christ” on the end of it and pretending it’s a religious activity? There’s probably a Strippers For Christ out there somewhere.

    My fave is still Bodybuilders For Christ. “I’m going to dedicate my obsessively self-involved and entirely narcissistic pursuit of big muscles to Jesus!”

    Jesus: *rolls eyes* “B*tch, please.”

  2. DRG says

    um…so you have an obsession with mixed martial arts and ultimate fighting but can’t rationalize it without making it paramount to your faith…so you start a church. only in America. can’t they just be ultimate fighters, not Cristian fighters?! I don’t think you can consider yourself a Cristian church if you do not hold to the tenants presented by the man you consider God.

  3. Continuum says

    I love MMA. I love to watch it on TV and see the guys match guts, strength, and skill.

    I don’t love the adult church leader forcing young boys to fight each other in the name of Christ. To me that’s child abuse.

    As an adult, you can make your own decisions whether or not to fight.

    But, when you try to force little boys to fight in a church sponsorship, well, that’s just plain wrong.

    Definitely does not belong in any church program for young little boys.

  4. Jack M says

    It sounds like there is some homo-repression going on here. “Creating a relationship” and “extending Christ?” Careful with that, you tough-guy Christians!

  5. Bart says

    What does this have to do with being gay? All this does is perpetuate the division between gay and Christian with this easy-to-mock ridiculousness (See, look what idiot *assholes these Chrsitians are for making their kids fight in church!)

    It’s too easy. Stick to gay issues instead of trying to mock something that’s obvious imbecile and embarrassing.

  6. Rick says

    While it is, yes, silly, to link “fighting sports” like boxing to religious beliefs, it is equally ridiculous to imply that there is some kind of contradiction between Christianity and violent sports or that those who engage in them are hypocrites who are violating the tenets of Christianity.

    Examine this quote:

    “The hope is that through the fight I can create a relationship with the person I’m fighting and extend Christ to him,”

    Some of you are ridiculing it, but you are ridiculing it because, quite frankly, you are so removed from normal masculinity that you simply don’t understand it.

    Sports of all kinds, including “fighting” sports, are a means of bonding for men in every culture. In a broad sense, they sharpen the fighting skills necessary to function well in military combat; they also reinforce the masculine values necessary to the defense of a society.

    So, yes, you can absolutely bond with your opponent in the boxing ring or on the wrestling mat….and you will notice that at the end of matches in these sports, the two participants often embrace each other, a demonstration of the bond they share. And it could be a means of cementing other kinds of bonds, including religious beliefs.

    I realize that many, perhaps most, gay men simply don’t get this because they have been conditioned to model their behavior on women rather than men and therefore just don’t understand the prevailing male culture…….but that is what we need to fix if gay men are ever to achieve a truly male identity and find their places in the society of men rather than misguidedly thinking of themselves as pseudo-women and alienating straight men in the process.

    If only you all would attack the real problems rather than misfiring at all the wrong targets……

  7. DRG says

    of course thinking this is crazy would have rick in an uproar over denied “normal” masculinity and preach on how pathetic men who are not hyper masculin are. get over yourself and you’re own twisted problems with self worth and an obsessive need to appear “normal” which is not normal.

  8. UFFDA says

    Oh dear – RICK – you really do go too far, way too far. I have fully found my “place in the society of men” (which is mostly of my straight male, but also gay male friends), without “misguidedly thinking of (myself) as a pseudo-woman.” You need to phrase your point with far greater care and subtlety.

    Otherwise, this fight club video is a howler. There is no shoehorn big enough or slick enough to fit human needs or behaviour into the flat-footed, treadworn, scuff-marked shoe called Christianity.

  9. Rick says

    @UFFDA I said “many, perhaps most” gay men, not all gay men. It is the effeminate ones mostly who simply do not understand masculinity and model their behavior on women rather than men.

  10. johnny says

    Boxing and “sport” fighting are primitive and odd throwbacks. I’ll never understand it, don’t want to and don’t want it explained to me. Inflicting pain on another human isn’t masculine, it’s legalized, sanctioned blood sport for neanderthals. Look at the men who’ve done this for decades. They are usually punch-drunk near-idiots.


    True men know that you only start punching to defend yourself, not as a spectator sport. Eventually, humans will figure out that sanctioned violence is de-humanizing.

  11. UFFDA says

    RICK – So what’s to be done? I say, and notice, that some effeminant men are simply made that way, they’re not modeling their behaviour on anybody and need most of all to be accepted just as they are, just as we hope to be accepted.

    The intentionally obnoxious ones and the fakes who think they are being cute or subversive by assuming exaggerated “fem” behaviour are another kind of assault on ordinary people. They are culpable and I have no respect for them…but that doesn’t mean I know how to prevent their damaging effect on the opinions of others.

    Ultimately I trust in the tolerance of the majority of Americans who can and will, I think, look past the deliberate freaks and saboteurs to see and trust in the best examples among us. NPH and others are a very good start. Long live their visibility.

  12. jaragon says

    Nothing says Christianity to me like two semi naked sweaty young men beating the crap out of each other in what is essentially gay porn for straight men.

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