Florida Haters Fly Two Planes Warning of Gays at Disney World


As it did last year, the hateful Florida Family Association is flying planes over Disney World warning visitors about gay people visiting the park for the annual Gay Days, tomorrow (photo is from last year).

The group writes:

Florida Family Association has received many, many letters and emails from people across the country who patronized Disney World in Orlando to find themselves in the middle of one of the annual Gay Days at Disney.  The most recent letter we received was from Willis in Sarasota who wrote “Just a note to let you know that about 18 years ago my wife and I and our 2 year old granddaughter were at Disney World when it was ‘Gay Day.’  It was the most deplorable sight that we ever saw.  I thank you so much for the vision of the airplane banner warning people.”

We want to warn families before they expose their children to Gay Day’s same-sex revelry, before they pay money to Disney for parking, admission, novelties and food.  We also want to send a message that Gay Day’s public promotion of homosexuality to a captured audience inside the park is wrong.

OrlandoGayTravel.com had been planning an opposing banner. It's unclear whether that was funded or not.


  1. Craig says

    Shouldn’t we thank them? I wouldn’t want a bunch of a-hole “christians” to ruin my day at Disney World.

  2. parkrunner says

    Wait a minute, I know just how this guy feels. I would love it if someone let me know where the straight people were gonna be hanging out. Another thing, aren’t they advertising for Disney? I mean, I didn’t know the date for Gay Day this year.

  3. HillBilly says

    If OrlandoGayTravel wants to fly their own banner, it should fly right behind the FFA’s and simply say “BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!”

  4. Homophobic Mary says

    Doesn’t anyone else see the danger here? Oh, Dumbo and Pluto are safe, yes. But Mickey and Minnie’s relationship is clearly threatened by an influx of openly gay and lesbian mice. As time goes on we can expect the male mice to start taking up with each other until whole sections of the Magic Kingdom resemble Christopher Street in the Village. This will leave the female mice with no one but each other for companionship and encourage the formation of lesbian mice colonies. Yes, I know this wouldn’t happen overnight. But we can expect that in time this will lead to the end of Disney as we know it.

    Tolerant conservatives have struggled with themselves on this issue, believe me. But we know in our hearts that the risk is too high. Disney must remain hetero-friendly only. Gays can visit yes, but only with a “we won’t pray, you won’t gay” agreement.
    The stability of Mickey and Minnie’s relationship requires nothing less.

    And please don’t accuse us right-wingers of being closeted mice ourselves. Whether we are secretly turned on by Mickey or Minnie or have a closet full of Disney mouse porn at home is irrelevant to the argument.

  5. Swiminbuff says

    Maybe the Florida Family Association should worry about those 7 dwarfs that have been living together for years.

  6. Bernie says

    Part of me can’t stop laughing at this banner if it wasn’t so crazy. I don’t quite understanding the “warning” and what the warning is for. Is the warning that gay people are giving away toasters on gay day and “recruiting” or straight people will become gay by osmosis if they are in the same space?

  7. BOB says

    Why would they even want to go to that hotbed of depravity. Are they not offended by:

    -Geppetto creating a son artificially (not the way God intended) and raising that lying son as a single dad
    -The obviously gay Chip and Dale shacking up
    -Donald Duck going through life with no pants on
    -Snow White living with 7 guys without the benefit of marriage
    -Tramp from Lady and the Tramp was fooling around with lots of ladies and not married
    -Finally, Cruella De Vil. Enough said.

  8. NullNaught says

    “Homophobic Mary” is a real hater, or hasn’t got the message that Mary is in full support of all gay rights including gay marriage. That “Homophobic Mary” can’t forgive Mary for her past position is unbelieveably small spirited and hateful. Mary is a fully supportive ally. To attack her out of the blue for a position she doesn’t even hold any more is… abnormal. The person who is being “Homophobic Mary” has amongst other things, anger management problems because they are not even aware that they are soiling themselves publicly with this behaviour. This person needs to seek counciling and medications.
    Does this look like the behaviour of anyone anybody here knows? I don’t want to name names, but, if I were Kiwi I would disavow “Homophobic Mary’s” posts as soon as possible because HM is making him look like he is having a psychotic break.

  9. russ says

    I hope this silly banner costs a million bucks a minute to fly. Money well wasted I’d say.

  10. Turi says

    There was a another plane that read “WARNING: HOMOPHOBES LOOSE IN ORLANDO, HIDE YOUR KIDS”

  11. Michaelandfred says

    Danger Will Robinson, Danger!!

    The joke here is that this idiot also buys tickets to the parties so he can “document” the depravities that go on there. Lol. Then I’m guessing he masturbates to all those memories for the next 365 days, until he can return to check and see if we’re being more depraved, disgusting, horny, sweaty, grindy, ……

  12. Mary says

    Nullnaught, I’m sorry. That post was ME, the real Mary. I was just poking fun at myself for some of my former views. I am starting to realize now how I came across to people. Kiwi would never give me this kind of attention. He makes sure never to address me directly and use aliases when he responds to my posts.

    I just posted this because I thought that with the banner, the AFA had gone over the top (so to speak.) Ironically, the AFA started out in 1977 as the National Federation for Decency. I believe the name was later changed to American Family Association in order to sound mainstream, as any organization concerned with “decency” seemed to reek of the church lady from Saturday Night Live. However, they’ve plainly gone loco if they’re flying banners to warn people about gay events.

  13. SayTheTruth says

    Didn’t know that day was Gay Disney, thank you very much, we’ll participate in bigger numbers, all extended gay family included. And not a single fxxx will be given, as always, by sane people.

  14. BOB says

    So, according to the article apparently “Gay Day” at Disney involves gay people going to park and wearing red shirts that day. This is offensive? The poor religious do-gooders are offended by the wearing of red shirts? Kids will have to avert their eyes for this? Get a grip!

  15. Cameron says

    Disney, like Home Depot, Starbuck’s, and ( Most Flagrantly) – J.C. Pennys – have flicked these bigots off their collective shoulders. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

    Stand up against bigotry – Stand up for liberty and Justice for all.

  16. Michaelandfred says

    Actually Mary, I hadn’t realized this had started up again. They flew the plane every year for quite some time, then after 9/11 the space above Disney became a no fly zone for several years. I’m sure he was chomping at the bit waiting for those regulations to be lifted so he could jump back in his plane.

    But the plane is just the tip of his iceberg. He’s made Gay Days his life’s mission, and has been about as affective as One Million Moms. The park, universal studio, Epcot..are all packed, as are all the hotels and everything else. But this is par for the course. Almost every large gay event has groups of homophobes standing around, screaming about burning eternally and how much god hates us and how we should all be killed, etc.

  17. scollingsworth says

    Disney World would be awfully boring if there were no homos. Hard to run the park without any workers!





  20. Griff says

    Someone should hire a plane to fly behind them trailing a long banner stating, “Surrender Dorothy.” and just be done with it.

  21. NullNaught says

    Hahaha! That is funny as all get-out! The funniest part is that I found nothing unbelievable in the idea it was Kiwi! I can’t apologize to him for what I accused him of because that is exactly what he behaves like. He does that to Rick; I’ve seen this cowardly behaviour myself. It is too bad that he is sooo far off the deep end that I can take him no more seriously than that. The guy needs help, really.
    Context changes everything. You saying that being self-deprecating is the opposite of Kiwi doing stuff like that to Rick. I think it is sad that he doesn’t see how badly he soils himself every time he does that to Rick. It accomplishes the opposite of what Kiwi wants in that it garners sympathy for his victim. I wish such ugly scum wouldn’t come here and stink up the place like he does.

  22. Henry says

    Where are the banner planes warning gay men that a bunch of bachelorettes are about to invade their favorite bar?

  23. UFFDA says

    NULLNAUGHT – totally agree with everything about KIWI. He has indeed soiled himself and become disreputable to many of us. Dead meat posing as a generous liberal. Last winter I was enamored of him, now after his endless diatribes, I am nauseated.

    As for MARY – jeez lady don’t mess with your name! It’s totally confusing, besides your parody efforts were rather maladroit. You can do better, your sincerity always is.

  24. Mark says


  25. vanndean says

    I was not aware that the FFA members are raising flying monkeys. Are they considered fowl or mammals? Does the flying version wear the trademark blue jacket?

  26. lookyloo says

    Ha. A one day warning after the bigots are already in Florida having taken time off work, planned, and paid for their vacation.

    I wonder how many of these ‘traditional’ families end up going anyway and find the gay parkgoers not nearly as weird or gross as they expected.

    I kinda think a little early notice is a good idea, in this situation, for people who’re uncomfortable around gay folks (for whatever reason).

  27. Michaelandfred says

    He’s obviously been saving his money during the years he couldn’t fly, because he used to fly it on the actual weekend with signs about sin or repenting. Everyone would get a big laugh. Maybe that’s why. This is an attempt to hurt Disney’s revenue I suppose, but since it’s not a Disney sanctioned event, and the park is packed full one way or another, it’s a pretty big waste of time.

    It’s also possible that doing it on the weekend made it difficult for him to also attend the parties and gather all his lewd information. The extra push ups, clipping, hair drying and finding the right jeans so he’ll blend with the crowd takes time….

  28. Alan says

    So if I fly a banner over the Billy Graham Crusade that says “Warning. Straight People at the Crusade. Enter at Your Own Risk,” does that make me a hater of straight people? Or is that just going to make you giggle?

  29. Tom in long beach says

    Seems to me years ago that the Gay Day was a separate ticketed event that bought out the whole park. I guess people threw a fit about that and now for better or worse we have the red shirt day. Not sure if Disney even has private whole park events anymore. People strait and gay need to get over reasonable same sex personal displays of affection..

  30. Michael says

    What I don’t get is that these xtians are so afraid of having their kids see gay people and yet they fly a banner overhead with the word gay all over it. Wouldn’t they have to explain to their kids that they hate gay people and that if their kids turn out to be gay they will have to be murdered in cold blood according to the Bible? Whereas if the kids just saw people in red shirts, they might not even notice that there was anything different. Pathetic.

  31. Steve Chapman says

    Disney can use this…The lines to the rides will shorter if all the Christians aren’t there…

  32. Steve Chapman says

    Disney can use this…The lines to the rides will shorter if all the Christians aren’t there…

  33. says

    this is the biggest scandal since “Negro Day” on the Corny Collins Show.

    poor unsuspecting bigot families running the risk of seeing (GASP!) same-sex couples with their children!? oh the HUMANITY!

  34. anon says

    The practical issue is that people usually go for the whole week and can’t change their vacation dates, so who can heed this warning? The people who see it are stuck and the people coming don’t get to see it. It’s a waste of money in that sense, though perhaps it will make the local news.

    Disney already discourages any PR to promote ‘gay day’ as anything official for the company. It’s strictly a coordinated effort on the part of park goers.

  35. Jerry6 says

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You; FFA. I forgot what date it was. I will be there with “Bells On”, as they say. Thank You; Thank You; Thank You.

  36. Homophobic Mary says

    And on one last note I forgot to tell you… I’m a closeted lesbian that got help and was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ. I no longer practice being a lesbian anymore because I prayed the gay away and SO CAN YOU!

  37. Jenn Mayfield says

    I know where I’m going in a couple days, thanks FFA for advertising such as fabulous sounding event :)

  38. Mary says

    I don’t know who this “closeted lesbian” who calls herself “Homophobic Mary” is, but she isn’t me. I did the lengthy post about Mickey and Minnie mouse under the pseudonym “Homophobic Mary” but that was a one-time thing and I confessed it to Nullnaught a few posts down. This person is probably trying to suggest that I’m a closeted lesbian since I’m on Towleeroad so much. Sorry to disappoint, but I’m only a fag hag (so to speak)- nothing more.

  39. Tarc says

    I wonder if it would be possible to get a airplane to come by and warn me about ‘teh stupid’ and ‘teh bigots’. It’d be very helpful – they invariably gross me out with their disgusting and immoral behavior. 😛


    Thank God for People who would warn the innocent of the this indecency! For those who say “this is natural” read the bible about Sodom and Gomorrah how God destroyed the city because it gay and lesbian…and how he sent angels to the earth to rescue the innocent family of Lot and his wife and two daughters. Oh but you say you are atheist? Well even the bible says the devil believes in one God…lol… The bible says in the beginning God created male and female which were Adam and Eve…not Adam and Steve…otherwise those two would still be the only ones living today and no other mankind would exist…lol…Glad to be a Christian…AMEN!

  41. Kim Zaun says

    I would happily take my kids to Disney during gay days. They are going to see loving couples, happy families and people having fun surrounded by supportive friends and family who aren’t going to pick on them for being who they are. I believe in raising the next generation to be open minded people who celebrate diversity. I hope everyone had a great time and ignore the haters, their powerbase shrinks a little more every day. Hope to celebrate with you at Disney one day.