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Gay Adult Film Star Erik Rhodes Dead At 30


People within the porn industry and beyond are today mourning the death of 30-year old adult film star Erik Rhodes. Rhodes, known for flexing his enormous muscles for Falcon and then Raging Stallion studios, died of a heart attack that appears to have been caused by his regular steroid use.

According to FrontiersLA, Rhodes was in a dark place before his death, and posted the following message on his Tumblr:


Fans and friends are remembering Rhodes less for his private life and more for his public persona. "[We] were incredibly saddened to learn of the death of our friend, adult-film star Erik Rhodes," wrote PAPER magazine's Mickey Boardman. "The 30-year-old Long Island-native was a truly hilarious and larger-than-life character as well-known for his wicked sense of humor as he was for his enormous muscles."

Porn blogger Jason Sechrest said that if Rhodes had a heart attack "it was because his heart was just too damned big." "He saw every person as being far better than he and was gracious to every fan who approached him in a bar, at the airport or on the street," Sechrest wrote on his (work-unfriendly) website.

Falcon Studios also praised Rhodes' sparking personality, writing in a statement, "[Erik] was a genuine and caring man with extraordinary attractiveness and a massive muscled frame. Erik was an equally beautiful human being who lit up a room, and brought fun and joy to our studio and his fans that was unparalleled. He was a giving person with a special wit…"

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  1. Almost 6 grams of anabolic steroids a week is more than what most top amateurs and pro bodybuilders do (though he would not do well in a top amateur contest). But even so, that would not cause a heart attack in of itself. Recreational stimulants, on the other hand will cause heart failure.

    Posted by: TimF | Jun 14, 2012 4:12:48 PM

  2. I also actually read his blog and he seemed lost soul with mental health issues. His blogs were so personal and self-destructive, too personal in some ways, I gave up reading.
    I hope he has found peace. RIP.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Jun 14, 2012 4:14:32 PM

  3. Yikes. I looked up his blog and those who said it's sad and depressing are right. If there's anything I'd want to get across to younger gays it's that it's fine to want to go out and have fun, look good, experience some of the stuff that maybe you didn't get a chance to in your small town or wherever, but all that is temporary and ephemeral and it's not where your true worth lies.

    Work on your insides too, your brain, and not just a shallow surface because interesting beats pretty every day of the week, at least for people you'd want to know.

    And stay the **** away from meth!

    Posted by: Caliban | Jun 14, 2012 4:17:27 PM

  4. Caliban - Judge Judy's words: "beauty fades, dumb is forever"

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Jun 14, 2012 4:25:59 PM

  5. Meh.

    Posted by: Bob | Jun 14, 2012 4:30:52 PM

  6. Meh.

    Posted by: Bob | Jun 14, 2012 4:30:54 PM

  7. Meh.

    Posted by: Bob | Jun 14, 2012 4:30:54 PM

  8. Meh.

    Posted by: Bob | Jun 14, 2012 4:30:54 PM

  9. Meh.

    Posted by: Bob | Jun 14, 2012 4:31:07 PM

  10. Oh boo hoo. One less low- IQ steroid monkey... how will the world keep turning? Next.

    Posted by: dave | Jun 14, 2012 4:32:04 PM

  11. He wasn't low-IQ though. I knew James (admittedly not well; we have a few friends in common). He wasn't terribly well-educated, but he was (reasonably) smart, charming, and surprisingly self-aware. He was also deeply self-destructive. I feel for him and for his friends (many of whom tried helping him for years) and family.

    Posted by: Dan E | Jun 14, 2012 4:36:32 PM

  12. the size of his heart had nothing to do with his death.

    the pursuit of increased muscle size did.

    we can be a pretty sad, shallow lot...

    Posted by: t | Jun 14, 2012 4:54:26 PM

  13. We all love hot men, but let's get over this idol worship of adult performers.

    They are NOT stars and many entered porn and sex work because the only "talent" they could trade on was their looks...and then being only valued for those looks begins to eat them from the inside out.

    Posted by: qj201 | Jun 14, 2012 4:59:35 PM

  14. Sad news, he did have more personality than most of these porn actors. People never learn about mistreating their body- filling it up with poison just to look good. He was in an image driven business but this is also a problem of gay culture and it's unrealistic obsession with youth and impossible body image.

    Posted by: jaragon | Jun 14, 2012 5:24:27 PM

  15. Putting aside the moral debate regarding porn, putting aside the persona of Erik Rhodes and the fact he had sex on camera, and the questions wondering where friends/family where and what they did to help Erik, at the end of the day, a young man is dead at 30 due to drug abuse and the emotional/psychological turmoil he was under daily. That alone is very sad. Just skimming through his tumblr and twitter, he did seem to be a distressed individual, seems he felt he was misunderstood, not respected, alone in the world. Some people simply do not feel as if they are cut out for this world, they feel out of place, and there isn't much outside forces can do when someone's mentality is as self-destructive and almost defeatist in some ways, as Erik's was. It's simply a shame, he was more than just a porn actor, he was a very troubled human being who was truly loved by many.

    Posted by: Francis | Jun 14, 2012 5:32:52 PM

  16. Sorry but after reading this from him on his blog, "washing my face as this ugly NYC pigeon watched me...i briefly spoke to it, a quick 'what are you looking at' and then i turned away..." gave real insight into his character.

    He was a very unhappy person who was lost in so many ways. His constant use of GHB and even labeling one photograph of his "monster size" bottle with "Drink Up Kiddies" probably has as much to do with his death as steroids.

    And to those rambling about meth and his use, he says several times in his posts that he did not like meth and very rarely did it. Meth didn't kill him.

    Ironically his blog included a photo of him from many years ago in a drawer at a morgue with the title DEAD - and even more ironic is that he gave himself an expiration date of age 30 (on his 27 birthday) when it would all be over for him.

    Boy was it ever. Hope he was happy with that amount of muscle mass his corpse had.

    Posted by: Derek | Jun 14, 2012 5:49:23 PM

  17. Trainwreck sums this guy pretty well. I know hes dead and all, but he is the epitome of everything that is wrong with the gay community. Sorry. RIP though.

    Posted by: James | Jun 14, 2012 5:55:13 PM

  18. Trainwreck sums this guy pretty well. I know hes dead and all, but he is the epitome of everything that is wrong with the gay community. Sorry. RIP though.

    Posted by: James | Jun 14, 2012 5:55:17 PM

  19. Labeling his death as anything other than the result of drug use is morally reprehensible. He died because "his heart was just too big"? Great way to perpetuate his behavior.

    Posted by: Kevin B | Jun 14, 2012 5:58:00 PM

  20. He was a stunner and a good actor
    we gonna miss his smile

    Rip Erick

    Posted by: Jordano Santoro | Jun 14, 2012 6:12:51 PM

  21. I was never a fan of his, but regardless, it is sad when someone dies so needlessly.

    I do know that he has been a troubled soul for quite some time, and has been dragged into blog/twitter wars for some silly reason or another.

    I think Erik Rhodes suffered from extremely low self-esteem and the thing that probably made him feel somewhat good about himself is the very thing that killed him.

    Posted by: KDNA | Jun 14, 2012 6:16:10 PM

  22. I feel bad for him in a way. Was clearly depressed and dealing with internalized homophobia and self medicating with drugs all the time. Cocaine will kill you. Sad he was so young and a twin. It's tough losing a identical twin brother.

    Posted by: VpO | Jun 14, 2012 6:17:51 PM

  23. Never seen his work but its sad that one dies so young.

    As for the negative nellies-expected.

    Posted by: omi | Jun 14, 2012 6:54:01 PM

  24. Atomic

    well said

    if they had cared they would have tried to get him help for his steroid abuse

    Posted by: say what | Jun 14, 2012 7:37:00 PM

  25. Wow, I'm sad.
    I wasn't really a fan of his porn, but I used to read his blog on the reg and he really had some mental health issues.

    The take away from this isn't about shaming sex workers. Because sex work is just as legit and any other industry.

    It's that we have as a community need to make room for inner beauty as well. We need to let out people know (especially our younger people) that they have value outside of their physical shell.

    We need to let the LGBT community that we all have value and worth.

    RIP Eric, I hope your at peace now.

    Posted by: Asher | Jun 14, 2012 7:38:48 PM

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