Gay Man Stoned To Death Outside Nairobi


Identity Kenya reports that an apparently gay man from Kayole estate, outside Nairobi, was stoned to death on May 27th.

The man was a cook at a food-vending kiosk in an open-air market portion of the estate. He was discovered by passersby having sex with a male co-worker, who seems to have done prep-work in the kiosk. According to Identity Kenya:

It is said the two have ‘been enjoying prolonged stares for month and the deceased made the first move.’

The two are said to have agreed to have meet up behind the Catholic Church building in Soweto estate at 8pm on the fateful day.

From there, sources say, they began to have sex.

The area is described as ‘deserted with bushes and a dumping site.’

In the darkness, the two were caught with passersby as they were having sex and they were beaten up.

Later, a crowd milled around and started to stone the two men amidst insults.

One of the men survived by crawling away from the mob. “Anonymous sources” tell Identity Kenya that the survivor suffers broken arms and internal bleeding.

The dead man’s body was discovered by authorities on the morning of May 28th, in a “dump site” not far from where he was murdered. His remains were taken to a mortuary, and he was buried in early June. Identity Kenya doesn’t report whether police are searching his killers.

Note: There was something very much like a witch scare in Kayole not long ago, in which the townspeople became terrified of half-mythical transvestite serial killer. Anti-gay sentiment is always prevalent in Kenya, but the scare probably doesn’t help.


  1. SayTheTruth says

    Don’t worry. The average life span must be around 30 years , the killers have little time on earth either way.

  2. theotherlee says

    I mean no disrespect for the murdered here, and I absolutely despise the mental attitude of homosexuals in Nairobi… but, was there no better place to meet up with his friend than behind a Catholic Church, in a country where it is well known that you can be killed for being gay?

    It boggles my mind that they’d do something this reckless.

    RIP, and I hope for a complete and speedy recovery for the survivor.

  3. The Milkman says

    Horrifying. Simply horrifying.

    I was trying to come up with a bitchy comment, but I’m too sad and horrified to think of one.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    Black Africans RAIL against the Colonial over lords of the past. “HOW awful look what they did to us.” They lament. BUT BY GOD they love the hate that the overlord’s church taught them. They love them a good Christian stoning.

  5. Michae says

    Things do not add up in this story. Behind a Catholic church? Why even a public place and not private? Very remote location, in the dark and one passerby is able to beat up both of them? I haven’t seen a story with this many holes in a long time if ever.

  6. Joey Y says

    Odd story. if the facts are true, which I highly doubt, it’s almost as if they were daring people to kill them.

  7. says

    So if you think they were stupid for doing it behind a church . . . I guess you guys think a public restroom or the bushes in the park is a better place?

    It’s not about them, it’s about the ignorance of the people of Kenya!

  8. Mike B. says

    “It boggles my mind that they’d do something this reckless.”

    There’s a shortage of understanding here. Poor people in developing countries don’t have apartments with bedrooms to go home to. Most people don’t understand the cramped squalor much of humanity lives in.

  9. Paul B. says

    @Theo…my guess is that all the suites at the Nairobi Ritz Carlton were booked sweetheart. Maybe Theo needs a small dose of african reality before accusing the victim of bad judgement. Did you even look at the attached picture? Did you notice a bath house or nice apartment…maybe a small motel?
    Isn’t that what “they” always do to us?…assume we have better choices?

  10. Gregv says

    Not only is it worth pointing out that poor people have fewer choices, but also I never take the story of murderers at face value.
    I mean, for all we know (just for example) they could have been “sitting too close” and some nutcase who wanted them killed screamed out a rumor. Those who are twisted and hateful enough to get glee out of attacking another human being down require any real provocation to spur them to action.
    The story says that “souces say” that they were “said to have” enjoyed prolongued stares (obvious hearsay) and other points sound like more hearsay evidence of thingsno one but they themselves would know (that they agreed to meet behind the church, etc.)

    It sounds completely like a “witchhunt.”. Some random person says,”It’s a witch!” and a whole mob just itching to hurt someone comes running with rocks.

  11. Michaelandfred says

    Very often in poor areas like this people live 5-10-15 people to a small space. Often three full generations all packed in together. A dark, remote spot may have been the only thing they could find…..IF, as has been said, the “witnesses” can be believed. Since one is dead and the other not far from it and probably not talking, who knows what the truth is.


  12. ratbastard says

    1) We’re talking about ABJECT poverty here

    2) We’re talking about a very backward society here; I know, I know, what I said isn’t ‘progressive’ and P.C. But it’s true. And PLEASE don’t compare what some 1st world bourgeois gays struggle for gay marriage with living in a painfully backward 3rd world sh*thole. You’re only embarrassing yourself.

    3) Most black Africans I’ve met, in fact all of them, didn’t have any noticeable chip on their shoulder against whites, unlike some 2st world black folks.

    4) It’s bogus to blame all the evils of modern day Africa and other 3rd world areas, on past [or present] colonialism. Most of their problems are home grown and involve indigenous cultures. It’s sad to say because I’m anti-imperialism, but most would be better off if they had remained British, French colonies.

    I’m pretty sure these men would still have been killed regardless if there was any noticeable Christian or other religious presence. I understand this concentration on the ‘Christianist’ is part of the ‘progressive’ talking points, but of course the reality is far more nuanced and complex.

  13. redball says

    RATBASTARD’s point #4 is DEAD WRONG.

    many african cultures celebrated queer sexualities before the introduction of toxic European religions which have, over the centuries, brewed into the calamities that we see today like this stoning.


  14. ratbastard says


    Why is Europe, North America, Australia/N.Z. today a Nirvana for gays and other ‘alternative’ types compared to Africa and much of the rest of the world?

  15. redball says

    RATBASTARD, you need to read about the historical concept called path dependence.

    just because something similar happened to more than one entity doesn’t mean those entities will all react to it in the same way.

  16. redball says

    Also, please read Guns, Germs, and Steel. And, more to the point–

    I now present a summer reading list (listed roughly in order of helpfulness, as estimated by me), ASSUMING YOU CAN READ AND THINK CRITICALLY.

    1) Boy-Wives and Female Husbands: Studies of African Homosexualities:

    2) African Intimacies: Race, Homosexuality, and Globalization:

    3) Between Law And Culture: Relocating Legal Studies (relevant parts are on pp.277-282 [on the Google Books version; was available online for free last I checked]):

  17. Paul B. says

    There are some that like to sound well-read and well-traveled…oh and of course have a great variety of diverse friends…as in “black Africans”. Yet, with all that vast knowledge and experience seem to “think” (??) in a tiny box. We’ve got it all figured out…know how everyone should logically react…and exactly what’s wrong with us if we don’t react accordingly. Such a lucky person is with us today…and I’m so thankful to have him as an example of what I never want to become.

  18. andrew says

    All bible believers should be thankful that yahweh’s command has been carried out.