1. Marty says

    “protections based upon their sexual behavior and orientation” – y’mean like straight people get??? Someone needs to point out to them that the “sexual behavior” we get up do differs only slightly from what the majority of heterosexuals get up to. Duh.

    There may be a *hint* of progress, since they acknowledged there are other religions besides Christianity. Although, of course, it was the shared condemnation of us that they referenced, so there goes progress. [/sarcasm]

  2. Jacques says

    You don’t know how much I want to set that man down and explain to him how perfectly well my plumbing and my partner’s plumbing fit together. I’d say that’s “intelligent design” of the first order. Praise the Lord, amen.

  3. westcoast88 says

    It appalls me that bigotry is now referred to as “religious freedom”, like it is somehow an inalienable right, and on the same level as Mom and Apple Pie. Someone needs to challenge these fascists and let them know that religious freedom does not allow you to take away rights from others. Who is going to reframe this debate and expose these lies?

  4. Sarm says

    Christians: “Well we’re the victims here because we didn’t get exactly what we wanted!”

    Christians are disgusting in how they always portray themselves as the victims of those they openly demonize and persecute.

  5. So Left I'm Right says

    Oh Gohmert, you old school bigot. Nice to hear you bleat your ignorance and incoherence for all of us to hear.

    They act as though ENDA would give GLB(T, if they are included) people magic powers, and they can never be fired, unlike all other working Americans.

    Guess what? If you’re gay and are crappy at your job, you can be fired. If you harass fellow employees, you can be fired. And on down the line. The one thing you can’t be fired for? Simply for being gay and nothing else. Just like you can’t be fired just for being Christian, and nothing else.

    These people really should be shamed for their victim stance.

  6. Dearcomrade says

    You just know these guys really want it so bad. It is literally driving them crazy that they cannot get a hold of a another guys privates. Very sad.

  7. bkmn says

    Those who scream the loudest, Louie and Tony, looking at you, are often in the deepest of the trenches. And fully lubricated for any and all intruders.

    Enjoy the ride boys.

  8. Shane says

    I was hoping this would be the year that Texas (my home state) could lean toward toward the left. We had a great guy running for Senate, Sean Hubbard, but he didn’t win the primary. I still have hope that all the people who moved here from Blue states will get out and vote and change the face of Texas politics.

  9. vanndean says

    Gohmert was a homophobic A-hole before he was elected. He is a homophobic A-hole now that he has been elected. He will be a homophobic A-hole when he dies. Gay people in Texas have no representation in the Senate of the United States and I can not name one member of the house delegation which would admit to supporting anything remotely gay friendly.

  10. Mk Ultra says

    My religion is against crazy, religious fundies.
    The fact that I can’t fire them is against my religion!
    My religious freedom is being entrenched upon!

  11. Mic says

    This rethugnican troll is the persuasion of Moron.

    Hey mister rethugnican;

    Your religious ‘right’ DOES NOT TRUMPH my primary right to Life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Oh no, sir…

    YOUR ‘religious freedom’ is just an AMENDMENT.

    Meaning, Mister rethugnican:


  12. Dave says

    LGBT people are winning when ever the anti-gay Christian crazies come out of the loony closet to spew their hate like this. Keep pushing for equal and Civil Rights LGBT brothers and sisters and we will win our freedom that all of the rest of America already has today.

  13. Marcfab says

    OK… WHAT. THE. F**K????
    it is RIDICULOUS that a western first world nation, in the 21st century does not offer basic human rights protections to all of it’s citizens. In most countries it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, culture, health status, SEXUALITY, GENDER, GENDER IDENTITY. I live in a country that is basically a dot in the south Pacific, and the idea that an employer could discriminate against gay employees or prospective employees here is beyod belief! They’d be sued into oblivion, after being publicy shamed on the national news.
    What is wrong with America?????????

  14. jexer says

    “Judge not, lest ye be judged” – is at the heart of anti-discrimination law.

    So of course fake-christianists like Louie here is firmly against it.

  15. says

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  16. sparks says

    His language is ignorant, his terminology is ignorant…. but it’s the language and terminology that connects with the most extreme, bigoted population. And there’s still enough of them to maintain a big chunk of ignorance in congress.

    While I appreciate having both of my senior parents alive, modern medicine extending lifespans also means the civil rights movement will continue moving at a snail’s pace as it trudges through the mire of a voting bloc that includes people who are literally afraid of speaking, let alone acting, against ignorance they believe is supported by the bible.

  17. johnny says

    “…and it’s kind of tough to teach biblical principles in Romans 1 in a school if you are of the persuasion of being homosexual.”

    Wow, there’s just so many things wrong (theologically, socially, ethically, grammatically) in that sentence I don’t know where to begin.

    Hey, Louie, you creten, public schools are not supposed to be teaching religious dogma.

  18. candideinnc says

    You gays are SO confused. Don’t you understand that special rights such as the right to discriminate against sexual minorities, and the right to decide about the birth control used by women, and the right to determine what books are pornographic in public libraries, and what sex ed is appropriate in the schools, and who should be able to adopt children–ALL of these special rights accrue to religion. If you aren’t a right wing religious crackpot, you are out of luck!

  19. Tom in long beach says

    I really wonder if these guys get what religious freedom has historically meant? That they can choose or make a church, attend, and worship as they see fit. That the king or Pope cannot tell you what to believe. That you will not be killed for disagreeing with the majority religion of a country. Yet what they want to do is impose their narrow minded anti science, anti history, anti scholarly understanding of religion on everyone. And they do not speak for all Christians.

  20. jamal49 says

    Although it might not matter, I think it is interesting that Rep. Gohmert, a proclaimed evangelical christian and social conservative, gives an oblique, almost respectful “shout out” to Muslims.

    It must be noted that prior to the infamy of 9/11, there was a concerted behind-the-scenes effort by a group of pro-business Republicans led by Grover Norquist to reach out to the Muslim community in America in the hopes of influencing them to vote for Republican candidates.

    Muslims were then, and still are now, a fast-growing ethnic group in America. Norquist et al felt that the Muslim community was fertile ground for recruitment into the Republican Party. Muslims, as we know, are socially conservative, but they are also pro-business and distrustful of government–just the type of group that would be likely to vote Republican.

    Muslims do share the same socially-conservative values as evangelical, fundamentalist christians (the GOP’s vaunted base) and many are the evangelicals and other social conservatives who have expressed an almost envy and an approving attitude that gays are imprisoned and executed in Muslim countries.

    If the Republican base can change its attitudes toward having a Mormon as its presidential standard-bearer, then it can change its attitudes towards Muslims. Both Mormons and Muslims could very easily be brought into the Republican fold, not as outsiders to be viewed suspiciously even if their votes are needed, but as welcome participants, which would spell big trouble for the Democratic Party and for liberal, progressive values–which are the values that America was founded upon (despite Republican propaganda to the contrary).

    Never underestimate the power of the hatred that social conservatives of any stripe have for LGBT people and the possibility of that power to unite the disparate but socially-conservative elements of the Republican party.

    LGBT people, by our very existence and humanity, expose the three Abrahamic faiths for what they are: spiritually-decadent, psychopathic, misogynistic patriarchies that deviously cloak the evil pathology of their religions in the banalities of “revealed knowledge” and “infallible truth”.

    It is frightening enough to contemplate a Romney presidency possibly supported by a Republican congressional majority. But, to contemplate that the Republicans could convert their religious and theological differences into a unifying ideology that guarantees electoral superiority for generations is downright terrifying.

  21. Gregv says

    “it’s kind of tough to teach biblical principles in Romans 1 in a school if you are of the persuasion of being homosexual.”

    It’s really not hard at all, since Romans 1 expresses Paul’s opinion about an orgy by straight, married men at a religious seevice, in which the orgy is a ritual for the worship of animals. It has NOTHING to do with gay couples.

    It would be tricky, though, for a woman to teach boys and girls Timothy 2:12, since it forbids her from taking a job as a teacher and says she has to stay silent.

    It would also be tricky for any teacher with a garden to teach Leviticus,, since most every garden has at least two kinds of seeds planted, which Leviticus calls an abomination.

    And it would also be impossible for a teacher to wear a cotton-polyester blend shirt and still teach Leviticus, wouldn’t it, Gohmert.

    Oh yeah, we don’t have toconcern ourselves with that because we don’t live in a theocracy like Afghanistan. So I guess teachers can wear what they want to wear, plant what they want to plant and go home to the person they love. And kids can learn how to add and subtract and spell and not worry about the teacher’s religion. It’s called freedom.

  22. FunMe says

    Oh, they know the end is coming for their HATE and bigotry hurting GLBT Americans. They can continue to twist words all they want, bu their pathetic HATE and desperation makes them look even more RIDICULOUS.

  23. ROBERT K says

    Perkins asks Gohmert a stupid question, “…this is a way to essentially punish religious freedom in the business environment, in the business sector?” Gohmett then replies with a stupid answer that doesn’t even answer Perkins’ question, covering such “relevant” topics as Christian schools, the Iowa Supreme Court, and the plumbing that God created.

    These two are straight out of “Deliverance.”

  24. mike flower says

    People might wish to call for the immediate death of this man but, as a federally elected official, he’s protected by special laws against such threats. In addition, should he be assaulted, he’s also protected by a law mandating extra charges when injuring a federal official.

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