1. lessthan says

    This was really nice. Honestly, Gotye’s version of this song is the version I like the least, just about every cover I’ve seen has been more honest, even the Glee one. Gotye’s seems weird for the sake of weird. His “Bronte” is better.

  2. Autechre says

    What makes Gotye’s original so good is its intriguing personality and I can only assume that’s what its covers try to recapture. The Glee version is risibly atrocious, cringe-worthy and certainly not worth mentioning ever again.

  3. Redwoodguy says

    Absolutely great! He’s right up there with some of the guitar greats: Will Ackermann, Alec diDrassi and Shaun Phillips. He’s got an amazing future if he lucks into a good agent! Shaun would have been world renowned (he already has a great fan club even after four decades) if he’d gotten an agent that actually was even slightly more than brain dead.

  4. mike/ says

    @REDWOODGUY – you should also have added Segovia & Parkening; his sound echoes of classical training – superb classical training! great acoustical version…

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