1. Continuum says

    Justice finally has been served to Sandusky.

    Now, what about the Penn State officials who ignored the warnings, and covered up Sandusky’s crimes.

    And, how about the Roman Catholic bishops, archbishops, and cardinals who likewise conspired to hide the crimes of their priests.

    Shouldn’t these callous, corrupt men be brought to justice?

    Shouldn’t we see some of the Penn State Administrators and Roman Catholic hierarchy likewise do the ‘walk of shame” for their failures and criminal misdeeds?

  2. says

    All the macho posturing and masking of sports is finally ripped away. It’s a cover for pedophilia — just liike the fake piety of religion.


  3. Iwontgrowup says

    Continuum, Bravo, correct on ALL points, these people are the scum of the earth. There is not a place deeper in hell for these people. The people who look the other way are just as guilty as the ones who commit these crimes.
    There should be no statute of limitations for these crimes, most victims don’t admit these things have happened until well into adulthood.

  4. lessthan says

    lol, Continuum. Might as well ask for world peace too. There is no greater evil than the self-righteous man.

  5. says

    I was angered to hear CNN’s recent defense attorney Mark Geragos say last night he was disappointed “by the reaction of the cheering mob on the steps of the Bellafonte court house.”

    STFU, Geragos. Please, STFU.

    Sandusky molested and raped at least 8 boys including his own son. He stole the innocence of these boys and statistics suggest they will have challenges to deal with the rest of their lives.

    The cheering crowd outside the Bellafonte court house expressed their satisfaction with a jury verdict that justly remanded the Monster of Happy Valley to prison for the rest of his miserable life.

  6. Rob says

    These hierarchies need to be totally abolished and only civil liability can do that. Here’s to giant financial awards, not settlements, for the victims who should at least have the satisfaction of seeing Paterno’s giant estate eviscerated. It is fitting but not sufficient that his name will forever be synonymous with “unethical.”

    The stadium should be torn down and turned into a park for contemplation of these crimes and the many willing accomplices. Lectures on ethics could be given there. The idea that Penn State still has a football program at all is galling.

  7. Chadd says

    The religious zealots will soon be painting all of us with the same brush, but will fail to notice that Sandusky was NOT an openly gay, well adjusted man. He lived his life as a heterosexual and STILL identifies as straight. He is NOT one of us.

  8. Griff says

    Would have been nice if Mark Geragos – who always seems to think sexual abuse of children is sooo funny – had reacted the same way when Penn State jocks were creating a riot in honor of their sainted coach. But then again, he can’t seem to find anything wrong with criminals as long as they are athletes.

  9. jomicur says

    But…but…but…how can this be? Penn State officials were on record as saying that to stop Sandusky would not be “humane.” How can the legal system be so “inhumane” as to send the bastard to jail for the rest of his life?

    As far as I’m concerned, every single Penn State official who winked at Sandusky’s crimes should be in jail too. As should his lying wife, who blithely insisted she couldn’t hear those boys crying for help in her basement. And quite frankly I’d like to see Joe Paterno’s corpse dug up and left to rot in Sandusky’s jail cell. Let the two of them continue to “build character” in young boys for all eternity–in hell.

  10. Rick says

    I just love all the self-righteousness and feigned concern for boys in these comments. Like any of you could care less about boys being the victims of anything, given your idolization of the female in all things. I think your real motives come through in your anti-sports and anti-football remarks, some subtle, some explicit (see Ehrenstein). Your hatred of (and fear of) men and all things masculine is your real underlying motivation in this instance.

    Just as your motive with regard to the priests is your hatred of Catholicism, not your concern for any male human being.

    If this were some tootsie queen who had done the same thing, you would be reacting entirely differently–you would forgive them for having “made a mistake” and blame what they did on a society that pressured them to be something they are not.

    But be assured, despite all the self-righteousness (and disingenuousness) in your reactions, all highly-publicized incidents like this–including those involving priests–are highly publicized in part because they involve male-male sex–The media attention and the strong public interest in such cases is largely driven by homophobia and the result of all the media attention will be an increase in homophobia.

    Incidents like this involving girls virtually never get the attention of the media–and there is a good reason for that.

    So stop kidding yourselves.

  11. TJ says

    Yeah, the reason you are glad for the verdicts is because you hate sports and masculinity. None of you could possibly empathize, none of you could be moral or capable of a sense of justice served. It’s because you idolize women.

    Such impeccable, unassailable logic. I am in awe, but only momentarily. Then, I consider the source.

    Pitiful, as always.

  12. Rick says

    “Such impeccable, unassailable logic”

    Man-hating, “gender-non-conformist”, effeminate men who value other male human beings only for their physical appearance are not driven by logic or rationality of any kind.

    Which is reflected in any valid assessment of their behavior.

    Of course, you can try and pretend that it is just “coincidence” that all the anti-sports and anti-football remarks are present in these comments, but they are there for a reason and despite your protestations, I am sure you know what that reason is.

  13. Dave says

    The Justice system made Jerry the TV and front page star pedophile while the Catholic Church remains hidden in the shadow of justice, while the countless pedophile Catholic priest who raped and abused countless children are let go to live their lives. The children who were raped and abused by Catholic priest suffer the rest of their lives. Where is the justice for them? Why don’t they put all of the Catholic pedophiles on trial and put them on TV and on the front page? Where is the justice for all of the children the pedophile Catholic priest raped and abused? Why does the Pope and the Catholic Church not take full responsibility for the countless crimes against children their priest have committed?

  14. Chadd says

    Rick. You do not know me and you don’t know the vast majority of gay people so STFU and don’t pretend that you know what any of us think or feel about anything. We are not all the same. You do not speak for me.

  15. TJ says

    RICK – other than to tell I’m not taking your fetid bait, I’ll not respond. And my hope would be that other than to mercilessly mock you for your utter ridiculousness, others not engage you in argument. You are a waste of time.

  16. Rick says

    “I hate sports, love men, and very selectively admire women.”

    You hate sports because you fear masculinity.

    You don’t love men, you love sex with men, particularly the more masculine ones (such as those who play football or other violent sports). (Read my comments in the thread linked below from the other day for an explanation of why)

    You selectively admire women–yes, precisely the women who behave bitchily towards men, objectify men, and hate men, themselves (using them for sex and then discarding them). Think Madonna.

    There; fixed it for you.

  17. ratbastard says

    This pig hopefully will get shanked to death in a prison shower or something. I certainly hope so. A more contemptible excuse for a human being I don’t know. Too bad his old lady, whom I believe was well aware of what was going on, doesn’t receive her just punishment too.


    @David Ehrenstein,

    You’ve got issues my friend. You sound like a person filled with unadulterated rage with a large dose of odious self-righteousness. What happened growing up? Not enough hugs?

  18. anon says

    The problem with a lot of these cases is that delay between the crime and the indictment is so long that case becomes extremely weak based on the physical evidence alone and the foggy memories of the witnesses. In theory, if the victims had a safe harbor of trust with the authorities, a sting operation could be set up in short order to catch the perps in the act (so to speak). Almost all vice crime is handled that way. However, accusing an otherwise respected leader of the community of a major crime makes this much harder because you are essentially indicting the entire establishment, not just the individual and no one wants in on guilt. They’d rather play dumb then dip their toes in the stench of systemic failure.

    It’s easy for members of the press to castigate the authorities, but they too were looking the other way.

    This case has a second dark element in that the one prosecutor who was looking into the charges early disappeared without a trace. What was that all about?

  19. simon says

    His wife must be pretty dumb not knowing what is going on. The fact that she is still supporting him indicate that their marriage may be just an arrangement or cover up and she is doing it for money. He probably never tickled her or showered with her to produce any biological children.

  20. UFFDA says

    Honestly I can’t really connect the dots as RICK sees them. His theories of masculinity are all so implausible, abstruse and unproveable.

    I love his role as provocateur however, a real, and valuable fly in the ointment of the received truths of gay propagandists who settle among sites like this peddaling their own spin. As usual the extreme positions on all sides are suspect.

    Then there’s the histrionic delight of observing and/or joining in on the cathartic flash fights that break out, relieve the day, and disappear until tomorrow. My personal mean streak – as big as all Ireland – is both fulfilled and tempered by these interactions.

  21. ericxdc says

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just ignore “Rick” – whatever is posted under that name is purely a one-note nonstop rant meant to upset and provoke. The BEST response would be to complete disregard all such posts and just move on with what, in most cases, have been interesting discussions amongst the others who posted comments.

  22. jim says

    @ ericxdc: got that right! I see the first words, know it’s a RickPost, and spin the scroll wheel to the next comment. Same with the comments responding to the RickPosts. Makes for a much more enjoyable Towleroad experience.

  23. LiamB says

    Wow, Rick, just as insane as always. It amazes me how you so often delude yourself into thinking you know anything about gay society, when you constantly tout your own ignorance of it.

    This is a good verdict. It has nothing to do with red herrings as “sports” and “masculinity” and everything to do with a odious child molester who needed to be put away for the safety of others. Those in the administration who knowingly allowed this situation to continue should be held accountable, just like anyone else would be in the same situation.

    If a parent stood by and knowingly let one of their children be molested, then proceeded to ignore it they’d be charged as being complicit. So why should someone one being part of the administration of a sports department, or religious organization be held to a lesser standard?

  24. Randy says

    “He faces up to 442 years in prison.”

    No, he doesn’t. He faces a decade or two in prison, and then he’ll die. Just because the US sentencing process is completely ignorant of the human lifespan doesn’t mean the reporting has to be.

  25. Mark says

    @Randy- he hasn’t been sentenced yet. If he were sentenced the maximum for each crime, he’d face that long- he’ll receive a minimum of 60 years, but they probably won’t sentence him much more than that.

  26. says

    justice served. may he rot. and one day meet Paterno, a pathetic cowardly worm of a man who shirked his adult, and coaching, responsibilities by allowing this predator to continue his crimes.

    and to the trolls who came on as usual – keep it up. you prove the rest of us right, time and time again.

  27. Wayne says

    Sandusky is not gay… Never had sexual relations with men. He is a pedofile since he had sexual relations with children. They are not the same. Ask any psychologist nd they will tell you, Sandusky is not gay.

    I’m glad that justice was served. I don’t think that their football program should be scrapped like some have suggested. One rotten human being should not bring down an entire program. There is room for every interest (music to sports, etc.) on a large college campus.

    Anyone who harms children should be exposed… especially those who harbor the perpetrators. Anyone at Penn State who looked the other way should at least be fired, and given a public trial if the law requires it.

    BTW, a catholic cardinal’s aide was found guilty yesterday in Philadelphia for endangering children by covering up sexual abuse by priests. This could signal a wave of senior church officials being held accountable for their treatment of children.

    (this is for you RICK… I feel sorry for you… Holding on to hate only damages your spirit. It doesn’t really affect the gay men reading this blog. We’ll go about our day after tuning off the iPad or computer, while you sit at home stewing about how “I’ll show those gays a thing or two.” Please find something positive in your life to focus on. I assume you have a family. Maybe spend some time with them. Fighting the gays won’t be a legacy anyone will care about when you pass away. The only thing they”ll remember is that you were a negative bitter soul.)

  28. Rick says

    You can tell that I’m masculine because I comment anonymously on a website and never put a face to my comments because evidence and facts are for fems.

    Real men give excuses to hide. Like me. And my dad, when he’d play “hid the salami” with my ass.

  29. UFFDA says

    Ah yes, and so we see in the filthy fake RICK post, that KIWI is back with his self-revealing little haters tempest. Transparent…but never truthfully signed.

  30. say what says

    ah….just clicked

    rick and ratbastard are the same person

    one the sockpuppet of the other

  31. Rick says

    Since we are on the subject, I am just curious about something. About 20 years ago, “For a Lost Soldier” was released–a film about a sexual relationship between a 12-year-old Dutch boy and a Canadian soldier during WWII. It got rave reviews and is available via Amazon. And the film was made by the 12-year-old-boy turned gay man, who was nostalgic about his experience and glad that it happened.

    So what do you all make of this? I don’t really see any fundamental difference between what the Canadian soldier did and what Jerry Sandusky did–he was said to have truly been in love with the boy he had sex with, but then again, Sandusky’s love letters and gifts would suggest that he believed the same to be the case with the boys he had sex with. And there was no more coercion in the case of the former than in the case of the latter.

    So why is one considered a “monster” who should “rot in hell” while the other is held up as a good person who did nothing wrong and whose actions should be celebrated?

  32. TJ says

    Now it comes out – RICK plays with little boys, and sees nothing wrong with it. He is a pedophile. He wishes that Toddlers and Tieras had a sipin-off: Pop Warner and Public Showers. Makes perfect sense now. He probably hates women because some kid’s mother got wise to him and reported him to police. Pitiful creature of darkness, indeed.

  33. Rick says

    @TJ Nice try at diverting attention from the issue I raised, but it won’t work, any more than other such attempts do.

    I have no sexual attraction to children and have never understood why some people do.

    But I cannot help but be struck by the sharp and dramatic contrast between the way Sandusky is being villainized and the way “For a Lost Soldier” was received.

    Go ahead, explain it if you can (or if you dare)…….

  34. Rick says

    And let me just add that I have seen the film myself and there are several graphic sex scenes in it, including the little boy being anally penetrated by the big, hairy soldier…..and the boy grimaces in pain upon being penetrated.

    But still, there it is on the Amazon website–as mainstream as it gets–with 77 reviews and an average star rating of 4.5 on a scale of 5 (48 of the 77 reviewers gave it a 5).

    The man whose boyhood reminiscences the film is based on, by the way, is a ballet dancer and choreographer who went so far as to base a ballet on his experience…….

    So again I ask, why is the soldier a “hero” and Sandusky a “monster”?

  35. BEAHBEAH says

    Rick, trying once again to pull a bait and switch by bringing up completely unrelated topics. What the hell does that movie have to do with this discussion? And who on this board has ever mentioned it or called the soldier in question a hero?

    Jerry Sandusky was a predator who set up an organization for wayward youth so he could sexually exploit dozens of neglected boys. I know nothing about that film or what really happened, but a grown man having a relationship with a 12 year old is completely inappropriate… and I certainly wouldn’t call him a hero. And neither would the vast majority of the posters here.

    If he looks back on their “affair” with warm memories, then whatever. Not much we can do about that. But his personal reality and the reality of a situation may not be the same.

  36. says

    Jerry Sandusky had his trial. He was found guilty. Justice worked. Comparisons to other cases are completely irrelevant.

  37. gomez says

    @david. a cover for pedophilia? are you out of your mind? what kind of person blanketly “hates sports” so much they want to see football banned? are you on drugs? dont answer that

    @rob. replacing the stadium for a “park of contemplation” (lol) about these crimes? is david your drug dealer?




  39. jaragon says

    The macho world of college football was a great cover for Sandusky- he is going to be very popular in prison.

  40. Doug Collins says

    Christopher Allen Horton,
    Just because your entire family is in jail for selling crack, and you’re sitting on welfare checks that you cashed for crack doesn’t mean you need to be upset at gays

  41. J. James says

    @ Doug Collins
    LOL that was awesome. and sadly, probably true about this Christopher Allen Horton nut job. I can smell the crack in his posts lol!

  42. UFFDA says

    TJ – RICK just told you he is not interested in children so why would he watch “that” scene over and over. Projection on your part? Well then…shut up. You’re getting as bad as your hero KIWI.

  43. Frank says

    @TJ, For A Lost Soldier is told from the boys point of view. It was a young boy’s fantasy of protection, strength, and love during wartime in a strange place (his family sent him away to keep him safe from the fighting going on at home). Young boys are allowed to fantasize about hot soldiers. Old men and hot soldiers are not allowed to rape young boys.

  44. TJ says

    UFFDA – Why mention the movie, much less the scene? What has a movie got to do with a pedophile, a predator; someone who groomed, gained the trust, and then betrayed that trust? What decent human being tries to argue for molestation, and uses a movie as justification? You don’t f**k children. Period.

    I have absolutely no qualms about making even more ridiculous and offensive the “points” that pathetic RICK tries to make. He has earned from me every ounce of scorn I choose to heap on him.

    And getting bad? Seriously? That’s like the pot calling the kettle beige.

  45. TJ says

    FRANK – it would seem your comment would be better directed toward RICK. Yes, a kid can fantasize. It is up to adults to be adults. Molested children can develop genuine feelings for their abusers (they are groomed to do so). They can enjoy the attention, and their bodies can respond to stimulation. But a 50 year-old trying to have a relationship – including sexual acts – with a child? Sick and wrong.

  46. UFFDA says

    TJ – well just look at you…all worked up, you still haven’t learned to ‘effing blow all these guys off. Who cares what any of them say? When you’ve got a life with a real name an online one with a fake name is a side show, the friendship of flies. Get a life.

  47. ratbastard says

    Just looking at this turd reminds me of the classic Hannah Arendt phrase ‘The Banality of Evil’. If you didn’t know anything about this skinner you’d say he looked like a big friendly bear kind of guy, like someone’s grandfather. The kind of guy you’d be comfortable around and let your guard down. I’m sure to those boys from broken homes at first were awed by him and that he would pay attention to them. Evil pr*ck.

  48. ratbastard says

    And that banality extends further to the obviously many people and institutions who were aware what he was up to, but looked the other way because big $ were at stake. I bet these people were all friendly smiles also. Pillars of the community. Banality of evil indeed.

  49. TJ says

    UFFDA – “Get a life” – coming from the defender of a defender of a pedophile, that’s such valuable advice. I suggest you take it.

  50. Jase says

    Didn’t his wife think anything was up when she heard, “Jeepers Mr Sandusky! My willy’s in your mouth!” coming from the basement??

  51. smx says

    Most of the scenarios read like porn to me. I wish my coach was hot and in to me. I still look for COACH porn. Look at the school girl costumes that are readily available and acceptable.

  52. Rick says

    @Frank The film was based on real-life experience and if you watch it, you will see that the soldier was very aggressive in pursuing the boy, both socially and sexually. Eerily similar to what we have heard of Sandusky’s relationships with these boys.

    So to refer to it as a mere “fantasy” is inaccurate.

    That said, if you are acknowledging that 12-year-olds are aware enough of their own sexuality to have fantasies about older men, then how do we know that their involvement with older men does not reflect their own desires in some cases?

    For what it’s worth, if I am not mistaken, Holland, the country where the film was set and the country widely regarded as the most “enlightened” when it comes to gay rights (it was the first to legalize same-sex marriage and Amsterdam has long been considered the most gay-friendly place on earth)…..has lowered the sexual age of consent to 12, which would have made at least some of the incidents involving Sandusky legal in that jurisdiction.

    Just some food for thought.