1. kpo5 says

    Todd Starnes riled up the FOXies with his own hissy fit over this as well.

    Somehow, your religious freedom is being trampled upon when you find out something you don’t like happened a month ago.

  2. Mic says

    Tony Perkins is a moron:

    A) Having a Commitment Cerimony Breaks NO state law.

    B) The laws of Louisiana DO NOT apply on a FEDERALLY OWNED Military Base. Never have, never will.

    C) A Commitment Cerimony does not fall under DOMA

    Sorry Tony…you’re once again graping for straws. But then what do we expect from a straw-man.

    I wonder whom Tony The Tigress will go after once full equality is achieved at the constitutional level?

    My guess is he and his hater-christian army (catholics/mormons) will turn full tilt boogie on the ‘sinful masses’ of the illegal immigrants.

  3. Steve says

    There is no law that forbids you from having a ceremony somewhere. Or a law that regulates weddings (both in the civilian world and the military). Whether the government will legally recognize that is another matter entirely.

    What is a violation of the Constitution is telling people they can’t have the religious ceremonies they want.

  4. KT says

    Its amazing how much these bigots will twist themselves to justify their cause. Not only did this happen a month ago (and the sky did not fall) but nothing about it was illegal. What a bunch of jackasses.

  5. Sammy says

    Wow, so they want wholly religious ceremonies which are completely unrecognized by any government entity banned from military bases? Some religious freedom.

  6. Dave says

    The LGBT soldiers are fighting fanatical religious Muslim terrorist to keep you and you family safe from terrorist attacks in America and they no longer have to hide their love for each other and they will be together no matter if they can get married or not so it is time to get out of the private lives of LGBT people and give them their freedoms and Civil Rights because they are fighting to keep you free so you can have your Civil Rights.

  7. Jack Giles says

    Tha Chaplain acted in accordance of his Denominational beliefs, he performed a “Sacramental Blessing” for a same-sex “Commitment Ceremony” which is approved by the United Church of Christ. Which is it Mr. Perkins, you either defend Everyone’s Religious Liberty or you just want to be a judgemental bigot using Religious Liberty as an excuse to defend only your religious beliefs.

  8. mmike1969 says

    Gotta love all these OLD bigots and their OLD ways of thinking. It’s going to be a good thing when all these OLD gop pigs finally die off.

  9. RexT says

    Did someone switch on an overhead light somewhere – the reality of religious ‘unions’ – without the benefit of Civil Marriage Equality is far from new! Of course, listening to the brainless conversation in the USA, this is a big surprise … religions welcoming same sex partners. Personally, I could care less about the religious aspect of any of it – for anyone of any religion … but it’s rich hearing these people determine what others should be allowed within their religions, while slamming their tired ole bible on the table!

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