1. Better Idea says

    Share it with her children? Her children weren’t bullied.

    How about establishing an anti-bullying program in the school district where she works?

  2. gomez says

    of course she’ll share it with her kids and probably donate to an anti-bullying campaign

  3. Mario says

    Junior high kids are the spawn of hell.

    If it hadn’t been caught on camera the admn would be making it a “kids will be kids” moment. I worked at a junior high part-time in college and they started in on me because I carried a briefcase. According to them it was a purse so they started in with homophobic harassment. They are like a pack of wolves–relentless and without pity. I would rather work in a prison.

    The fake apologies of these sociopathic brats is worth less than the paper they are written on.

  4. andrew says

    They ought to hire physically strong adults who could crush those little worms when they act up. But, human nature being what it is, they wouldn’t act up if they thought they might be smacked down. Corporal punishment, especially for teenage boys, is sometimes a GOOD thing.

  5. Ace says

    It’s her money so she’ll spend it how she pleases. Making statements of how she should spend it is just another form of bullying. It’s nobody’s business

  6. andrew says

    How much money is she really going to get? There are a whole lot of smoke blowers on line.

  7. Don says


    You’re right about there being a lot of “smoke blowers on line” but if you go into the donation area for Karen the person making the donation needs to provide a form of payment (credit card) in order to complete the donation form. It would appear that the donation amount total is from people who made a commitment to pay what they pledged.

  8. Better Idea says

    @Ace: Calling someone a bully and saying that it’s none of their business is another form of bullying. And it’s none of your business anyway what my opinion is. You may disagree, but that gives you no right to bully.

  9. grego says

    are the donations taxable, like lottery winnings? I agree, it would be nice if she used some of it for anti bullying efforts, or maybe a scholarship.

  10. THE QUEEN says


  11. Bob says

    IT WOULD BE SELFISH TO KEEP MOST OF THE MONEY…..Get a good lawyer, set up a foundation, and use all but $100,000 on anti-bullying campaigns.
    You deserve a nice reward, and maybe a bit for your kids, but profiting from bullying is not really cool.

  12. Michael says

    @Grego: Since the total amount is made up of many small pledges ($1-$100) from many people, it is not taxable. This has been confirmed on the fundraiser’s webpage.

  13. Joseph says

    This woman was supposed to be “monitering” the bus. It was her job to control the children. Why didn’t she stand up to them? Why didn’t she tell the bus driver to stop the bus? Why didn’t she get up and tell the bus driver to drive back to the school and let the principal deal? This video is evidence that she is not capable of doing her job. I have worked with children this age for 30 years and I know if she knew what she was doing she would not have just sat there and taken it. There is something very fishy about this whole story and the fact that she has profited from it makes it even more dubious.

  14. Patrick says

    I can not believe some of the negative comments posted. I watched the video and I am sure most days were fine on the bus, but what those boys did was downright cruel. Karen did not engage them and it appeared she was hoping they would stop. I am sure she cared for all the kids on that bus. The boys brought it to the attention of everyone by posting it. Karen has every right to spend the “donations” as she sees fit. No one is to judge her, you were not on the bus or in the situation. Why some always have to post negative comments, i wont mention you, but what a lonely life you must live, you are as cruel as those boys by even suggesting what she is to do with the money given out of generosity, this story touched so many lives, it could be your mother or grandmother. If you want to attack and bully me now for posting I only say “bring it”

  15. terry says

    For 600K you can abuse my ass like a Penn State football coach all night. Come on folks, are we such a country that we solve problems by throwing money around. She didn’t suffer a financial loss so moral support seems more appropriate.

  16. John says

    The money was donated for the woman … she is free to do with it as she pleases, even if that means donating it to the Tea Party (which I doubt she would, having “seen the light”.

  17. andrew says

    Once the dust has settled on this incident, the school district should hire people who are physically able to handle untamed adolescents.

  18. AJ says

    I say schools should be free to physically assault bullies. Parents: you f*cked each other and a spawn came out….if YOU can’t parent your brat. SOCIETY WILL!

    This whole idea that kids are so fragile…BULL. Beat the shyt out of them when they act up like this and they won’t act up

  19. Fiat says

    Can’t stand kids. Especially those coming from machismo hetero households. Devilish. And all parents think their kids are sooo special and cute. No they are not. They are annoying, and some of them like the kids on that bus have no moral conscience. Keep them away from me and stop bringing them to nice restuarants for God sakes. WE DON’T THINK THEY ARE CUTE!

  20. Armando says

    The fund was set up so she could take a nice vacation, what she does with it is up to her. If the people who gave it wanted it to go to anti bullying programs, there are places online for that. When you give a gift, it’s not up to you what the receiver does with the gift, and if you didn’t give her money, you really should STFU about what she does with it.

  21. David says

    If you watch the interview, when HER DAUGHTER suggested some for charity, Karen pointed to her daughter! Karen needs to give this more thought, because her words sounded very self-centered. I can’t believe our economy is really that bad when people have $650,000 to throw away.

  22. JNT says

    I caught that point gesture toward her daughter when charity was mentioned. She should take a vacation, as intended, and even bring along her family, but she could really do some good for the community by sponsoring the anti-bully programs…..even if it is to install cameras at the front of the bus and classrooms where behavior like this can be called out and dealt with instead of he-said/she said style.

  23. Greg says

    She seems like a nice person who, for whatever reason (had things on her mind, wasn’t in the friggin mood, who knows) decided (key word, she made a DECISION) not to engage these little dweebs. But her choosing to stay silent doesn’t justify the full throttle of hatred they showed her. And of course, their desire for fame (“OMFG like totally put it on YouTube y’all”) makes me sick. And surprise: the parents of these kids are shocked and stunned at their angels’ behavior. On and on we go.

    – Put people in charge of “bus monitoring” who are able to handle the task and MONITOR.
    – Treat bullying seriously when it happens instead of wringing our hands and having fundraisers at the YouTube stage. Enough punting of the problem
    – Leave this woman alone, she’s had enough, doesn’t need to be second-guessed. So she hit the sympathy lottery, good for her
    – Charge parents of juveniles for their kids’ out of line behavior, across the board. How many times does Johnny’s mom or dad or both end up in the principals’ office when their brat acts up over and over? Enough already. We should be rewarding good parenting and holding those accountable for the bad.

  24. rb says

    I think it’s horrible what happened to her. Imagine if she were YOUR mother! Why so much negativity here?

  25. Chad says

    It’s not selfish of her to keep the money, so stop with the BS about her needing to donate most of it to charity and setting up anti-bullying programs and scholarships. The money was donated to HER. It was not donated to such programs or scholarships via the site. If you read the comments most of the people are hoping to give her enough for retirement. That means, for her to use the money on HER.

    The school district actually has an anti-bullying program in place already and had before this event. She does not need to set up another one. This expectation for her to donate a large portion is extremely unfair.

    Also, to those who mentioned it, yes it is subject to taxes. So, the government will definitely get their fair share.