1. MarkUs says

    Madonna “hyped up on Boniva and goat hormones”. Oh Joan. LOL.

    Breast cancer is so frequent, 1 in 9 women. Not one other cancer strikes with that frequency.

  2. Raleighrob says

    Dear Madonna- Need a good role model on how an 80s pop diva can age gracefully and enter the 21st century being classy and not tawdry and cheap? See Kylie. That is all.

  3. hugo says

    I just love that Kylie stayed so ‘natural’ and unpretentious since she got started. Quite a refreshing change to the oodles of put-on personas that so many ‘stars’ try to put up.

  4. says

    I’ve been “perplexed” by Kylie for most of her 25 years in the biz. The first half of her career was a 100 percent knock off of Madonna—she was the noncontroversial Madonna. Who wants idols who are nice and unpretentious? Do those terms apply to Joan Crawford, Picasso, Andy Warhol, Harvey Milk let alone Madonna? That said, Kylie seems like a nice person and can definitely sing really well—was surprised when I finally saw her live. As for questioning Madonnas taste in costumes, Miss Kylie was run afoul of good taste countless times…but isn’t that part of the point in a gonzo stage show?

  5. BEAHBEAH says

    I love Kylie Minogue and Madonna, both great pop stars.

    That being said, I have to agree with Ms. Minogue. Madonna looks RIDICULOUS in that majorette uniform.

  6. Paul says

    Really??? Kylie giving advice on what Madonna wears. That’s just plain ridiculous. What about some of the crap Kylie has worn throughout the years? Just one diva clawing at another…too funny.

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