1. Steve says

    But the Bible commands him to beat his children. Why are you oppressing his religious freedom!?

  2. percy says

    When he grows up to be MVP, everyone will change their tune. Corporal punishment is a misunderstood learning tool.

  3. Alan says

    @Steve uh, I’m not sure how you are interpreting the Bible, but my grandfather is a Baptist preacher, my mother a very devout Christian, and they never beat me, honey.

    Perhaps if this were the religion of Islam, they would’ve just beheaded the kid instead?

    See, I can sound just as stupid as you.

  4. Regan DuCasse says

    The man needs anger management and domestic violence intervention. When a man goes off like that abusing a child over something very minor that he can’t help, that kid is in a lot of danger. If not the whole family.

    And if there is no intervention, the kid might take matters into his own hands. It’s not unheard of that a son will murder his father in self defense against this kind of thing.

  5. David in Houston says

    Step-son, huh? That explains a lot. The child should be taken into protective custody, and the bastard father should be thrown in jail.

  6. The Milkman says

    Oh but straight couples are better for raising children. Remember? Maggie keeps telling us so.

  7. Ricco says

    And this kid has not been removed from this home? What kind of mother does this kid have that allows her A-hole of a husband to beat her son?

    Where is social services? What exactly are they waiting to see come to light? What are they waiting for, to see the kid in the emergency room with a punctured lung, on the threshold of death?

  8. Caliban says

    In the story about his arrest the grandparents DEFEND this POS!

    “We are a family that believes spanking a child serves its purpose well, as many other Americans. The video may seemed inflammatory but as I saw it, and knowing who Anthony is, the behind is always his target. Men who beat their children don’t care where the spanking lands. If he is guilty he is only guilty of excessive spanking and should have seen that the remedy was not working.”

    First of all, Sanchez was clearly swinging for the kid’s legs, not his “behind.” And while I’m not necessarily against all forms of corporeal punishment, it should never be done in anger as this clearly was. “[He] should have seen the remedy was not working.” Whipping a child isn’t going to ‘remedy’ their ability to catch a ball.

  9. Mic says

    “…@Steve uh, I’m not sure how you are interpreting the Bible, but my grandfather is a Baptist preacher, my mother a very devout Christian, and they never beat me, honey…See, I can sound just as stupid as you…”

    Actually Alan, you sound like a bigger religious illiterate Moron.

    Because EVERYONE knwd the bile clearly says “SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD…”

    Proverbs 13:24

    You wish to take back your lie?

  10. says

    @ Alan, you’re an idiot, and need to review your bible “honey”.

    1, Oscar Lopez deserves a medal,


    2,Screw the Sherrif’s dept…it’s hard to believe CPS isn’t already involved

  11. Pete N SFO says

    I bet that kid is really, really, happy that he’s away visiting family at the time this went public.

    You can make fun of CA all you want to, but trust me, the word is out on hitting your kids.

    In ‘backward’ nations like Brazil, this guy would be toast.

  12. Steve says

    The Bible prescribes stoning for disobedient children. There are also several other verses that advocate beating children. “Spare the rod, spoil the child” is a very common misquote, but the sentiment is there in several verses.

    In any case, corporal punishment is very common in fundamentalist circles. And opposition from religious groups is the main reason why the US hasn’t ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (the only other country besides Somalia).

    I always love how people defend “spanking”, in instances where it was clearly beating with fists or objects. So not the same thing.

  13. William says

    @Mic: I was just getting ready to post Proverbs 13:24 before I saw your comment. So, now, I’ll just say “ditto.”

  14. BobN says

    That’s not a “beating”. It’s crappy parenting, but it’s not a “beating”.

    The father has issues, and I feel for that poor kid.

  15. TJ says

    Yes, corporal punishment is misunderstood, by those who think it is, in any way, an effective tool. Whether he aimed for the buttocks or not, whipping a child with a belt for any reason is abuse. And whipping a kid for dropping a baseball? Not only is whoever does this one sick f*ck, but so is anyone who defends it.

    No legitimate, educated expert on child development or parenting recommends ever hitting a child. As for Biblical justifications, well, the Bible is hardly known for its scientific, researched approach to anything, so there’s that.

  16. says

    Someone needs to explain to that kid’s mother that her child’s welfare is more important than whatever satisfaction is provided by being married to that abuser.

  17. e.c. says

    A “spanking” might be appropriate if the the kid had intentionally mis-behaved, but beating on him with a belt as some sort of motivational training tool is f’d up.

  18. sparks says

    Too many parents have bought into preachers’ use of that “spare the rod” passage of scripture to defend what is basically lashing out in anger and hitting their children. The rod in question actually referred to a shepherd’s crook, used to guide sheep — not to beat them.

    Take that as you wish. As an agnostic who had the misfortune to grow up in church, and as someone who believes organized religion has held society back in every conceivable way, I’m certainly not supporting the bible. But this one particular verse has been run into the ground to support spanking.. and it’s wrong.

  19. ratbastard says

    Miserable POS. WTF makes some people want to whip a child [or adult for that matter] with a belt or some other object? What? Does it make you feel powerful and dominant? Narcissistic control freaks? The reality is these people are very, very insecure.

    Mr. Lopez deserves a big thank you.

  20. ratbastard says

    This sums up my opinion of organized religions and other dominating and controlling institutions, ideologies and cults:

    ‘They who believe absurdities commit atrocities.’


  21. Eric says

    By the way, for anyone that defends this type of abuse as discipline, here is a very simple test: if that father had done this to any adult, what would he have been charged with? For some insane reason, some people in the US have this idea that behavior that would be totally unacceptable between two adults is somehow justified when it is between an adult and a defenseless child.

  22. TS says

    if he was hitting another man or his wife like that, there would be no question as to the legitimacy of assault. Why wouldn’t we offer defenseless children the same protection under the law. This is a ridiculous land we live in.

  23. says

    Wow. The most amazing thing – the number of posters (trolls) on this site who are clearly not only products of this kind of “relationship”, but are adamant about defending it.

    to all of those who continue to come on here every day and regurgitate the kind of homophobic anti-gay prejudice that is utterly related to this abuse in this video, i hope your happy.

    you hate femmes. and this guy beat his stepson for the very same reason.

    you’re as worthless as this lousy excuse for a man.

  24. says

    oh, and anyone who wonders if Alan hasn’t been abused by his grandfather and mother need look no further than his daily posts. he’s a closeted, liberal-hating, black-hating, self-hating homosexual. denial of love and acceptance is indeed a form of emotional abuse, and does indeed warp people like alan.

    no all abusers leave visible scars.

  25. johnny says

    A MILD (MILD) 3-whack spanking on the buttocks IF the child misbehaved in a big way or did something really wrong, administered before they reach the age of 8 or so: OK by me.

    After 8 yrs. old? Not appropriate and if you have to resort to it, you’ve clearly not been a consistent parent.

    But beating a kid with a belt because he can’t catch a ball, at any age?

    Clearly child abuse in my book.

    And it only escalates from there. I experienced this kind of crap first hand, all the way to the age of 14 and after that point, it turns into fists and backhands. It’s just an excuse for the adult to take out their frustrations and anger on someone who is smaller and weaker than they are.

  26. Keith says

    Translation: Pillar of community given pass by sheriff’s office for child abuse. Father allowed to continue documented child abuse, even as sheriff’s office continues to prosecute other parents for similar child abuse.

  27. Tanoka says

    Important to note:
    This happened outside, and because of something so innocent as dropping a ball. Now imagine the abuse that goes on inside the house, where no-one can see it.
    No doubt this kid has been beaten many times before, and much worse than this.
    I’d be surprised if the father doesn’t also hit his wife whenever she fails to comply.

  28. says

    F**k the bible; who gives a flying phuck what it says about anything. Wake up you idiots.
    This is more of the male machismo BS that we all know only too well.
    Beating a kid for not catching a ball …..what a perverted bully.

    You may not wish to hear it but this machismo is much more prevalent in US society than any other society that I have experienced.

  29. says

    What the f**k has not catching a ball got to do with bringing a child up properly ?
    It’s supposed to be an f**king game for Christ’s sake !
    Where is the encouragement ? Or the showing the kid how to catch simple throws ?

  30. Clint says

    The face of domestic terrorism is right there, inflicting pain and suffering on the defenseless in our own backyards and living rooms. And the damage to our country and Her future is far higher than any disaffected Muslim could hope to inflict.

  31. say what says

    good on the neighbor

    too many just ignore things / don’t want to get involved when they should

    tossing the ball with one’s father is supposed to be fun not torture

  32. Craig says

    @Percy Come over to me place and let me lash you repeatedly with a leather belt so you can see and know how it feels. Your statement, “When he grows up to be MVP, everyone will change their tune. Corporal punishment is a misunderstood learning tool.” is one of the most absurd things I have every read.

  33. Tom says

    Actually spanking is a proven effective method of parent that does have positive results for the child. However, this depends entirely on how it is dispensed. The parent-centered vs. child-centered approach. Meaning, is the goal parental obedience or child safety/education, the latter is known to have positive outcomes. Don’t confuse that with a “he beats me because he loves me” situation. Could go more into depth but this is just a smal post and research it before you dismiss it.

    All that said, the step-father here looks like he crossed the line and the hitting is now out of his own frustration and anger and not to do with correcting the child’s behavior. Not that spanking would make a kid catch a ball anyhow.

  34. Carlos says

    Latinos are some the biggest bullies around. Sanchez should be, at the very least, sent to anger management classes.

  35. vanndean says

    Actually spanking is a proven effective method of parent that does have positive results for the child.

    Your the one that made the statement so you need to be the one that backs it up with the facts. Cite the sources or studies which prove that spanking teaches them anything other than “big people get to beat up on the little people”. Having lived through a much similar incident in my own childhood, I can tell you that instead of an appreciation of the sport of baseball or improved skills, it made me despise the sport. I do not attend games, I do not watch games on television, and I hate being reminded of how horrible I think being abused is for what is supposed to be a game.

  36. DISGUSTING says

    He couldn’t catch a ball…that in no way justifies hitting. With a belt or anything else.

  37. Jamie says

    MY parents beat me with an ironing cord, wooden spoon, belt and they never got arrested for child abuse…it made me not do anything bad again thats for sure.

  38. Chitown Kev says

    as others have remarked, it would be one thing if he was being spanked for a misdeeds (stealing, being caught in a lie, etc.) but he should not have been spanked for this.

  39. Chitown Kev says

    I didn’t get spanked very often as a child but I did get spanked and let me tell you something…

    …at that time I preferred spanking and the little bit of pain to extended punishments.

    still, I would have never been spanked for anything like this.

  40. billydee4 says

    My father beat us for the slightest thing. But he also was emotionally and psychologically abusive as well. He would force me away from doing something I enjoyed, like reading, and make me play catch with him and some older, bigger boys in the neighborhood. We played in a large field, with my father on one side and the bigger boys on the other. I was put in the middle. He would always throw the ball over my head and then mock me for not catching it. He would bring the other boys in on the mocking so everyone would be laughing at me. I lost all of the love and respect I had for my father by the time I was seven.

  41. H says

    I wish somebody would beat Percy with a belt. Or list ship him and all his Neanderthal counterparts to an island. You’re an idiot, Percy.

  42. parkrunner says

    This poor kid’s gonna be dropping balls in front of Daddies for the rest of his life.

  43. ratbastard says


    I agree 100% with what you wrote. A little spanking on a small child when called for is OK, this boy is too old to be spanked, or actually whipped with a belt, which is what his POS father did.

  44. sanecanadian says

    This looks like a man trying to beat the gay out of a kid. Been there. With me it was football.

  45. gayalltheway says

    I applaud what Mr. Lopez did and believe that it was the right thing to do confronting that man.. but disapprove of the foul words used in the presence of children.
    But thanks for standing up to a bully and a loser of a father.

  46. Nat says

    “Actually spanking is a proven effective method of parent that does have positive results for the child. ”

    No, it isn’t.

    I’m not a specialist in child or developmental psychology. But I’ve read enough to know that there is close to universal opinion on the ineffectiveness of corporal punishment in any form.

    There’s a Canadian Supreme Court case called Canadian Foundation v Canada that challenged s. 43 of the Criminal Code, which established the grounds for permissible corporal punishment.

    I won’t describe the entire judgment, but it contains one of the most tortured justifications by the Chief Justice for the continued legality of corporal punishment. The justification is tortured because there was virtually no valid evidence submitted in favour of corporal punishment’s effectiveness. The Supreme Court essentially had to write in a series of additional restrictions to the Criminal Code, in a transparent attempt at a compromise. But I think it’s key to note that it’s compromise borne because of traditional mores, not because of legal principles or legal evidence.

    If anyone is interested, these are the only permissible circumstances in which corporal punishment may be employed in Canada:

    1. Physical punishment against anyone under 2 or over 12 is not allowed.
    2. It cannot be degrading or inhumane in nature.
    3. Discipline using objects and/or slaps to the head are not allowed.
    4. Teachers have no right to use corporal punishment; they can only apply force to ensure compliance with instructions (i.e. removing a child from a classroom)
    5. It must be corrective. It cannot come as a result of an angry outburst.

    I’m not sure what the criteria are in any particular American state. But I would note that 99.9% of all corporal punishment incidents are virtually certain to violate one of these points.

  47. scott says

    @ Percy,

    My father used a belt on me several times. I’m in my fifties and have never forgiven him for that.

    I loved him and know he had a rough childhood, but I still remember that belt hitting me.

    Corporal punishment delivered with anger creates scars which last a lifetime.

  48. NY2.0 says

    I got spanked as a child as well, not often though and certainly not for something as frivolous as throwing a baseball. This is quite frankly disturbing on many levels.

  49. FunMe says

    The boy is being spanked for not catching the ball. That is WRONG! And yes it is child abuse! This has nothing to do with spanking for discipline. It is obvious the boy was being spanked for not catching the ball.

    I hope the step father is charged and found guilty for crimes against a child.

  50. billmiller says

    Good comments all! I feel so sorry for this kid, what an f’in assssshole! It is the way I was raised, and I’ve been through an army of shrinks!

  51. Kent Poteete says

    It seems like this may not have been a One Time Incident, if the neighbor is video taping the assault. Where Is the Mother…she is inside the house and I am 99% sure that she is aware of the abuse from A Father to His Son. In many cases where there is mental and physical abuse inflicted on a child by a parent, the other parent is being abused as well. I know First Hand How It feels to be abused by a father who sets goals and Expectations so high that he knows that the child will fail. I have forgiven, but I will never forget his actions and reactions, and the fact that there were 3 other Children in the Home Who Were NEVER verbally or physically abused. I am scared to post this comment right now out of nothing more then sheer fear of retaliation.

  52. Rob says

    As a physician who has cared for shaken babies who have died I can tell you it’s always a stepfather or the mother’s boyfriend- attacking the rival for Mom’s affection who is usually winning. In the apes the children of the first marriage get eaten, and the lower classes of humans are not much more evolved than that. Hard to imagine that this guy would limit his abuse to just this- there is a certain risk of death in these households.

    Videography is changing the world and not just for shoplifters.

  53. andrew says

    Bravo Oscar. What an ugly man Anthony is. Did he take up Oscar’s challenge? You know he didm’t. He is a first class pus*y!

  54. says

    I sure hope that bastard isn’t a teacher. If he is, he sucks at it! He might get better results if he were to demonstrate to the boy on how you catch a ball instead of trying to beat it into him. Moron.

  55. some guy says

    the child didn’t look like a disobedient gang-banger, he looked like a scared shitless nerdy kid that maybe is afraid of the ball and afraid of domineering step-father types. Why do you think rebelious youth with a strong core shose gangs? Because their parents are weak, stupid, un-involved, or bully-gang types themselves. This step-dad appears to be a frustrated individual, taking out his frustration on this poor kid who will probably turn introvert with low self-esteem issues.

  56. says

    I was in my 20s when I realized baseball was supposed to be FUN. My parents made me play until I was about 11, I think. I was terrible at it and bored by it. The other kids knew I wasn’t an asset to their team, and treated me in accordance with that fact. My dad coached or helped coach, but that didn’t help. I eventually came to enjoy watching baseball, but that was because of beer and cute players in uniforms rather than because I enjoyed the game itself.

  57. EGN says

    Oh, look! An abusive stepfather beating his wife’s kids.

    Sadly this happens all the time, and it is pointless to search for a reason in the man’s behavior, because it probably doesn’t matter and only serves as an excuse to exert aggression towards someone incapable of defending themselves.

    This is what abuse looks like, folks. It’s not punishment, it’s terrorizing someone who has no way to escape it and no ability to protect themselves from it.