1. Sean says

    Don’t you understand the obvious distinction? He’s white so that makes it okay for him to immigrate to the US. Let’s face it a conservative hypocrite who doesn’t even realize he’s being a hypocrite is not really news at this stage.

  2. says

    He should have said “colored foreigners” to distinguish white or “natural” or “welcome” immigrants to the United States. I bet he has some family tree diagram tucked away somewhere tracing common ancestral lines with the Kennedys.

  3. kelehe says

    They have to reach back 16 years ago to Reagan? And Reagan was clearly passing it off to the Attorney General. Not the same scenario.

  4. theotherlee says

    It’s a crock that he ‘mistimed’ his question, he asked more than once, and then argued with the Pres. If it were mistimed, he should have apologized for the interruption and shut his mouth until the Pres was finished.

    As far as the Reagan video, Reagan WAS finished with his speech, and was handing the mic over to his Attorney General. Not even close to the same situation, and as was mentioned earlier.. they had to go back 16 years to get anything even close to compare? Please.

  5. Real says

    Sean Hannity only has people on who agree with him. Andy Towle censures and barres posters who disagree with him. What’s the difference?

    (I just hate it when “journalists” claim to be fair and balanced, but are anything but that!)

  6. Alex Parrish says

    @REAL — I don’t know what crawled up your butt and died, but you are at least a first-cousin to a troll.

    This so-called “reporter” was rude beyond words. It is one thing to disagree with the President but something else to disrespect the office publicly like this. Then we find out he is a foreigner himself. He should lose his white-house pass and if he cannot respect our elected officials in public, he should lose his green card too.

  7. Not that Rob says


    First of all Andy is a blogger. Hannity is a “journalist.” they are 2 different things. Second barring people from making inappropriate comments anonymously is not the same thing as interviewing one-sides people on national tv.

  8. Real says

    They are both have no respect for American law. Obama did an end run around Congress’ wishes with immigration and Reagan did an end run around Congress’ wishes with Iran-Contra.

    Patriotic Americans are always doing their thing. Jane Fonda went to North Vietnam and reenergized the Viet Cong to keep killing American GIs and now she’s worshipped. And Bradley Manning took it upon himself to release American confidential documents and to Hell with who that hurt.

    And any American who disagrees with gay rights legislation has every right to totally ignore it, at least according to the reasoning of this blog.

  9. DrMikey says

    Hannity is NOT a journalist, he is a right-wing commentator! Munro is an immigrant blogger. Since when is the occupation of a blogger a crucial and necessary skill that gives the man a reason to jump to the head of the line to acquire a green card? He should still be farming potatoes in his home country or attempting to gain the appropriate skill set in college to get a crucial job for our economy, or he could join the armed forces here. Either way he would then qualify under the President’s new policy.

  10. says

    hannity is not a real journalist, and these GOP-suckups are not truly patriotic americans.

    they’re republicans first, americans second. and that’s sad.

  11. gb says

    It was inappropriate then and it is inappropriate now to interrupt someone while they are giving their speech.This person knew there would be fallout over his actions and that was his true intent,a story about the fallout as you can see Fox News fell for it hook line and sinker.

  12. BobN says

    Mistimed? BS. Presidential speeches like this are handed out to the press beforehand, sometimes the previous day, so that they can form their attack positions, pardon me, questions.

  13. Kyle M. Sullivan says

    I love how a foreign national who holds a job in the US is complaining about foreign nationals holding jobs in the US in a fashion so obviously “But I don’t mean me” that it’s hysterically funny. Except Hannity all but giving a hand job to this two-face POS shows exactly how morally corrupt Fox News is.

  14. Redebbm says

    Just remember…Under a Romney presidency. He will never answer any questions on his hypocrisy, especially about Gay Right, and your press pass will probably be revoked while Fox News will rant all night about Gay Activists trying to heckle Romney. After all Romney won’t answer a question with a single straight answer that he won’t change within the same day.

    The Right are utter hypocrites, they disrespect the president now, because they are already moved onto another president in their eyes. Fox “News” will do whatever they can to legitimize whatever right wing loons do to him no matter how insane they appear to us.