NEWS: The Gayness Of Gospel, The Manners of WND, And An Incredible Exploding Baldwin

AlexBradford Towleroad-roadicon Summer storms leave at least twelve dead, millions powerless.

Towleroad-roadicon The gayness of gospel:

It’s not just that so many of the men and women in gospel—from Alex Bradford to James Cleveland to Ruth Davis to Robert Anderson to innumerable less well-known singers, directors, and fans—were gay. Nor is it simply that some of the most important figures of the civil rights movement, like James Baldwin and Bayard Rustin, came out of the church's gay tradition. Rather, Heilbut makes the case that gospel has always been essentially and characteristically gay at its heart …

Towleroad-roadicon Clerics should talk to atheists before writing about them.

Towleroad-roadicon A profile of the guy who makes Biebs and J-Lo sound like singers. 

Towleroad-roadicon Spanier, Paterno, the other guys at Penn State – they knew

Towleroad-roadicon World Net Daily calls bullied grandmother Karen Klein "fat," infantile"; misrepresents details of her case:

To the sight of a feeble adult who occupies two seats on the vehicle she’s supposed to supervise, too fat to budge and too powerless to perform the task for which she is being paid – the Internet erupted in cheers.

Klein was quickly catapulted to fame for her, yes, courage. “God bless, you are my hero,” effused a woman with the handle “Marykate” in an online post.

Charitably put, Klein has not advanced adulthood in infantile America.

Nevertheless, Klein’s coffers filled up fast. She is now $650,000 richer and plans to make a pilgrimage to the Mecca of maturity: Disneyland.

… In defense of the wolverines who preyed on Klein, how is an adult such as herself to command their respect? From whom are these fiends, out on a wilding spree, expected to learn a lesson? From Supervisor Klein, who was not adult enough to holler for help? Klein lacked the wherewithal to ask the bus driver to stop the bus and set the kids straight, then and there.

Or, perhaps the bus drive is another fearful fatty who was unable to dislodge herself from her seat. Perhaps the two live in fear of potential lawsuits, lodged by the parents who sire these good-for-nothing seventh graders …

Towleroad-roadicon Guy critics don't get smart girls.

Towleroad-roadicon Welcome to Earth, Liu Yang.

Towleroad-roadicon The bad news about gay youth:

Gay, transgender, and gender nonconforming youth are significantly over-represented in the juvenile justice system—approximately 300,000 gay and transgender youth are arrested and/or detained each year, of which more than 60 percent are black or Latino. Though gay and transgender youth represent just 5 percent to 7 percent of the nation’s overall youth population, they compose 13 percent to 15 percent of those currently in the juvenile justice system.

Towleroad-roadicon Creepy photogs chase Alec Baldwin through Manhattan; hassle his next-door neighbors. Suddenly, Baldwin's had enough.


  1. Contrarian says

    Mr. Thorpe, please do some editing and checking before you post your little news blurbs. UPenn is an Ivy in Philly. Penn State is the Sandusky,Paterno/Spanier place. Not an alum of either, but your getting to be as inaccurate as CNN, Fraud Noise, or my local TV news eye-candy bimbo.

  2. rob says

    Haha, it is so beyond insulting to confuse Penn and Penn State. One is a real university with standards and accomplishments, and the other is Penn State, just fyi.

  3. Brandon K. Thorp says

    Sorry about that. I lived 20 years in Florida, where we’ve got something like a dozen schools that use some combination of the words “Florida,” University,” “Southern,” “Central,” or “College” in their names — and even though I went to one of them, I’m still totally confused by which is which.

    Thanks for pointing out the error.

    – BKT

  4. GregV says

    The story about “World News Daily” (sic) is actually linked to WorldNetDaily AKA “WingNutDaily” because of it’s right-wing presentation combined with an extreme lack of fact-checking.
    (I know it’s ironic to comment on their lack of fact checking while headline corrections are being made here. But there is a difference: Brandon’s errors are minor mistakes in names and don’t purposely misinform readers on the major facts forming the basis of the stories.)

  5. Brandon K. Thorp says

    Thanks, Greg. Man, I’m typo-prone today. My apologies. A couple mistakes usually sneak in regardless of what I do, but today I’ve caught a really shocking number of howlers in my first drafts. I fixed ’em before they made it to print — except for the Penn State thing — but I’m still flabbergasted. The heat’s boggled my brain, maybe. I am typing at you from a top floor of a NY brownstone that feels like the engine room of a 19th century steam ship.

    Thanks for reading,
    – BKT

  6. Ed says

    Ilana Turner’s Wingnut Daily columns are deliciously loony, and I consider them must reads. The only thing that mars my enjoyment is the fact that (1) the poor woman is completely serious, and (2) the readers who comment on her columns seem to think she’s a right-on chick.

  7. Hue-Man says

    The linked atheist article is worth a read because it is symptomatic of how the fundatollahs from the TeaParty/GOP consider fact-based people as non-entities, nearly robotic zombies. These are the same gentle people who booed a gay soldier while serving in combat, who wanted a patient to die because he couldn’t afford his medical bills, and routinely castigate people who (wrongly) believe in other supernatural myths. Sadly, their delusions will not cease and they will continue to destroy the lives of others with their hate.

  8. Caliban says

    Sorry to pile on, Brandon, but the last link, which is supposed to be about Alec Baldwin, actually goes to the NYT article about Justin Bieber’s producer.

    It’s the heat! Everybody’s addled.

  9. ludovico says

    Sorry it’s WND that’s the one which is asking the questions, albeit tastelessly, that no one else seems to want to ask, such as: Why didn’t Ms. Klein stand up and go to the bus driver and have him/her stop the bus? Why didn’t Ms. Klein use a cell phone to call someone at the school? Ms. Klein DID fail to do her job. What is the job description of a Bus Monitor? What kind of training does a Bus Monitor have to have? I’m sure not everybody in her position completely and utterly loses control as she seems to have done in this situation. Let’s here from some other school bus monitors–how did they handle similar circumstances? And, BTW–how did Ms. Klein ever handle raising her kids and making her several grandkids behave? She’s old enough to have had a lot of experience dealing with bullies and brats.

  10. gregory brown says

    @ludovico: I agree with you that this woman was not in control of the situation, thus failing her responsibility. I think the outpouring–or in-pouring–of money is ridiculous. She is not capable of doing the job she was given. I’m happy to hear that the brats who made things so hard for her have been given what seems to be ajust punishment, but we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that adults of any age who take on responsibilities should know how to respond responsibly to hard or even dangerous situations.

  11. Marty says

    Thank God somebody FINALLY said it…why is this woman (Klein)a bus monitor if she CLEARLY doesn’t have the disposition to be one??!! And I agree that all the money just validates her failure and on many level reinforces it. She’s the ADULT. So what if a bunch of kids called you names and crap?! Report them or have the bus driver report them or something…I do feel bad for her on some level, but again, there is something to be said about “infantile” adults..and going to Disneyland?…oy.

  12. Randy says

    Having seen the video and Klein’s behaviour on TV, it’s pretty clear she was never in control, and was incompetent at her job.

    While it’s nice that people want to cheer her up, because she was ruthlessly bullied, I also find it somewhat sickening that people are willing to go crazy and give her $650,000 for failing at her job, but we don’t give a damn about people who genuinely need money, even a fraction of that amount.

  13. Icebloo says

    The article on atheists is very good and is a great example of the silliness and ignorance I face when I tell people I am atheist. They equate atheism with child sacrifice and all other kinds of absolute stupidity but what can you expect from idiots who are religious ?

    Religion is a mental illness.

  14. says

    Oh please, do you people whining about an old bullied woman getting $650,000 realize that every second someone in the world get millions of dollars doing nothing at best, and harming other people at worst? This is nothing to get “sickened” about. It’s an act of charity, CHARITY does not have to be deserved.

    This was an old woman who got bullied. The fact that she was not able to do her job properly is between her and her employers and is immaterial, since it neither qualifies her for getting bullied nor for charity. Since when did charity have qualifications?! The reactions here are just astounding. When did people become so jealous and bitter?

  15. says

    While I’m no fan of WND and I wouldn’t have used those words, the writer does have a point about the old lady. It drives me crazy that people kept referring to the incident as “bullying.” How can a bunch of kids “bully” a full-grown adult? I am sooo tired of the over-use of the word “bully”

  16. johnny says

    The columnist has a point, but there’s no sense in using the name-calling that she employs to get her point across. “Fatties”, seriously? She’s no better than the kids that taunted Klein.

    What’s amazing to me is how quickly a faction of society is now turning on Klein, many of them the same people who felt horror at the actions of those brats. This is the most sickening societal thing of all, we build up, we honor, we tear down – all within the space of one week.


  17. jamal49 says

    .. In defense of the wolverines who preyed on Klein,…”

    Only WorldNetDaily could actually conceive that those feral brats should even be defended at all.

    However, if anyone here listens to right-wing shout radio (I do, because it pays to know your enemies), then you would know that those feral brats WERE defended en masse and, somehow, the humiliation of that poor elderly woman was a reflection of “liberal” values and another validation to turn America into an Ayn Rand, neo-conservative, reich-wing paradise.

  18. Derek Pearce says

    Thank you Winston, excellent comment that sums it up nicely. I mean really, haters are hating on this woman? She’s probably poor and needs her crappy job for money (she’s past retirement age for one thing.) I don’t blame her if she’s not good at it– lots of people do jobs they’re stuck in because they’re stuck, regardless if they’re suited for it or not. Maybe instead of a trip she can use the money to finally just retire and enjoy her life.

  19. andrew says

    Yes the bible has some warm and fuzzy parts but most of it is wicked. Stone to death homos, adulterers, folks who work on the sabbath, kids who curse their parents, all the folks who worship gods other than yahweh, those who work on the sabbath etc. It is all in all a collection of primitive abominations. Burn it. Trash it. Or at least convince people to read the nonsense it contains.

  20. andrew says

    What was the relationship between Jesus and “the disciple whom Jesus loved”? Namely John.Platonic? Mabye the reason why Jesus is never quoted in the gospels as condemning homosexuality is because he was one.

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