News: Antonio Villaraigosa, Dubai, Miley Cyrus, Stop and Frisk

RoadL.A. Times tracks Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's staunch support for LGBT rights. "While many politicians have taken a cautious approach on gay issues, Villaraigosa has earned a reputation as a fierce and early advocate for gay equality, pushing for the passage of groundbreaking anti-discrimination measures in the Legislature and helping win protections for transgender inmates in city jails as mayor of Los Angeles."

MeyersRoadSeth Meyers mocks Marc Jacobs.

RoadLGBT rights groups to join NAACP, Al Sharpton in 'Stop and Frisk' protest: "Representatives from groups including Empire State Pride Agenda and Human Rights Campaign joined the Rev. Al Sharpton and National Association for the Advancement of Colored People president Benjamin Todd Jealous at an event Tuesday announcing they’d take part in the June 17 march…The police department last year stopped more than 600,000 people, mostly black and Hispanic men. Half were frisked, and about 80 percent were never arrested."

RoadMixner: LGBT history and the dangers of 'stop and frisk' law enforcement.

RoadMarriage equality advocate Miley Cyrus is getting married.

RoadUS troops take part in LGBT Pride reception at US embassy in Tokyo: “I can’t believe I’ve been in the Air Force 23 years living in secret, hiding who I am,” Master Sgt. Marc Maschhoff said before heading to the reception, which was closed to the media, “and now I’m invited to a reception by the emissary of the president of the United States.”

RoadThe Globe invents Hillary Clinton's 'divorce meltdown'.

RoadSheryl Crow reveals she has a brain tumor.

MartinezRoadTV's new Bachelor?

RoadFormer Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky wrote creepy love letters to his victims.

RoadLivestreamed at 6 pm ET: Maggie Gallagher vs. John Corvino.

RoadCalifornia GOP Congressional candidate Jorge Robles posts violent ad against opponent: "A Republican candidate and law enforcement officer in California is promising to 'take Linda Sanchez out' in a campaign ad against the incumbent Democratic representative that features an animated machine gun."

RoadKellan Lutz offers more shirtlessness for Dylan George's fashion campaign, talks about his diet.

RoadSydney Convicts win Bingham Cup Rugby Championship: "The Convicts completed a sweep of the tournament this weekend in Manchester, England, winning the A division, 22-5, over the San Francisco Fog and the B division, 13-3, over the Dallas Diablos."

RoadDubai: Man sent to jail for homosexuality based on lover's dying final claims to stranger.

Purple_laRoadL.A. City Hall to go lavender for Pride: "City Hall will be bathed in lavender in celebration of LGBT Heritage Month, marking the City’s first-ever 'Lavender Lights,' presented by CIROC Ultra Premium Vodka. The lights will shine on City Hall throughout the month of June. The pylons at LAX will also glow purple from June 1-8."

RoadMichigan attitudes shift on same-sex marriage: "Nearly three out of four Michigan residents now believe that gay couples should be allowed to get married or engage in civil unions, up from 62-percent last August.  Republicans and independents are about evenly split on the issue."

RoadSouth African father says his son was set on fire and killed for being gay: "Reverend Casper Edward Daniels, 59, says he is sure his son’s murder was a hate crime. The attacker set his son’s body alight with the focus of the injuries on his private parts and legs. The mutilated, smouldering body of Neil Daniels, 36, was discovered on Monday night by a neighbourhood watch member in a reed-filled area in Milnerton called The Vlei. The Brooklyn man’s burning corpse was found two days after three witnesses saw how he was stabbed."


  1. says

    I am against “stop and frisk” laws, but LGBT organizations should beware of hitching their wagons to explicitly Left or Right Wing agendas. Remember, equality for LesBiGay and Transfolk is not a partisan concern, and Gay Rights activists hail from all political persuasions. As individuals, we’re all free to devote time and energy to other causes, but our movement should focus on our particular concerns.

  2. RandyOw says

    Civil rights are not right or left, well they should not be. Violation to one persons civil rights is a violation to every persons civil rights, that’s what we have been saying for a long time, no “Stuffed Animal” doesn’t want to follow words with actions… odd, especially when you consider how stop and frisk can be used against our community as a pretty good intimidation tactic by certain unsavory elements in the police force

  3. Charlie says

    The Maggie Gallagher/John Corvino debate is being livestreamed at 6pm on June 7th, not tonight.

  4. says

    In a roundabout way, Villaraigosa could be looked at as helping President Obama be nudged closer to supporting marriage equality.

    While Biden’s television oopsie coming out for it before Obama made it official no doubt sped up the timeline, there was a good chance it was going to happen before the national democratic convention.

    Why? Because there was huge grassroots support to get marriage equality into the party platform, enough to make the President want to avoid that battle.

    And why was there a grassroots effort? Well, because prominent people in the party, starting with the mayor, put it on the table.

    So, yeah, I think he deserves at least some credit for Obama coming out for equality before the convention. I really don’t think marriage equality would have been on the agenda if it wasn’t being put on the agenda at the convention by grassroots activists and party leaders like the mayor.

  5. Garth says

    Mayor Villaraigosa is no spokesperson for marriage equality. If you recall, he left his wife and family because of an affair. He’s just hitching his wagon to this cause in the hopes of using it as political capital in the future. He is a transparent opportunist. He’s a token Latino.

  6. tristram says

    I really don’t know why Towleroad is covering the Jerry Sandusky case. I thought gay men were trying to distance themselves from the association with pedophilia. Let’s talk about issues that affect normal gay men, and distance ourselves as far as possible from sick individuals like this one.

  7. Max says

    “The police department last year stopped more than 600,000 people, mostly black and Hispanic men. Half were frisked, and about 80 percent were never arrested.”

    In other words, 120,000 *were* arrested. It looks like ‘Stop and Frisk’ is catching a lot of criminals. I wonder how many are just low-level drug users. Most?

  8. Booka says

    Garth is totally correct about Villaraigosa…he’d sell his Mother to gypsies if he thought is might benefit him

  9. Garth says

    Tristram: Why don’t we just “distance ourselves” from reality. I mean we’ve already convinced ourselves that two men, and two woman can be a family. Let’s warp reality even more and consider that the man loved young boys. There was, or still is, an organization called NAMBLA, The North American Man Boy Love Association. So there is some audience for this. I just don’t want the new “domesticated” queers to gloss over reality. It’s the news and your fanny still stinks by the way Mr. Normal.

  10. Xavi says

    @GARTH There may very well be an organization called NAMBLA, but this website is for LGBT issues. Men with a sexual attraction to boys are not gay, they are pedophiles.

    Pedophiles are not gay. Gay men are not pedophiles.

    Gay men are sexually and romantically attracted to other MEN, as in males over the age of consent.

    We have fought too hard and too long for our community to be associated with people wishing to engage in criminal behaviour.

  11. Rick says

    “Gay men are sexually and romantically attracted to other MEN, as in males over the age of consent”

    I suspect that there are very few gay or straight men that are not at all attracted to some 16-year-olds, if the honest truth be told. Keep in mind that throughout 99% of human history, most girls were married by the age of 15 and most boys before they were 18. Also, the “mentoring” relationships in ancient Greece that men like Plato and Socrates engaged in–who are claimed by activists proudly as “gay”–were with teenage boys, not men.

    Further, the age of consent in some countries like Holland, has been reduced to 14.

    Just saying that having 18 as an age of consent is somewhat arbitrary, both from an historical perspective and a global perspective and pretending that it is inconsistent with human nature for anyone to be attracted to someone under 18 is not justifiable.

    Children need to be protected, certainly, but there is no hard and fast line the way you are trying to make it sound.

  12. Xavi says

    “Just saying that having 18 as an age of consent is somewhat arbitrary, both from an historical perspective and a global perspective and pretending that it is inconsistent with human nature for anyone to be attracted to someone under 18 is not justifiable.”

    @RICK, really, what are you talking about?

    We have age of consent laws for a reason. Minors are still developing their psychological identity, regardless of physical development. A healthy gay man cannot derive intimate pleasure with a partner who is not mature enough to grant consent.

    Anyone who believes a minor possesses the emotional maturity to grant consent is deluding themselves, including you, RICK.

    It actually is quite “hard and fast”. Gay men desire sexual and romantic intimacy with other MEN, something minors are incapable of providing.

    Eighteen may appear arbitrary, but it anything younger is inappropriate.

  13. Rick says

    Speak for yourself, Xavi. I like guys under 18 because they’re easier to control.

  14. Rick says

    @Xavi That is just your opinion. I don’t think that the Dutch are dealing with any factual information that is different from that which American lawmakers are using. And they are not the only country with ages of consent that are lower than 18.

    I personally believe that, in this day and age, with as much as young people know about sex–and as active as most of them are by a fairly young age–that it would be impossible for an older individual to “hoodwink” anybody that is at least high school age into having sex with them if they really didn’t want to.

    And, again, teenagers have been sexually active throughout almost all of human history–they had to be when the life span of humans was less than 40 years…..and almost have to be in some countries even today, where life spans remain only slightly longer than 40.

  15. gomez says

    i knew exactly what i was up to sexually at 15 and 16. rick is right.

    and the sandusky story is fair game to report. won’t read it tho. bleh, creeper.

  16. Garth says

    XAVI: You cannot police desire — or content. You have strict definitions regarding sex with men. Some would think that deviant.
    And curious about just how “long and hard” have you fought for this? This trial will prove just how harshly boy love is punished.

  17. gomez says

    hold on, andy, you didn’t think the claims of the dying man in dubai that he was thrown out the window by his lover was significant to mention?

  18. tinkerbelle says

    Love Seth Meyers calling this out – true that he carries it off MUCH better than Ms Jacobs (although I can’t really see his nipples… shame). Although no man should really be seen outside their own homes in this outfit, sorry, ensemble.